Saturday, November 29, 2008

Could we get a drum roll, please???

Yes, as promised, the giveaway is now officially decided.......I ceremoniously made slips of paper with everyone's name on them.....ok, this is small town giveaway, I realize.....didn't really need a random number generator for this several of you had several entries based on the number of comments you've left over the past week. Some of you have some really interesting projects and plans going on......number one seems to be decorating, but some of you are generously giving to others....I applaud you for that. I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing and your time was enjoyed. Right now I have the dining room COVERED with all the fall decor to be put away today.....and yes, I am realizing that some of you have me put under the proverbial table since your holiday decor is likely finished. But I will begin mine today. The tree won't go up until next weekend as we get a fresh one, and usually enjoy it about two and a half weeks.......

anyhoo, let's get on with the giveaway, shall we?????

And the winner is PUG1!!!! If you will send me your mailing info, I will gladly send it to you so you can enjoy a moment or more of relaxation! Enjoy the magazine, the book, the mug and teas, the magnetic list pad, and the notecards......maybe a few more little surprises!!!!

And later on I will be posting on a RE-DO of a faux arrangement that lives in my den. It had magnolias that were not real, of course that were getting way too yellowed looking....and needed to go! Remember the Hobby Lobby visit I posted about last week......well, I bought things at 50% off to enliven (if you can do that with a faux arrangement!) this basket in my den. I'll be back with pics later to show you what I re-created......see you soon!!!


Pug1 said...

WOW!!!!!! I was shocked to see that I won!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I send you my address privately? Michele

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Lucky you, Pug1 and congratulations on this fun giveaway. I'm sorry I didn't stop long enough to answer and join in on the fun. Enjoy your great gifts from Suzanne! :)