Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fives........

So glad you made it for FRiday Fives........let's dive in!

1. When is the last time you had a sleepover party? 

2. What is your favorite thing to sleep in?

3.  What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

4.  What's your drink of choice in the a.m.?

5.  Do you like breakfast?  What's your favorite breakfast food?

Cheers! Have a great Friday!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are you ready to welcome spring??

I don't mind the cooler weather we have in Houston; however lately, we've not had a lot of cold weather; in fact, our weather has teased us with more spring like temperatures.  And of course the craft stores are full of spring flowers, ribbons and such anyway........I told someone the other day, if you want Easter things (like faux rye grass for decorating with plastic know in my business I have to think longer lasting displays for home parties!)  Anyway, I told someone that if you want to buy Easter things you better get them, because by the time March and Easter are actually here, they are going to have red, white and blue for the 4th of July already on the shelves and the Easter things will be sold out or picked over!

So I got a few new Willow House products in the other day, and I was itching to try them out!  And my front door needed a new door decoration.  So I took my new Willow Welcome Basket and went to Michael's.  I found some lovely faux flowers, some cute ribbon and came home to get busy.  So here's my newest you like it???

It comes with it's own little slate chalkboard, which I wrote on with a chalk pen....which reminds me, I forgot to get another white one....looks like another trip to the hobby store!!
Next week, I'll show you some ideas for our Grand Monarch Lantern!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chocolate Covered Strawberries....

Who doesn't love them??  Here's five easy steps from Real Simple toward these beauties!!!

And they are healthier than just PLAIN chocolate....
1. Chop the chocolate (coarsely chop 4 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate then wash and dry 1 pound of strawberries (about 20)

2. Melt the chocolate (Place the chocolate in a glass bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until melted and smooth)
3. Dip the strawberries. (holding the strawberry by the stem end, dip in the melted chocolate, letting the excess chocolate drip off.  Your strawberries must be DRY.  Repeat with remaining berries)
4.Place on a pan. (transfer the dipped strawberries onto a baking sheet lined with wax paper.  As you set each berry down, slide it 1/2 inch to the side to prevent formation of a chocolate foot)
5.  Chill, then enjoy! (refrigerate the strawberries until the chocolate is firm, at least 30 minutes...go for a walk if you need to!  They will keep for up to 3 days, covered in the refrigerator.

Enjoy! What about you?? Do you like chocolate covered strawberries??

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Definition of a Palooza.....

Well, since doesn't even HAVE a definition of this word, looks like I will have to make my own entry!!!

Puh-loo-za- a heap of fun, surprises, good training and lots of girlfriend time!!!

As I mentioned in my last entry, I was scheduled to go to Dallas for a Willow House meeting, to get us started for the new year......and it was dubbed a Palooza!  Is that related to an Oompah Loompah or what???  So I spent the day on Saturday learning just what it was !!  Did I mention free prizes, too!?!

We met to learn the location of our incentive trip this summer........I am working to earn a trip to a brand new all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen!!!  It is called the Paridisus, and just opened in November....take a look!

I want to be there in June!!!  So I really need to focus on my business, so I can earn that trip! Wanna come earn it with me????

Also, I won a pair of Sara Blaine Earrings at our meeting!  Want to see those??

And we learned that our Willow House websites were going to be getting a fresh, new look!  You simply MUST go over and see how beautiful it looks!!  You can find it HERE !

Willow House truly is an amazing company for which to work...they have tons of new incentives to start you off right....right now there is an amazing offer to start your new business for a low, low price and the ability to earn lots of FREE product.  It's the most FUN job I've ever had.....I have plenty of free, no obligation info for anyone who might want to add some FUN to your life, or better yet, get PAID to have fun!!!  Let me know if you would like to know more!

I'll be bringing some new ideas for glass containers soon, and they will go right along with the Glorious Glass Sale we have going on right can find that on my website, too....GREAT prices for decorating with glass, and make things look fresh and new post-Christmas!!  Clean and fresh is my  mantra for January!  Won't you join me???

Oh, oh, oh......and hop on over to Plate and Pattern, our design blog to enter to win the new Aldredge's adorable......I saw it in person, and I am waiting for my own to arrive.....of course, I could always add one to make it a pair!!!!  Go see, and leave a comment....YOU might be the lucky winner!!

Is that adorable, or WHAT?????  Go on over and enter!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fives....

Let's dive into the New Year with FRIDAY FIVES!!!!

1. Have you taken down all your Christmas Decorations and gotten them stored away already?

2. Did you, like me, find at least ONE or two stray items that didn't get back into the Christmas boxes before they were put AWAY????

3. Do you like to clean after your put all your Christmas decor away and before putting things back to normal??

4. Do you enjoy the "minimalist" look you find that comes when you take all the Christmas decor down??

5. Do you know what a Palooza is?? I'll be back Monday to tell you all about the one I am attending tomorrow!!!  It's a Willow House Palooza...and rumor has it, that it's going to be GREAT!!!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

GREAT ideas to share....

Let me begin by saying, y'all are too glad I've been missed!! It's fun to reconnect with blogging friends after a hiatus!

I love when I find great ideas to share, like so often I find in Real Simple magazine.  This blogger found and compiled some great ones...

Coring a strawberry with a STRAW?? Genius!
Which ones do you love?  I love the one with the tension rod hung under the cabinet to store the spray bottles on....what a great idea.  I just read one on Pinterest to run tension rods vertically to store trays and cookie sheets....good idea also.  I just LOVE smart, out of the box ideas.....what about you?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Hi you three.....yes, the three of you that might still be reading my blog!!
I have not been a consistent blogger, and I cannot promise that I will be a LOT better, but my hope for the New Year, 2012, is to be a little more consistent with posting to my blog.  I didn't say everyday, but more consistent.  I think we all have changed our blogging habits since we first started, and mine certainly have.  How do you see that yours have changed?  And with so many bloggers now active on Pinterest........well, that certainly changes the game, too!
I am excited this year about my Willow House catalog, new possibilities, etc.  I'd love to see my business continue to grow.  I will spend a good part of my days working on that.  You'll find me over at Pinterest, too......just can't resist all the pictures of great ideas, decorating, recipes, inspirations, etc!
We had a GRAND Christmas, even though we were finished with our family Christmas celebration by the time most of you were buying the food for your Christmas dinner!  It was wonderful having everyone here!! Especially having my granddaughter here!
For 2012, we look forward to adding a new grandbaby to the family at the end of March, we will add a new daughter in law to our family in June, and hopefully a new Vet school student will be on his son interviews for Vet school next week, and I pray he is successful in getting admitted.  It is SO competitive!!  2012 is a BIG year!  Hope it is for you, too!
my precious.........what a wonderful time!