Monday, July 9, 2012

Diet and Nutrition....

Man, I am learning so much about diet and Nutrition...remember earlier this year I posted about Insulin Resistance?? Well, in doing research about that and research for my daughter about Gluten Intolerance, boy have I run into LOADS of info about diet and nutrition.  So I am thinking of doing a series on it; would YOU be interested? What kinds of diet and nutrition challenges do you find yourself up against?    I'll be sharing more of my story, but I thought I'd first do a poll on what issues YOU face....I am learning that Diet and Nutrition are SO individualistic and needs vary so much!!!  Tell me in the comments about your situation and we'll dive in SOON!!
While I am no expert, I've found so many great websites, blogs and Facebook pages about various kinds of nutrition that I'll be glad to share those with you, too.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 was FULL!!

I know June isn't quite over, but boy has it been full so far.  And July promises to be just as busy. 
First of all, as you know, my son got married to a lovely girl the first weekend of June.  The wedding was beyond beautiful, with so much attention to every detail.  The bride and her family are so very creative and talented.  It was a true blessing.  Speaking of blessings, my other son and family came to share in the wedding with us, and that meant two little blessings of grandbabies came here, as well. Oh, they are too precious.  I know every grammie thinks that of their babies, but what a blessing this role of being Peaches to two sweet little granddaughters has been so far.  They are adorable, and I so look forward to the future with them and our blossoming family. 
Then a week later, my husband and I left for a trip to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  I had decided to join him on his business trip, and I am so glad I did.  It was delightful. The temperatures and weather were great, got lots of walking and sightseeing in, and just LOVED being transported to another place and time to relax and enjoy.  It was fantastic.  We stayed a few days past my husband's meetings and got some more sightseeing in.   To name a few of the highlights, there was the Anne Frank Huis, the Van Gogh museum, the Rembrandt House and museum, the Rijkmuseum, the Muiderslot Dutch Castle, and lots of sites and miles in between.  What a special place.  I'll leave you with a few pics and then over the next while, I will take some time to tell you about a few of them.  Have a great day, y'all!!!
hubby and I

my two handsome sons

The bride and groom
My sweet daughter in law and granddaughters

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In my absence......

not the current edition, but just for illustration purposes!! 

y'all I'm crazy busy getting ready for the wedding!! I'm so excited.  In my absence, I'm posting some ideas from REAL Simple magazine for you to peruse....I do love that magazine, and they have such great tips and ideas. Check this one out for The BEST Everyday Cleaning Items!!!

hHopefully, I'll be back soon!!! Y'all have a great week!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bells will be ringing......

Wedding bells, that is......
This is a big week for middle child, my second son, is getting married next weekend.  A week from today, he'll be a married man!  Wow, doesn't time fly??  So, as you may or may not know, there is a lot less to do as the Mother of the Groom, as opposed to the Mother of the Bride.  I still have that role to play sometime in the future, hopefully not TOO SOON!!  The wedding will be held in a lovely little wedding chapel, and the bridesmaids will be wearing navy dresses and simple sandals.....carrying a bouquet of wildflowers.  I am excited to see how months of planning actually play out and look. My future daughter in law is very talented and has a wonderful eye for detail!

We, as the parents of the groom, are responsible for the Rehearsal Dinner, so I have been busy planning that.  I have been making some burlap runners to put on each table.  On each runner, we will have a square vase of daisies and babies breath, with lemon slices around the outside of the container the flowers go into.....onto that I will tie a navy ribbon around the outside of the square vase.  I also plan to have another container of candy (kisses) as part of the centerpiece.  Sure hope it turns out as cute as I think it will!! =)
The week will be fun, and gathering the family together will be a real blessing!! I am very excited.  Of course, I will post pictures next week of how things turn out.
Grandbabies will be here on Thursday!! So excited about that, too!!!  Can you imagine??!
What a week it is going to be!!! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What do YOU do to get motivated and turn a long list of To-Do's into a list of TA-DA"s???  One thing I do is set my timer for 45 minutes, turn the music on and see just how much I can get accomplished in that amount of time. Then depending on what else I have to do that day, I may set it again, or I may move on to something sure helps me get into an accomplishment set of mind, and makes me feel like I'm making some progress!   So that's what I am doing this morning........we're down to two weeks away from my son's wedding, and I have a long list of things to DO!!!  Are you with me?? Do you need to set that timer??  What's on YOUR list of things to do??

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fives.....

Fridays seem to come so fast....does anyone else think that the weeks fly by? Maybe that's because we have a wedding (my second son) in 15 days and I'm busy getting all those last minute things done???  Anyway, it seems like I was JUST posting Friday Fives, and here it is time to post them again!!!  Hope you'll join in the fun, and answer the questions in the comments.  It's just a fun way for us to share info and get to know one we go!!!!  By the way, hope you enjoy your holiday weekend......

1. Do you have any big plans for the holiday weekend??

2. Would your best getaway be to the beach or to the mountains?

3.  What is the last wedding you attended?

4.  Have you ever been sky-diving?

5.  Would you consider yourself adventurous??

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Feed your inspiration....?

A friend posed  this question yesterday and it made me pause to think about it. "When you need to be inspired to make some progress in a creative project, what do you do?"

  Do you stop the world around you and get away to concentrate?? Do you look for inspiration in other blogs, magazines, Pinterest, or whatever your favorite source of inspiration is??  Do you grab a cup of coffee and just sit??  Maybe you garden or go for a walk, or clean to spur your brain on, keeping busy but letting your mind wander creatively??

 I am sure that all of us bloggers have NO lack of places to find inspiration for your next DIY project or your next creative endeavor.   I have found, in fact, times in my life where I needed to UNplug from blogs and magazines and other inputs, just simply because I felt like I was on overload/overstimulation!  Ever been there???   Or you simply must STOP getting creative info and put some action into your dreaming.......otherwise nothing gets done, except some sitting and staring at the computer!!  And a little getting behind in laundry, domestic affairs and such?? Yes, we've all been there, too!!!

So I was so sure that this was a universal problem, that I went to my best friend Google (is this where the idea for Siri came from, because I ask Google questions all the time!!) to see what could be found about how to get out of a creative slump....and here are just a few of the first entries found when asking the question.........see, it's universal!!!

And there are even more!!
So in the comments, leave me a few ideas of yours that you have to spur on creativity when you are in a slump and need some UMPH added to your creative work.....or maybe you don't even have a creative side...what do you do then??  Should be an interesting topic to discuss!!!  Tell me your thoughts!~!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday with Willow House....

shop these deals at

This is a feature I had begun a while back.....not so much to SELL something but to give some good ideas, some good recipes and highlight some things that might benefit you.  And I have to believe you don't mind reading about GREAT sales, especially if you are shopping for wedding gifts,  birthday gifts or just want to spruce something up in your home for a fraction of the price.  So while I don't want you to think that I am trying to be a salesperson here, I DO want you to know what great things Willow House has to offer.  And after all, it IS a part of who I if you're not interested, you can click away......if you are, let me tell you a few little things about what WH has to offer you this week! 
Many of you may not know that Willow House now has TWO divisions! Yes, in addition to our GREAT home decor division, we have a new designer line of jewelry (our designer is Sara Blaine--have you heard of her?)  One can be a consultant for just home decor OR just jewelry or Both.  I have chosen to do both.  Willow House has allowed us to earn FREE jewelry for sales, so I've managed to collect a pretty good collection.  SO fun! 
But the few things I want you to know about Willow House today are:
1. We have an online Outlet, where you can find great buys for your home or for gifts at a fraction of the price.  In addition to the outlet, we run WEEKLY deals that run from Monday to Monday, unless they sell out....some deals are so hot, they sell out by Monday night or Tuesday!  I'm talking 70% off, people!  You can always see those by either subscribing to my business page on Facebook, which is OR by going to my outlet every Monday morning, which is or  They change every Monday morning, and last until the next Monday morning, unless they sell out.

2.  You can earn hostess rewards for hosting a party, earning FREE products, as well as one item at 70% off and several for 50% off.  This can also apply to your own single order, or to just getting a group order together and ordering online.  You can now enter multiple methods of payment on the online store, so if you and friend want to order together to save shipping, you can pay with both of your credit cards!  Also, if you're local, I would love to meet you and a group of friends at Panera or Starbucks for a quick one hour party, and you still earn the hostess benefits.  Another fun idea is to meet at a Cupcake store or bakery and have a "Piece of Cake" really is a piece of cake to do it that way!

3.  We offer ideas galore for you to be inspired, by going to  You will find a plethora of great decorating ideas there, with pictures and videos of ways people have used Willow House products, from serving, to entertaining to mantle decor!!  YOU even, can share pics of what you have done in your own home!!  Go check it out!

4.  We have a blog, written by our designers, called Plate and Pattern's witty, it's fun, and they have great ideas and share behind the scenes info about Willow House.  You'll want to check there EVERY Tuesday because they have Prop Closet Tuesdays and they give away FREE products for simply commenting easy is that??? Why would you NOT want to jump right in on that???

5.  I want you to feel free to ask me about Willow House products that you might want new ideas for, or that you are eyeing and would like more info about.  I am here as a consultant, and would love to offer you help or suggestions.  AND from time to time, I just might have a giveaway here on my blog!

6.  With regard to the jewelry, I'll be talking more about it here......I wish we could sit down and just play dress's SO much fun to mix and match pieces!!!  I want to offer a deal right here though, through my blog, and that deal is that if you order, I'll give you 50% off your second item (the second item being the lesser value, of course).  It will ship directly to you, so no need to worry about how you'll get your order.  I'll leave you with a few pieces that have been favorites......just contact me thru the comments or by email if you have any questions.  Thanks!
Layla Agate Bracelet, $30

Lemon Quartz Enhancer, clips on any necklace, 33 karats!!  $350 or 70% off if you host a party!

Bali Scroll Collection, stacking rings (the three small ones), Blue Quartz Ring and the Smoky Quartz Ring, prices are between $120 and $130

Audrey Stormy Agate Bracelet, only $20!  Has companion Moonlight bracelet that is lighter gray for $20 also.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Monday....what will you do with it?

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure...than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
       - Theodore Roosevelt

Are you stymied by fear?? Paralyzed to inaction??  Procrastinating because you are afraid of failure?? I have been in that place many times......and it's not fun.  You KNOW what you need to do, but can't proceed.  You know you need to get over the mental hurdles, but taking that first step is just too difficult.  Perhaps you are afraid of repeated failure, but I am certain that fear begets fear, and if we can make that first mental hurdle of taking that first step, we will make progress.  And yet that inner whisper says..."make the first step, and you know you will just end up worse off than when you first tried".  Don't listen to that inner nag.  You CAN make progress, you CAN set goals and meet/achieve them.  Don't let fear RENT space in your head.  Don't let procrastination be your master. (I am writing this for my own motivation as well as yours, by the way!!)

Let's choose this MONDAY to live and not be dying of missed opportunities and "if onlys".....those "I wish I hads" instead of "I'm so glad I gave it a try!!!"

Monday's assignment: Decide RIGHT NOW on a goal to have done by the end of the day and make it happen.  If you have to break that up into five steps, make the first step.  Let's be DOERS this week, what do you say???

Thursday, May 17, 2012

bringing back the FRIDAY FIVES!!!!

This is a very fun part of my blogging.......asking questions to learn about those of you who read my blog!!  Play along and we all get to know each other better!!!  So here we go!.......

1.  What state are you in?

2.  What current trend are you enjoying?  Have you changed how you do something because of it?

3.  Do you consider yourself a gardener, or all you all brown thumbs???

4.  How often do you eat out?

5.  What store do you really enjoy visiting??

Thanks, Y'all, and have a GREAT weekend!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a topic of discussion of late for me.....

Thought I'd put this out there and see if there are others who might have read about this, considered this, or even been diagnosed with this.  For the past two years, I have been diagnosed with PreDiabetes.  Not yet diabetic, but every time I had my blood checked, it was borderline.   So I began to doctor didn't actually introduce this to me as a diagnosis, but now I am beginning to wonder why not?  I have struggled with menopause, hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's actually) and inability to lose weight, in fact, gained it at an alarming rate, to me.  I looked down at myself and thought.....gee where did all this belly fat come from????  No doubt, the last nine months of my life have been extremely stressful (on several counts) and I've read that in high stressful situations, the cortisol your body produces will cause you to collect fat at your midsection.  It was surely no coincidence that the high stress from the last year caused the belly to increase......WHOA...threw me for a loop!
Anyway, I began to read and saw some other articles that earmarked a couple of other widely common traits that made me again certain that this was where I was.......two being, skin tags, and dark spots on areas, like knees, elbows, and other joint areas.  Yep, that was me.  So while I have not seen an endocrinologist (probably my next step), I am pretty sure that this diagnosis suits me to a T and is the answer I have been looking for.  So I am realizing that I will never be able to eat again the way I have always eaten.  Sad, but true.  This OLDER body, with its frailties, needs a different way of life.  I am currently losing some of the weight and trying to get to a healthier place.  So far, so good.  It will be a long journey, I am certain, and one that will look different than most people.  I will always have to be careful......but I have to admit how much better I feel when I am eating the way my body responds to!!!  What about you??  What do you do for healthy choices in your life???

Edited to add that this webpage may help you understand a little more:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What?? Did the blog fairy NOT show up all these months??

Oh, here I thought the blog fairy had been blogging for me in my absence....well that does it, she is FIRED.  I thought I left my blog in good hands, but clearly she has been off playing on Facebook and Pinterest all these months....what is UP with her???

I am going to try to resurrect this blog....I do miss blogging, and keeping up with all my blogging, internet friends!!  There are SO many more blogs than when I first started blogging, and now there is so much more Facebook and PINTEREST....oh my word.  Do you all have pinterest-itis too??  It's like looking at a magazine that has all your favorite topics in it, and being able to tear out the pages you like and store them in a file.....all in five and ten minutes increments.  LOVE it.  You can find me at  Now, cookbooks may be obselete, and craft books, and OH MY....what's YOUR favorite part about Pinterest???

In other news, we have a wedding coming up in our family.  My middle child, my son will be getting married on June 9!  We are excited and looking forward to the festivities.  And yes, there will be pictures!  He is also starting Vet School in the we are excited about that for him.  AND..........there is another grandbaby since last time I blogged! I had the pleasure of spending 15 days with them during her arrival.  Loved my extended time with them!  I will be posting pics of her, too.
And my Willow House business continues to do well.  I'd love to show off some of the new products as well as the new designer jewelry by Sara Blaine that we now sell as our second division here at Willow House.  I'd also like to feature some decorating ideas if that's okay with you........I know so many of you only have a certain amount of time on the web, so I'd love to feature things that you want to read about....any suggestions are welcome; please leave a comment.  I think many bloggers now are crunched for time and not spending the extra time to comment.  I have been there.  But I would also ask that you at least say HI, and let me know that I have one or two readers!! Thanks!

Looking forward to being back with you.  It may not be daily, but I'll give it a shot to be regular....have a great Tuesday!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

You know I love Real Simple?

even more so today....they have our gorgeous Willow House Belle Meade Entertaining Stand featured today!! I love it!
How can you see yourself using this beauty?  It is available to hosts this month for a song, but can also be purchased at my online store, as well......
Hope your Thursday is terrific! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Perspective......a gift you can give yourself!

This is a blog post I wrote some time ago, but in reading it this morning, I decided it really spoke to me yet again, and I thought it might speak to you as well......when I wrote this, blogs weren't what they are today, and there was NO Pinterest then either.  Times, they do change, yet this topic is even more relevant today as blogs are so much more prevalent and so easy to try to keep up with the Jones, the Smiths and the others out there in enjoy and let me know what you think.

I was over visiting the Nester's blog this morning, and her blog post today was about perspective--something I've been mulling over in my head for the last few weeks....a coincidence, perhaps? Nah, I don't think so. We get nudges all the time from the most unexpected places to remind us who we are, who we belong to, who we are called to be, and who we show others we are and/or portray ourselves to be......yea, especially that last one. In the blog world, it's easy to show the side of ourselves that looks good, looks crafty, chic, or crazy organized. It's easy to show the one decorated table or buffet that looks really good and have others assume the rest of my house looks just as good, or that the rest of my food is just as awesome as the one or two recipes I just shared. It's easy to show the good and pretty yet sweep the rest under the proverbial oriental rug. What's for real?????

In reality, I'm just a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a church goer, Bible believer, wanna be decorator.....just to name a few. I'm really not even a writer, nor a photographer, and there are days when I'm hardly even a cook. Sometimes I'm lazy and can spout great ideas, but not follow through with any of them. Somedays I forget to pray, yet I find myself promising to pray for many others. Somedays, I get discouraged and want to just run away. Does that make me any different than anyone else? You answer that.......I'm thinking it makes me just like you...and you, and you. Now, maybe you don't have a lazy bone in your body, and I certainly don't mean to offend anyone, but surely you get tired. So tired you just.can't.move. Sometimes I read blogs, books and magazines and wish my home were something that it isn't....something that looks like a magazine, when in reality PEOPLE LIVE HERE, and it will never look like a magazine. Then I remember how God has provided a place for us to live, be warm and full, and to offer in hospitality to others. Yep, then I remember that it's really not about us, NOT ABOUT ME.......ouch. OUCH......sometimes the stick of reality hurts. But in the same turn, it is refreshing. To realize I am so abundantly blessed is such a comfort. My perspective turns from pain to prosperity, knowing that if all the material things were stripped away, I have riches untold that are sure and will never go away. My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and will indeed provide for me what I need. It's just that need sometimes gets a little turned around in my head......yep, you know that feeling.

The reality is that the Lord's lovingkindnesses indeed never cease; they are new every morning! Indeed, great is HIS faithfulness, no matter how wobbly and inconsistent mine may be. I am SO VERY THANKFUL that it doesn't depend on me...that His gift is just that....a gift. Were it dependent on me, I would lose out every stinking day. I would be just a few hairs short of what I need......

.......and so back to the perspective issue. I know what keeps me grounded. I know what makes me real.....I know I need daily reminders of "it's not about me"......because I so easily get side-tracked. I need a double dose of that before the holiday season kicks remind myself what truly is important. Whether I have a Christmas tree that looks like that one I drooled over may not be the most important issue. It may not be worth the energy it will take me to "OVER- deck" the halls if it means that something important doesn't get done. This may be a year that I need to decide it's okay to scale back a little if it means I have a little energy left over for the people in my life........ouch. So really what this means for me is a little more planning of what is reality for me this year, this season. A realization that my expectations may be too big is really a gift to myself. I can only do so much and to dwell on it and be sullen because I cannot do it all and have it all, truly hurts those around me. So perspective, while sometimes it reveals what may initially be disappointing, is in truth a gift we can give ourselves. It is helpful to remember we are human and have limits. It means, in my case, I have to be less idealistic and more realistic. But the cost of that gift is worth it to me and my family. And I also have to remember there are others with bigger battles to fight, who need me to come along side them and gird them up for the battle. That is worth a whole lot more than a lovely tree, my friends.'s what's real.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fives........

So glad you made it for FRiday Fives........let's dive in!

1. When is the last time you had a sleepover party? 

2. What is your favorite thing to sleep in?

3.  What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

4.  What's your drink of choice in the a.m.?

5.  Do you like breakfast?  What's your favorite breakfast food?

Cheers! Have a great Friday!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are you ready to welcome spring??

I don't mind the cooler weather we have in Houston; however lately, we've not had a lot of cold weather; in fact, our weather has teased us with more spring like temperatures.  And of course the craft stores are full of spring flowers, ribbons and such anyway........I told someone the other day, if you want Easter things (like faux rye grass for decorating with plastic know in my business I have to think longer lasting displays for home parties!)  Anyway, I told someone that if you want to buy Easter things you better get them, because by the time March and Easter are actually here, they are going to have red, white and blue for the 4th of July already on the shelves and the Easter things will be sold out or picked over!

So I got a few new Willow House products in the other day, and I was itching to try them out!  And my front door needed a new door decoration.  So I took my new Willow Welcome Basket and went to Michael's.  I found some lovely faux flowers, some cute ribbon and came home to get busy.  So here's my newest you like it???

It comes with it's own little slate chalkboard, which I wrote on with a chalk pen....which reminds me, I forgot to get another white one....looks like another trip to the hobby store!!
Next week, I'll show you some ideas for our Grand Monarch Lantern!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chocolate Covered Strawberries....

Who doesn't love them??  Here's five easy steps from Real Simple toward these beauties!!!

And they are healthier than just PLAIN chocolate....
1. Chop the chocolate (coarsely chop 4 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate then wash and dry 1 pound of strawberries (about 20)

2. Melt the chocolate (Place the chocolate in a glass bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until melted and smooth)
3. Dip the strawberries. (holding the strawberry by the stem end, dip in the melted chocolate, letting the excess chocolate drip off.  Your strawberries must be DRY.  Repeat with remaining berries)
4.Place on a pan. (transfer the dipped strawberries onto a baking sheet lined with wax paper.  As you set each berry down, slide it 1/2 inch to the side to prevent formation of a chocolate foot)
5.  Chill, then enjoy! (refrigerate the strawberries until the chocolate is firm, at least 30 minutes...go for a walk if you need to!  They will keep for up to 3 days, covered in the refrigerator.

Enjoy! What about you?? Do you like chocolate covered strawberries??

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Definition of a Palooza.....

Well, since doesn't even HAVE a definition of this word, looks like I will have to make my own entry!!!

Puh-loo-za- a heap of fun, surprises, good training and lots of girlfriend time!!!

As I mentioned in my last entry, I was scheduled to go to Dallas for a Willow House meeting, to get us started for the new year......and it was dubbed a Palooza!  Is that related to an Oompah Loompah or what???  So I spent the day on Saturday learning just what it was !!  Did I mention free prizes, too!?!

We met to learn the location of our incentive trip this summer........I am working to earn a trip to a brand new all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen!!!  It is called the Paridisus, and just opened in November....take a look!

I want to be there in June!!!  So I really need to focus on my business, so I can earn that trip! Wanna come earn it with me????

Also, I won a pair of Sara Blaine Earrings at our meeting!  Want to see those??

And we learned that our Willow House websites were going to be getting a fresh, new look!  You simply MUST go over and see how beautiful it looks!!  You can find it HERE !

Willow House truly is an amazing company for which to work...they have tons of new incentives to start you off right....right now there is an amazing offer to start your new business for a low, low price and the ability to earn lots of FREE product.  It's the most FUN job I've ever had.....I have plenty of free, no obligation info for anyone who might want to add some FUN to your life, or better yet, get PAID to have fun!!!  Let me know if you would like to know more!

I'll be bringing some new ideas for glass containers soon, and they will go right along with the Glorious Glass Sale we have going on right can find that on my website, too....GREAT prices for decorating with glass, and make things look fresh and new post-Christmas!!  Clean and fresh is my  mantra for January!  Won't you join me???

Oh, oh, oh......and hop on over to Plate and Pattern, our design blog to enter to win the new Aldredge's adorable......I saw it in person, and I am waiting for my own to arrive.....of course, I could always add one to make it a pair!!!!  Go see, and leave a comment....YOU might be the lucky winner!!

Is that adorable, or WHAT?????  Go on over and enter!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fives....

Let's dive into the New Year with FRIDAY FIVES!!!!

1. Have you taken down all your Christmas Decorations and gotten them stored away already?

2. Did you, like me, find at least ONE or two stray items that didn't get back into the Christmas boxes before they were put AWAY????

3. Do you like to clean after your put all your Christmas decor away and before putting things back to normal??

4. Do you enjoy the "minimalist" look you find that comes when you take all the Christmas decor down??

5. Do you know what a Palooza is?? I'll be back Monday to tell you all about the one I am attending tomorrow!!!  It's a Willow House Palooza...and rumor has it, that it's going to be GREAT!!!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

GREAT ideas to share....

Let me begin by saying, y'all are too glad I've been missed!! It's fun to reconnect with blogging friends after a hiatus!

I love when I find great ideas to share, like so often I find in Real Simple magazine.  This blogger found and compiled some great ones...

Coring a strawberry with a STRAW?? Genius!
Which ones do you love?  I love the one with the tension rod hung under the cabinet to store the spray bottles on....what a great idea.  I just read one on Pinterest to run tension rods vertically to store trays and cookie sheets....good idea also.  I just LOVE smart, out of the box ideas.....what about you?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Hi you three.....yes, the three of you that might still be reading my blog!!
I have not been a consistent blogger, and I cannot promise that I will be a LOT better, but my hope for the New Year, 2012, is to be a little more consistent with posting to my blog.  I didn't say everyday, but more consistent.  I think we all have changed our blogging habits since we first started, and mine certainly have.  How do you see that yours have changed?  And with so many bloggers now active on Pinterest........well, that certainly changes the game, too!
I am excited this year about my Willow House catalog, new possibilities, etc.  I'd love to see my business continue to grow.  I will spend a good part of my days working on that.  You'll find me over at Pinterest, too......just can't resist all the pictures of great ideas, decorating, recipes, inspirations, etc!
We had a GRAND Christmas, even though we were finished with our family Christmas celebration by the time most of you were buying the food for your Christmas dinner!  It was wonderful having everyone here!! Especially having my granddaughter here!
For 2012, we look forward to adding a new grandbaby to the family at the end of March, we will add a new daughter in law to our family in June, and hopefully a new Vet school student will be on his son interviews for Vet school next week, and I pray he is successful in getting admitted.  It is SO competitive!!  2012 is a BIG year!  Hope it is for you, too!
my precious.........what a wonderful time!