Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Definition of a Palooza.....

Well, since dictionary.com doesn't even HAVE a definition of this word, looks like I will have to make my own entry!!!

Puh-loo-za- a heap of fun, surprises, good training and lots of girlfriend time!!!

As I mentioned in my last entry, I was scheduled to go to Dallas for a Willow House meeting, to get us started for the new year......and it was dubbed a Palooza!  Is that related to an Oompah Loompah or what???  So I spent the day on Saturday learning just what it was !!  Did I mention free prizes, too!?!

We met to learn the location of our incentive trip this summer........I am working to earn a trip to a brand new all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen!!!  It is called the Paridisus, and just opened in November....take a look!

I want to be there in June!!!  So I really need to focus on my business, so I can earn that trip! Wanna come earn it with me????

Also, I won a pair of Sara Blaine Earrings at our meeting!  Want to see those??

And we learned that our Willow House websites were going to be getting a fresh, new look!  You simply MUST go over and see how beautiful it looks!!  You can find it HERE !

Willow House truly is an amazing company for which to work...they have tons of new incentives to start you off right....right now there is an amazing offer to start your new business for a low, low price and the ability to earn lots of FREE product.  It's the most FUN job I've ever had.....I have plenty of free, no obligation info for anyone who might want to add some FUN to your life, or better yet, get PAID to have fun!!!  Let me know if you would like to know more!

I'll be bringing some new ideas for glass containers soon, and they will go right along with the Glorious Glass Sale we have going on right now...you can find that on my website, too....GREAT prices for decorating with glass, and make things look fresh and new post-Christmas!!  Clean and fresh is my  mantra for January!  Won't you join me???

Oh, oh, oh......and hop on over to Plate and Pattern, our design blog to enter to win the new Aldredge Cloche...it's adorable......I saw it in person, and I am waiting for my own to arrive.....of course, I could always add one to make it a pair!!!!  Go see, and leave a comment....YOU might be the lucky winner!!

Is that adorable, or WHAT?????  Go on over and enter!!!

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