Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What?? Did the blog fairy NOT show up all these months??

Oh, here I thought the blog fairy had been blogging for me in my absence....well that does it, she is FIRED.  I thought I left my blog in good hands, but clearly she has been off playing on Facebook and Pinterest all these months....what is UP with her???

I am going to try to resurrect this blog....I do miss blogging, and keeping up with all my blogging, internet friends!!  There are SO many more blogs than when I first started blogging, and now there is so much more Facebook and PINTEREST....oh my word.  Do you all have pinterest-itis too??  It's like looking at a magazine that has all your favorite topics in it, and being able to tear out the pages you like and store them in a file.....all in five and ten minutes increments.  LOVE it.  You can find me at www.pinterest.com/SuzanneJoffrion.  Now, cookbooks may be obselete, and craft books, and OH MY....what's YOUR favorite part about Pinterest???

In other news, we have a wedding coming up in our family.  My middle child, my son will be getting married on June 9!  We are excited and looking forward to the festivities.  And yes, there will be pictures!  He is also starting Vet School in the fall...so we are excited about that for him.  AND..........there is another grandbaby since last time I blogged! I had the pleasure of spending 15 days with them during her arrival.  Loved my extended time with them!  I will be posting pics of her, too.
And my Willow House business continues to do well.  I'd love to show off some of the new products as well as the new designer jewelry by Sara Blaine that we now sell as our second division here at Willow House.  I'd also like to feature some decorating ideas if that's okay with you........I know so many of you only have a certain amount of time on the web, so I'd love to feature things that you want to read about....any suggestions are welcome; please leave a comment.  I think many bloggers now are crunched for time and not spending the extra time to comment.  I have been there.  But I would also ask that you at least say HI, and let me know that I have one or two readers!! Thanks!

Looking forward to being back with you.  It may not be daily, but I'll give it a shot to be regular....have a great Tuesday!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Stacey said...

Hi girl! You come back and I will too. Have to move first though.

April said...

We've missed you, Suzanne! So happy for all the "good stuff" that's going on in your family these days!