Thursday, May 24, 2012

Feed your inspiration....?

A friend posed  this question yesterday and it made me pause to think about it. "When you need to be inspired to make some progress in a creative project, what do you do?"

  Do you stop the world around you and get away to concentrate?? Do you look for inspiration in other blogs, magazines, Pinterest, or whatever your favorite source of inspiration is??  Do you grab a cup of coffee and just sit??  Maybe you garden or go for a walk, or clean to spur your brain on, keeping busy but letting your mind wander creatively??

 I am sure that all of us bloggers have NO lack of places to find inspiration for your next DIY project or your next creative endeavor.   I have found, in fact, times in my life where I needed to UNplug from blogs and magazines and other inputs, just simply because I felt like I was on overload/overstimulation!  Ever been there???   Or you simply must STOP getting creative info and put some action into your dreaming.......otherwise nothing gets done, except some sitting and staring at the computer!!  And a little getting behind in laundry, domestic affairs and such?? Yes, we've all been there, too!!!

So I was so sure that this was a universal problem, that I went to my best friend Google (is this where the idea for Siri came from, because I ask Google questions all the time!!) to see what could be found about how to get out of a creative slump....and here are just a few of the first entries found when asking the question.........see, it's universal!!!

And there are even more!!
So in the comments, leave me a few ideas of yours that you have to spur on creativity when you are in a slump and need some UMPH added to your creative work.....or maybe you don't even have a creative side...what do you do then??  Should be an interesting topic to discuss!!!  Tell me your thoughts!~!

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