Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A wish and a prayer and a delayed giveaway.....

I wish you a grand day tomorrow, and I pray you will find many things for which to be thankful! I know I can and do. I wish for you a meal that is a blessing and I pray that you are covered in blessings, knowing that you are well cared for and loved, and provided for.

I'm also a little overdue in my giveaway....I promised to have the giveaway on YESTERDAY.....where DID the last two days go???? But I've decided to make this a black Friday giveaway, as I'll be HOME rather than out with the many shopping, and I'll have plenty of time to post the last item, and draw the winner by the end of the day. The only requirement is to post a comment about what holiday projects/plans you have going on.....and if you refer someone, which I hope you will do!, have them tell me you referred them, and you get an extra chance to win! I'll try to post the last few items of the giveaway tomorrow evening, when I'm pooped from stuffing the family (I don't stuff the bird, wink!) and then I'll draw on Friday evening.

Most of all, I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving Day in whatever you are doing. Perfection is overrated, so just enjoy what comes your way!


Paula said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day with your family.

I'm still working on a project for my mantel. I started earlier this week and then ran out of supplies. I'm restocked now, so maybe I can finish while the turkey bakes.

Lori said...

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I am assisting with a project at work for purchasing & providing warm blankets for the homeless. We decided that we would buy blankets instead of buying each other gifts this year.