Thursday, May 17, 2012

bringing back the FRIDAY FIVES!!!!

This is a very fun part of my blogging.......asking questions to learn about those of you who read my blog!!  Play along and we all get to know each other better!!!  So here we go!.......

1.  What state are you in?

2.  What current trend are you enjoying?  Have you changed how you do something because of it?

3.  Do you consider yourself a gardener, or all you all brown thumbs???

4.  How often do you eat out?

5.  What store do you really enjoy visiting??

Thanks, Y'all, and have a GREAT weekend!!


southerninspiration said...

1. often in the state of chaos, within the state of TEXAS.
2. Enjoying both Pinterest, and FAcetime. PInterest because I am so visual,and love pretty images and ideas. Facetime because it allows me to see and talk to my kids and grandbabies!
3. I do like to garden, but I do have my limits. I would love to redo my complete back yard, but it's huge.
4. We eat out in spurts. Lately, I've been very strict about what I am eating, so we've only eaten out once in about a month or so.
5. I love to wander thru Pottery Barn and Home Goods. I like to go to Target, too. There are a few boutique kind of stores that I like to walk thru. I'm sure if you name a few, I'll be reminded of more!

Sues said...

1. Georgia now...but Texas (moving to Katy) next month! [Sweet Bella Michelle Densmore sent me your way!]

2. Moroccan patterns - using them in my digital scrapbook backgrounds

3. TOTALLY BROWN, except for cherry tomatoes

4. LOTS - my biggest vice. I'm not a shoe, purse, or home decor girl - I am a restaurant junkie!

5. Trader Joe's for food, Lilly Pulitzer for masochistic longing