Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday thoughts -Real Simple

An older issue of Real Simple, not the current one
I have mentioned before that I am a fan of Real Simple; in fact, I just made sure I went over on Facebook and "liked" them.  Speaking of that, I have a page called Willow House-Simply Good Design by Suzanne, over on Facebook, and I would "LOVE" it if you would "LIKE" my page!! thanks!

So onto Thursday's thoughts.......I received my October issue of Real Simple magazine yesterday and started pouring over it.  Again and again, I am impressed by how they pull together the best combination of things in this magazine.  I still LOVE a paper magazine, no matter how many blogs I read.  I still prefer a paper catalog, no matter how many websites I can go to and look at products on a web page! What about you?  Something about the glossy paper, the styling, the whole experience about holding it in my hands.....does that make me odd?  Perhaps, because I really dislike the amazing way that paper can collect into piles in a nanosecond....but I do love a great magazine!

Anyway, I really enjoy getting Real is a great eclectic combination of facts and features that just seems to be simple enough to "get", appreciate and often implement.  I'm not paid to give these kudos to the magazine....I just appreciate it and wanted to pass it on. { In fact, that does bring to mind that fact that I DO have a special going on thru Willow House, for a gift card for only $20 that enables the recipient to choose one of 17 magazines. (One of them is a subscription to Real Simple.)  What a deal to have in your gift closet, for that special teacher, a hostess gift, even a bridal shower gift!}  You can email me or respond in the comments if you or interested...but that is a total aside, and a digression from my original back to the topic of Real Simple.
This month, they are featuring Secret Ways to save everyday! Who doesn't love that?  They also feature The Ultimate Closet Makeover ( I SO need this!) How to Sleep Better tonight (every menopausal woman will be reading this one! Ha!) and Easy Dinners for the Entire see, they have managed to cover topics that could be of interest to EVERYONE!  And they have tidbits in it that are always interesting, like "ten trends worth trying", some "reader uses for new ways to use old things"......such as storing barbecue utensils in a mitten style pot holder and hanging it on the grill.  You can go to for 700 double-duty household items, in case that whetted your appetite!

In this issue also, is a $5 coupon for a Merona purchase from Target...that is their brand of fashion clothing and accessories.  See, that would even pay for 1/4 of the subscription price!! Oh, and that closet makeover article??? Spectacular......I'm wondering how I can use some of these ideas to tackle my own closet, which is the "Black Hole" of my house, that houses everything that doesn't have a home.....know what I mean?  It SUCKS stuff in there faster than I can say PURGE.......
And let me just say I am ALL OVER that article entitled "The Insiders Guide to Everyday Deals"...I'm sure that is a post in itself, so I'll report back on that one!
Real's definitely an investment that not only satisfies my desire to hold a magazine and be inspired by it, as well as meet the need I have to inspire me to clean out, to save and to get in the kitchen and fix meals! for two is NOT THE SAME as cooking for four or five! Have you found that out? 
Included in this issue, within that everyday deals article, are discounts for the month of October on many online sites, simply by using some form of the name Real Simple in the code at checkout.  This is one you'll want to "CHECK OUT!!".
Well, enough of my Thursday thoughts...I've got some Willow House business to do...remember to go over to my Willow House, Simply Good Design by Suzanne Page and Like it!  I'd LOVE that!


Cathy said...

I received my issue this week too. You know I love a good deal and anytime we can save some $$$, is a good thing.

Debbie said...

My mom gets it and I love it! I definitely agree about cooking for two being a challenge. It's even worse during the week because I'm cooking for one. Such the temptation to just pig out on nonsense.

I don't have a facebook so I can't "like" you. But I DO like you. Does that count?

Donna Lynn said...

I don't get this "prescription" I have really limited my mags, my tastes have been changing I guess! I get Food Network, Country Living, and Rachel Ray. I used to get about 15 a month, but so many went under, what a shame huh? It is so much fun to put them in piles by seasons, then re-read them again.

I wish I was only cooking for two, I am still feeding two grown children...someday soon!

Hope your having a great week,
Donna Lynn

sheila from life @ #17 said...

I like Real Simple too...I should subscribe again because there is always something useful in it

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Suzanne, I love Real Simple, too..they have such good ideas! And I signed up as a 'like' on your new fb page..

thanks for your kind comments the other day, I was feeling so crummy. I have pain every day but its been a bit better so I think getting some positive love from my friends online really helps..thank you♥