Monday, September 6, 2010

How did I do on the Get It Done Party I started last week?

Well, as I said before, I will be checking back in each week to let you know how I am doing on my goals, and to encourage you on yours. 
I mentioned last week that  after I posted on Monday, I spent the afternoon sick as a a result of some medication I took.  I also did not factor into my to-dos the fact that I would spend some time doing physical therapy for my neck and shoulder.  So, while I did make SOME progress, I didn't make nearly the progress that I had intended.  I did manage to get those college rooms cleaner, but a few more hours in there are needed just to get them spotless......and a few boxes to box some things up will help, too.  I won't do much more in there until we make a plan for painting and for replacing the carpet.  I can possibly get the painting done in my daughter's room because the walls are not too tall.  In my son's room, though, the walls are a little taller on one side, and the ceiling needs some repair from a water leak, so I won't attempt that painting job myself.  However, we all know what happens to a list that is left unfinished, right?  It just rolls over to the next week!
I am changing up my list a little bit, because I not only have five or six hours of physical therapy scheduled already, and a doctor's appt (by the way, the doctor is pretty, pretty, pretty.......nice on the eyes!!! )
I plan to clean all the floors in my house this week, and finish cleaning my office that I started today.  I did get the laundry all done today, so won't have to do much of that this week until Thursday.  Sweetie pie is coming home from college this Friday (not because she misses her parents, but because many of her friends are coming home for a college soccer game, which some of them will participate in) but we will enjoy seeing her and having her home.
I get to play tomorrow, as well, with two girlfriends as we will meet for lunch and some shopping, to celebrate one of their birthdays.  We had to delay it from mid-August but we will celebrate, nonetheless.  So technically, this week will have fewer productive hours than last week.  So my expectations will be a lot lower this week, and yours should, too!  Enjoy your week.....and let me know how you did, on your list last week!


Robin said...

YEAHHHHHHH! You got so much done! In this house, if I am sick, that gives me at least a weeks excuse not to do anything...haha!

I did manage the black hole, more commonly known as Jameson's closet. I cleared out ALL the clothes he has either outgrown or doesn't wear. I also got MOST of his room cleaned up. I managed to take the curtains down and his rag swag down and "fluff" them in the dryer. It was amazing how much dust was in those things! I also got every single little thing out from under his bed. That, in itself, was a miracle! I still have about a half a day left in there, but that will have to wait until later in the week.

I also did all the laundry on Thursday, including folding, hanging and putting away.

Hubby got what little grass we have all cut and weed-eated, and managed to take the back yard away from the woods...haha! Today he cleaned off the back and front porch (the back porch was a HUGE job) and rehung the curtain rod in the bathroom.

The house is looking better already!

I hope therapy goes great this weeks!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

From the time I came home from work on Thursday, I only left the house 1 time on Friday to go to the bank. I have been HOME all weekend working, working, working!!! I have packed up my upstairs and moved the boxes to my dining room to get ready for new flooring to be put down soon. What a job. I never knew I had so much stuff. Hopefully this weekend I can do some fun stuff to make up for staying home all weekend. I actually enjoyed my "nesting" this weekend. It makes me feel good to have gotten so much accomplished. Keep up the good work on your end. You will eventually get all your projects done. Don't be discouraged! Have a nice week. Love & blessings from NC!

Richella said...

Hey sweet Suzanne! I need to join you in your Get It Done party. . . I've been feeling lately like "I just can't do it!" Blah. There's so much I need to do. . . and an awful lot that I WANT to do. . . and then I end up sitting here at the computer, just like I'm doing right now. Oh, well. At least I'm having a good time at the computer!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

In this house, getting it done isn't the issue...keeping it done, not letting it creep back into messiness is where it's at!

Debbie said...

Laughing at the reason your daughter came home. Mine stayed at school last weeked for the same basic reason. Playing with friends.

I'm still plugging away here. Right now, it's more MESS that is made by the pulling out MESS than anything.

Keep on truckin'!!!

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Sounds like you are staying busy just fine. I've been doing a lot of reorganizing lately and am in a much better place with the clutter that had accumulated in my dining room.

April said...

Same question for you as last time...what list? Right now, I'm just taking baby steps in an attempt to get things done around here. Enjoy having your daughter home from college. Oh, if I were only that lucky!

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Oooh! You go girl! I cleaned out a TON of stuff in preparation for a yard sale at the end of Sept! :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

My list just seems to keep growing, but my visit here gave some needed inspiration. I love that you take time to spend with friends and you still get so much done. You encouraged me today. Thank you!