Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Bountiful harvest........I hope you feel life is abundant. I hope that you see all the blessings in your life. I hope the heavy burdens and cares do not choke out the realization that we are so privileged. We are well provided for, and well protected. Many of us have freedoms that are unusual. Many of us have abundance of things-- food, clothing, hobbies/crafts to enjoy, beauty of surroundings that inspire us. Many of us are blessed by our blogging friends that we've not actually met, but enjoy a relationship with!

Sometimes we just need a little prodding to bring perspective. I know I do. I need a regular reminder that the cares of my world are minimal in comparison to the plight of others. Many struggle with health, with depression, with the burden of the fear of the unknown. But I pray that YOU will know the ONE who holds the future, that YOU will be able to rely on HIM, and that you will enjoy the abundant life that only HE offers. Have a blessed, abundantly wonderful day!


Miss Janice said...

Thank you and I hope you have a blessed day as well!

the voice of melody said...

I agree completely - very well put! We really are so blessed to have the freedoms we enjoy in this country that so many others don't have, and can only dream of.

By the way, I like the cornupia with the raw veggies inside in the post below. Very creative!

Many sweet blessings!

Cathy said...

Yes, we are very blessed! Excellent post.


Nancy said...

Thank You, You'll never know what a blessing this has been to me today!!!!!! Nancy

Pug1 said...

You are so right, I often remind myself how our GREAT AND MOST POWERFUL LORD has blessed me and my family. I am thankful for your post, it is a fine witness to God's tender mercies.