Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some REAL creativity here.....

Can we doubt the creativity of God when you look at this picture??? These are the quintuplets of some dear friends who recently got back home from Phoenix, where they were born. Are they not the cutest, most precious thing you've ever seen? I've been privileged to be able to go and help care for them a couple of times and I'm now smitten. They are each so precious and you can already see their personalities coming out. I know that this blog has been about decorating and creativity, BUT I just had to post about them and the miracle that they are.

God is good and has provided for this family already and we all look on and look forward to seeing how HE will continue to do the same for them. We have all been blessed to be a small part of their journey...and we give thanks for the miracle of these babies and for their Mommy and Daddy and extended family.
So this is my post on the most amazing kind of creativity there has ever been! The miracle of a child, the miracle of FIVE children. Pretty neat, huh?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More creativity.....

Well, friends, I thought I"d show you what can be done with the Patina Wall Tiles, another very versatile Southern Living at HOME product. These come in a trio, so they can be hung in various designs on the wall, horizontally, vertically, on the diagonal, etc. Also, here in these pictures, I've got more ideas for you. As you can see in the headboard of the gorgeous bed, they can be used inset into molding to make such a fabulous looking headboard. If you look closely, you'll see a lamp on the bedside table fashioned from our Fairmont Urn. Also, on the mantle you'll spot two of the Renaissance Trio finials. And when you look at the picture on the top, you'll see the same two products; however, they are altered a bit. The coffee table has been made by making a metal frame in which the Patina Wall Tiles are placed and topped with glass. But take a look at the legs of the table. Those are none other than the tallest of the Renaissance Trio finials, turned upside down! How clever an idea that I would NEVER have thought of ! So, so creative, and again an idea from the girl designers at SLaHOME! A great, big round of applause for those talented girls! And it's all FYInspiration....take that idea and go with it! Let me know what you come up with!
Take care! I'm off to help my friend care for her quintuplets!!! Yep, five precious little can read about here. Her blog hasn't been updated since they have all returned home, as she's been just a tad bit busy with them! They are growing and doing well, and it's an amazing thing to see the whole operation of them being cared for. She is doing an amazing job! And I get the blessing of helping sometimes!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Elegant Stone Serving Stand

Another great SLaHOME product for your consideration. Space is often a hot commodity, isn't it? I LOVE to be efficient at using space wisely, but it's gotta be stylish, right? Well, here's a perfect example of doubling the "real estate" bee-u-tif-ally! This stand has fabulous qualities. It has a ceramic surface, so that when you pull a piping, hot casserole out of the oven, you can place it right on top. And we all know that a "flat" table is a boring table, so we want to have several heights on our table or buffet; this accomplishes that little item. CHECK! You've doubled your space AND added interest. Also, as pictured, you can multiply your bathroom counter space, which is OH. SO. HANDY! Take this little baby to the kitchen and place it next to the stove top to hold your oils, spices, cooking items......and everything is at arm's length for your gourmet delights you will create at home! And for the gardener, you've got a small shelf to place plants on top and on the bottom! The serving stand will also fold up and flatten if for some reason one needed to put it away. But don't do that, just move it to another room, and employ it there! After all, it is the Elegant stand, and it just may become your best friend!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall is just around the corner, isn't it?

That's what I tell myself each hot August day that we face......."it won't be much longer (and an inner voice devilishly taunts with disbelief)! I long for the cooler days of fall, like October and November when you don't sweat buckets just for wearing a long sleeve shirt. Those are MY kind of days. Of course I love the fall decorations, too! I love pumpkins, scarecrows, bales of hay, gourds, mums, and such. I thought I'd show you a couple of pics for FYInspiration......maybe you will be inspired to do something different this year with your front door, front porch, or your living spaces. Here's a wonderfully decorated front door, with the pumpkin topiaries on either side of the door, and just looks fantastic!

And of course, just as I showed with the Jamestown Centerpiece, just by collecting a grouping that shouts "FALL" in a great container, one can add a harvest theme to any room. This Renaissance Hurricane filled with fun gourds and pumpkins looks great, and the one filled with candy corn and other harvest time confections looks very tempting! You could fill it with Indian Corn, with acorns, nuts & a candle, or pinecones. Again, add whatever inspires you! Hope this gives you, too, some hope that FALL is right around the corner! I'd love to hear what YOU do for fall!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Decorate your door.......

Well, Paula suggested that I post some ideas for decorating, especially using SLaHOME products....won't she be surprised that I will show you one of HER ideas??? She is a talented girl, that Paula. I will show you what she designed for her front door, using the SLaHOME Flower Market Door Bucket. Here's a picture of her arrangement:

Then I will show you mine, not nearly as elegant, but patriotic, nonetheless!

I look forward to fall weather, because that is my favorite time to decorate the door. Nothing says Welcome like a porch decorated for fall weather! Pumpkins, mums, and a door display with those gorgeuos fall flowers and colors! Bring it on! One more for inspiration.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving in....

It's moving in day here at Southerninspiration. I used to blog over at Xanga; but I wasn't very consistent with it....
So I'll give a good college try to a new home and a newly decorated space. I love to decorate, then re-decorate, and sometimes even re-decorate what I've already re-decorated. That's just to say, sometimes it takes a while to get things JUST right.
What about you? Do you like to decorate or do you loathe any change in your life? Would you rather do your decorating yourself or have Extreme Home Makeover come in and rock your world????
I'd love to have a designer come in and give me ideas, but I must admit, the challenge of getting things just the way I like them is invigorating to me. Of course there is always the challenge of having enough money to do those decorating projects!!! I am oh so inspired by those girls who go out thrifting, come home with a "shabbier- than- chic" piece and within hours, maybe even moments, have re-designed that piece into a masterpiece! I have to think a while, procrastinate a little (for fear of not getting it perfect the first time), then maybe in a week, or month, take on the project. I'd really rather live fearlessly, and throw caution to the wind by adding that coat of paint or whatever and see what comes of it! So, I've got a little progress to make.
Well, hopefully we can inspire one another......join me on my little journey, would you?
See you soon.