Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fives....

Let's dive into the New Year with FRIDAY FIVES!!!!

1. Have you taken down all your Christmas Decorations and gotten them stored away already?

2. Did you, like me, find at least ONE or two stray items that didn't get back into the Christmas boxes before they were put AWAY????

3. Do you like to clean after your put all your Christmas decor away and before putting things back to normal??

4. Do you enjoy the "minimalist" look you find that comes when you take all the Christmas decor down??

5. Do you know what a Palooza is?? I'll be back Monday to tell you all about the one I am attending tomorrow!!!  It's a Willow House Palooza...and rumor has it, that it's going to be GREAT!!!!
Enjoy your weekend!


Renee @ AddMoreChocolate said...

1. Still up.
2. That's what the top shelf in my closet is for.
3. I don't ever like to clean. But I do it anyway.
4. Yes! Very refreshing.
5. Umm.... Lolla's last name?

April said...

Suzanne...would you believe that I took most of my Christmas decorations down on Christmas Day? I'm a bit OCD at times, I think.

KathyB. said...

YES to all, I did not know there were others like me in this regard. I often don't want to bring back the home adornments I put away before Christmas decorating. I want clean lines, little frippery,and lots of thinking time.

Happy New Year to you !