Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some things around here.....

In my foyer

Well, the good news is I FINALLY ordered a couch!!  Can I get an AMEN?? seems that I"ve been looking forever! In about a month or so, I'll be glad to show you what I ordered.  I am not sure I'll like the pillows I ordered, but I'm already planning what I want to cover them with!  I'm going to see what they look like in my living room then make a decision.  I'll be asking your opinions!!

So, I thought I'd show you a few things I've got around my house, like a few small vignettes.
Here is my coffee table in my den...

These are from Southern Living at HOME....doesn't almost EVERYONE have these??? Yet, I love their style!

this is sitting on top of the heirloom rolltop desk we got two years ago

In my kitchen....I love this vignette!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gee whiz....

Time flies, doesn't it?? Yet when we want something to get here ALREADY, it seems to take forever....for instance, cooler weather........would LOVE for it to be here, and break this summertime heat !! Yet some of you think, but then comes winter, and I am SO not ready for that.....just for the record, TEXAS is ready for fall and winter!
So days fly by and I haven't had a chance to blog.......catching up from travel time, house needs attention, clothes need to be washed and these people want a meal or two!! I know you, too, have faced such challenges as well.
I am eager to show you more pictures from our Product Showcase from the national Convention for Willow House.  Do you want to see them?
I'll start with a few and you let me know if you want to see more, m'kay?

We had not only our Simply Good Design Home Decor Product Showcase, but also the Jewelry by Sara Blaine jewelry display that we were all so anxious to feast upon! Boy, were we wowed, and in no way disappointed!!!  Our design team totally ROCKS and really showed us some great ideas.
You be the judge!!

Hard to get a shot of the mirror w/o someone's reflection...that's not me, but would you look at these TRIVETS surrounding the mirror?? How clever is that???

Isn't this FUN and colorful???

This fashioned headboard is done with Paint and three Cottage Garden Wall decor!!

Stunning with purples and grays!

Ingenious...this is a window box planter, turned into a wall sconce! See, ingenious, right?

Doesn't this make you want to have a PARTY??

who would have thought to surround a round mirror with our sconces and make a starburst?? They DID it! Cool, huh? And notice the smaller framed items are framed COASTERS!!!  The architectural lamps are made with garden trellises!

Friday, July 22, 2011

how did ten days go by with NO posts???

Isn't this FUN????

EASY, creative way to add a headboard!!!

Who wouldn't love a craft room as beautiful as this??

isn't the purple and gray a great combination???

Well, all my business and busyness had me all in a tizzy!! SO MANY great things to share with you all.......IF you want to hear about Willow House and all the GREAT things in store.  AND IF you want to see eye candy from the product showcase that our great designers (who blog by the way over HERE) come up with each year to both pique our interest and give us spectacular ideas for our just won't believe some of them!!!
While I hate to inundate those of you who don't like to decorate or be inspired with such great ideas, I just don't see how I can do anything let me know if you like the ideas!!  And remember that on Plate and Pattern, they give away a product every Tuesday on Prop Closet check in every week, and you might just WIN something great!

They just wowed us with both the Product Showcase for the HOME as well as the display for our new line of Jewelry by Sara Blaine....I did mention to you that we are the first direct sales company to be multi-divisional, right? We are launching a line of beautifully hand-crafted jewelry this is hand crafted in Bali!  Sara's designs are phenomenal, and I think you will agree that they are just downright gorgeous.
So why don't I just show you some pictures???
I'll start with the product showcase, and then tomorrow or the next day...(SO MUCH to do to catch up from being gone!) I'll show you the jewelry.
Hope you enjoy!! I have much more to share!!!

The lovely Monarch you like it?

Do you LOVE this vase??  The Athena Crackle Vase....$34.96!

Isn't this a beautiful, calming tablescape??

The Monarch Lantern....just gorgeous and huge!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

terrific Tuesday!!

What's going on in your world today?  Me, I'm getting ready for another ADVENTURE!!  I get to travel to the Willow House convention on Thursday, and stay over and visit a girlfriend or two after it's over.  So I am busy getting my suitcase packed and my duds in order!!!  I'll be learning all about the new Fall 2011 products in store for us, as well as the new line of Sara Blaine jewelry in store as we launch our SECOND division of Willow House--a new jewelry division!!  You can go HERE to see a little sneak peek........

I am over the TOP excited to see it all.  They always, always blow the roof off with creativity in displaying the new products in the product showcase for us! We always come back charged and ready to go/share/party when the convention is over!!

So, I'll be in and out, offline and online from the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta!!  So fun, so much to do!  Y'all have a Terrific Tuesday!!!
What's up with YOUR day?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

and a few more......

Hope you don't mind......I'm sure missing seeing her adorable, smiling face and showing her to you helps with my lack of seeing's therapy, you know??? Thanks for indulging me!!!

Her two pearly whites!! Loving the poolside with Aunt Allison!

Monday, July 4, 2011

As promised.......

Pics of the G' Catherine.  What a doll!  She has such personality, and most of the time is all smiles.  What a fun thing for a Grammy to experience is the grin a darling little girl has for her!  She is eating table food, and crawling, and playing with toys.  She is interactive and fun, and has such vigor and excitement and a love for learning all about this world!  She bounces up and down when she is excited!  One can't help but smile at her when she is so, so excited!

So our time here comes to an end....what a great time we've had.  So fun to be with the kids and their's

Happy Fourth of July, friends!!!

Hope you have a safe and fabulous holiday!!!  I"ll be spending it with Sugar Britches......see you soon, and I will have some pics!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fives!!

Happy Friday, everyone....I know so many are excited to have a three day weekend!
I am enjoying mine immensely being with the G'baby!!! She is simply adorable and so, so sweet.  However,  I have to say, it's a lot easier to get pictures when you are not the sole caregiver.........I've only been able to take a few--life is busy.  Her mamma and daddy are enjoying a getaway so once they get back, I"ll get some good pics posted.

So let's do our Friday Fives today!! Are you in???
Also, wanted to let you know that Willow House will have a great big, huge, ginormous sale starting today as we clear our shelves in anticipation of our NEW catalog products!! Of course, it is such an exciting time, but a time to get some GREAT prices on products that will be discontinued.  I'll post more later.

1. What are your plans for the 4th of July??

2. Do you have vacation plans for the summer?

3. Do you enjoy swimming....would you prefer a lake or a pool?

4. If you could visit anyone this weekend, who would it be?

5. YOU ask the fifth question in the comments......anything you want to ask me or ask anyone else????