Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday with Willow House....

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This is a feature I had begun a while back.....not so much to SELL something but to give some good ideas, some good recipes and highlight some things that might benefit you.  And I have to believe you don't mind reading about GREAT sales, especially if you are shopping for wedding gifts,  birthday gifts or just want to spruce something up in your home for a fraction of the price.  So while I don't want you to think that I am trying to be a salesperson here, I DO want you to know what great things Willow House has to offer.  And after all, it IS a part of who I if you're not interested, you can click away......if you are, let me tell you a few little things about what WH has to offer you this week! 
Many of you may not know that Willow House now has TWO divisions! Yes, in addition to our GREAT home decor division, we have a new designer line of jewelry (our designer is Sara Blaine--have you heard of her?)  One can be a consultant for just home decor OR just jewelry or Both.  I have chosen to do both.  Willow House has allowed us to earn FREE jewelry for sales, so I've managed to collect a pretty good collection.  SO fun! 
But the few things I want you to know about Willow House today are:
1. We have an online Outlet, where you can find great buys for your home or for gifts at a fraction of the price.  In addition to the outlet, we run WEEKLY deals that run from Monday to Monday, unless they sell out....some deals are so hot, they sell out by Monday night or Tuesday!  I'm talking 70% off, people!  You can always see those by either subscribing to my business page on Facebook, which is OR by going to my outlet every Monday morning, which is or  They change every Monday morning, and last until the next Monday morning, unless they sell out.

2.  You can earn hostess rewards for hosting a party, earning FREE products, as well as one item at 70% off and several for 50% off.  This can also apply to your own single order, or to just getting a group order together and ordering online.  You can now enter multiple methods of payment on the online store, so if you and friend want to order together to save shipping, you can pay with both of your credit cards!  Also, if you're local, I would love to meet you and a group of friends at Panera or Starbucks for a quick one hour party, and you still earn the hostess benefits.  Another fun idea is to meet at a Cupcake store or bakery and have a "Piece of Cake" really is a piece of cake to do it that way!

3.  We offer ideas galore for you to be inspired, by going to  You will find a plethora of great decorating ideas there, with pictures and videos of ways people have used Willow House products, from serving, to entertaining to mantle decor!!  YOU even, can share pics of what you have done in your own home!!  Go check it out!

4.  We have a blog, written by our designers, called Plate and Pattern's witty, it's fun, and they have great ideas and share behind the scenes info about Willow House.  You'll want to check there EVERY Tuesday because they have Prop Closet Tuesdays and they give away FREE products for simply commenting easy is that??? Why would you NOT want to jump right in on that???

5.  I want you to feel free to ask me about Willow House products that you might want new ideas for, or that you are eyeing and would like more info about.  I am here as a consultant, and would love to offer you help or suggestions.  AND from time to time, I just might have a giveaway here on my blog!

6.  With regard to the jewelry, I'll be talking more about it here......I wish we could sit down and just play dress's SO much fun to mix and match pieces!!!  I want to offer a deal right here though, through my blog, and that deal is that if you order, I'll give you 50% off your second item (the second item being the lesser value, of course).  It will ship directly to you, so no need to worry about how you'll get your order.  I'll leave you with a few pieces that have been favorites......just contact me thru the comments or by email if you have any questions.  Thanks!
Layla Agate Bracelet, $30

Lemon Quartz Enhancer, clips on any necklace, 33 karats!!  $350 or 70% off if you host a party!

Bali Scroll Collection, stacking rings (the three small ones), Blue Quartz Ring and the Smoky Quartz Ring, prices are between $120 and $130

Audrey Stormy Agate Bracelet, only $20!  Has companion Moonlight bracelet that is lighter gray for $20 also.

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