Monday, July 9, 2012

Diet and Nutrition....

Man, I am learning so much about diet and Nutrition...remember earlier this year I posted about Insulin Resistance?? Well, in doing research about that and research for my daughter about Gluten Intolerance, boy have I run into LOADS of info about diet and nutrition.  So I am thinking of doing a series on it; would YOU be interested? What kinds of diet and nutrition challenges do you find yourself up against?    I'll be sharing more of my story, but I thought I'd first do a poll on what issues YOU face....I am learning that Diet and Nutrition are SO individualistic and needs vary so much!!!  Tell me in the comments about your situation and we'll dive in SOON!!
While I am no expert, I've found so many great websites, blogs and Facebook pages about various kinds of nutrition that I'll be glad to share those with you, too.