Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How do the days go by so quickly????

A week has passed since I last posted??? How can that be? I guess I've just been busy, and I have a little problem with procrastination as well. I need some inspiration......
And now I need to make decisions for some minor remodeling of my kitchen, thanks to Ike. New countertops--holey moley, where do I start? I know I've seen so many that I love, but what do I really want in MY kitchen? The cabinets will stay and sadly, the tile floor will stay for now, so whatever I pick needs to go along with those remaining elements. And a wall color......we'll be taking down the wallpaper that's served us well......but how do I decide? I'm thinking a green, kinda sagey, but appley......? It needs to blend into my family room decor, too. Gee, it would be much easier to just start all over and do EVERYTHING new. But who am I kidding? A child in college, with one more to go in two years......we weren't planning any remodeling until they are finished with college! So I get a little jump on it now......I'd love any suggestions on how one goes about deciding on countertops and backsplashes........and suggestions are welcome!

And just to let you know about our progress--the tree is removed from the roof, and the adjuster has been here and was very assuring that we won't have any trouble getting things fixed up......now our contractor can't be here until Oct. 10th. As long as it doesn't rain, we're okay. If it does, the trash can goes back in the kitchen to catch the rain water!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Ode to Blogs

Oh I do love you

Oh blogs of the 'net

Your creators are artsy

and lest I forget,

They are crafty, inspiring,

and lots of fun, too!

But I'm left with dilemna

-- choosing what to do.

There is laundry you see

and my fam wants to eat

Don't they know how inspiring

you are and how sweet?

It's like a new magazine

Day after day

With treat upon treat

to inspire us to play!

I discover a new one

-- must read what I've missed!

Great ideas to be found

to add to my list!

They are thrifty and classy

and known to recycle

And inspire me to run to

Goodwill or to Michael's!

So blogs I do love you,

You inspire me to beauty

But I also am limited

to time sitting on my booty.

The computer it draws me

to find blogs to read

I need to get up though

And do some good deeds.

Like laundry and errands

and mealtime and chores...

Blogs even inspire me to

do those and more.

Inspirational and challenging

Wise and discerning

This community I've found

Has me doing some learning

Of all the neat people

Out there on the 'net

That seem to be kindred

But may not have met.

Thanks to the bloggers

Of the interweb and 'net

For inspiring this blogger

Even those I've not met!

Monday, September 22, 2008

AAAAAAhhhhhhh, Fall, do join us!

Sept. 22, first day of fall. Thankfully last week, a touch of fall teased us to remember what fantastic weather that fall brings. After a hot, Houston summer, we all long for the days when it's actually comfortable to wear a long sleeve shirt, and there's a coolness in the air! There's an excitement that draws us to be thankful for all that we have.......even though the temps are back in the 90's this week,& I pray that a cool front will come quickly for those still without power, we are reminded of what is to come! Fall, come on in and join us. I love the falling leaves, even though they require a lot of upkeep, the crispness in the air, the smell of all things fall, like spices and teas, and soups and stews. I love the excitement of football games and outdoor meals, and being able to open the windows and let the crisp air inside! The promise of several great holidays that are just around the corner makes me want to experiment in the kitchen and cook things that we didn't dare do in the summer! Ahhh, fall, how sweet and welcome you are! Enjoy! We are truly blessed.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Benefits of Ike............

As much havoc as Ike has played on our area, and still is......I have to say that there are many benefits I've seen. As we saw in 9-11, people really do come together and help one another out. It's good to see that we really can be a good neighbor, really can share from whatever benefits others. Whether it's providing a warm shower, a cooked meal, a listening ear, or the expertise of someone else that c an help you handle a problem, it's good to be helpful and forget about the bad situations we find ourselves in. It's good to see the community come together for the good of its people, and it's good to feel like someone else cares. It's so nice to hear a knock on the door, or a ring of the cell, or even a text message to say, "just wanted to check to make sure you're okay!". It's good to reach out with the love of Christ to say "I care about you"....and if there's a way I can help you, please let me know. We are not islands and we really do need one another. It's also good to rely on REAL communication and not rely on all the technological wizardry of our modern day that often leads us to LESS communication. It's horrible to see how people are suffering, and to think/see all the destruction that Ike left in his path. But the result is seeing people come together and actually work together and help one another out. That's inspiring to me. So thanks to all you who have helped me..and I hope I can return the favor. These pictures are part of the pecan tree debris that friends and neighbors helped us remove from our yard and pile in the front so the county trucks can come by and haul away. It would have taken us days to do it ourselves and yet with the help of others, our yard is cleaner than it was before Ike. Thanks friends!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good riddence, Ike!!!!!!!

He was not a friendly visitor, that Ike. While he was only a Cat.2 (?) hurricane, he left a mark that will long be remembered. The winds roared ferociously, but thankfully we did not have the flooding that many Houstonians and Galveston residents and other surrounding areas are facing. We lost power for less than 24 hours, which was amazing in itself. Many are presently still without power and will be without it for so long. We just had a crew of six men from our church come and completely remove all the debris from the back yard.....well, everything except my tree in the roof of the kitchen! Yes, the top of a tree crashed thru the roof of my breakfast room. Some remodeling may be in my future! I must say that when fears reared, I was calmed by my Maker, and comforted with the fact that although a log came thru the roof, it was in a place that hurt no one, over tile flooring, and could not have happened with so little damage in any other area. So while it is a tiny bit inconvenient to have an OPEN air kitchen, it could have been so much worse. Since we were here, we were able to contain so much of the water that came through, and dump it out the front door, even in the midst of the hurricane. Since we were here, we were able to get all the trash laying on the floor out and it won't stink up the place by rotting there on the tile.....so I have LOT to be thankful for today! Here's a picture of our new skylight....ha. And all those boards we put up on the back of our house? They prevented broken glass that would have come flying in because when we finally got around to the back of the house the next morning, there was debris piled up against the back door and a large window next to the door, that we felt like would have ended up in the den if not for the trusty plywood! Thanks be to the Heavenly Father who protected us! So here's my kitchen. And for those of you who follow the Nester, and were part of her "POOPIE " party, I wanted you to know that while I really do despise fake ivy, I've found a type of faux-lidge I dislike even more!! This kind of faux-lidge is real, but much less desirable!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike's hospitality package

We hope Ike gets the message from the boards that we are not open to hospitality. We'd like him to leave promptly without knocking any big objects into our home, thankyouverymuch. We have six pecan trees and two oaks, along with all the neighbors pecan trees (this neighborhood used to be a pecan orchard!). We hope that Ike's posse (the 80 mile an hour winds--those bullies) will cruise through our neighborhood and find it boring and no place to hang around. We wouldn't even mind a drive by...as long as they leave the premises as quickly as possible. We'd love him to also take any rains, and tornadoes along with him, and just go dry up somewhere. Until the storm is over, I'm hoping you can find some inspiration to pray for the entire Gulf Coast of La. and Texas. There's a lot of damage from Ike already and it hasn't even hit land yet. Take care and God bless. He is, after all, much bigger than Ike and HE can calm the storm, whether it's the physical storm we face or the emotional one we experience by having to make it thru the next 12 hours.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall decor, remembering 9/11, and preparing for Ike

Well, as promised, I have a few pics of my fall decor, but I must be brief, as today is a day during which other preparation must be done and with which other things must be dealt. Not only do we look back at the devastation that 9/11 brought, we now have a pending visit from Hurricane Ike. They are saying it will be a Category 3 or 4 and it is at the present time, coming right toward us, as in right over my town! We will not be evacuating, as I am sure the roads will get very congested from those evacuating from the south of us. The main concern for us is not the flooding, but the winds and our beautiful pecan trees that lose limbs easily anyway. We will board up some windows,move any loose items from the yard, and continue to watch the storm. Please pray for those along the Texas/La. coastline.

So here are a couple of pics of my fall decor; yesterday and the day before were more carefree and I could think of brighter, cooler days ahead. Today is not quite as carefree, but is rooted and grounded in the fact that God is sovereign and will watch over us through the storm. Remember he calmed the storm? Well, He is the one who calms us through the storm, whether the storm is calmed or not.....that must be the paramount thought for this day.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh, I do love the blogging world....

which is exactly WHY I don't have my fall decorations completed and exactly WHY I haven't blogged about it. It's the same reason I don't do well at scrapbooking events....because I am easily distracted by the beauty of other's creativity and I get so involved in looking at what others are doing, well, that I get distracted from what I should be doing. And so, my fall decor is still in the bins, except for the one centerpiece I got made for the coffee table. You will see that one when I do get to posting my fall decor. I promise it will be this week. Now I'm to be held accountable, so I must get it done.....especially so I can remove all the bins (four is my limit, which seems like a lot to me, but some of them do contain pretty large pumpkins.......(end of justification of said bins!) See I am easily distracted...... this little lady just reminds me that I have been on a discovery mission and have found the most pleasant blogs in the blogging world. There are some of the nicest folks who blog, and I love seeing into the windows of their lives. It is very fun, but can be very distracting. So alas, keep coming back for the fall decor (promised) pics. I hope to get them complete tomorrow. Today I'm off to see those cutie pie quints I told you about. Toodles..............

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's not unusual that I am late to the game.....but it does, however, depend on your own perspective. Perhaps one could say I just march to the beat of my own drummer! hmmmm.....anyway, I hope to get out all my fall/harvest/autumn decor this weekend, so I will be back next week with some pics of my own decor. I am so, so ready for the cooler days of fall. This morning is a bit of a teaser with lower humidity and a brief breath of oh so slightly cooler temps. But back to the 90's by this afternoon. So I am headed out to do some errands, maybe stopping by a few of my favorite thrift stores....what will I find? Treasures, I hope!
Happy Friday!