Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I have some deep thoughts to share, later, but for now...

I MUST finish this bathroom.....painting...not a lot of fun to me, but I will love it when it's all done!  Gone is the 1990's wallpaper...oh that is SO yesterday! :D
I am going for a soft blue.....brushed nickel fixtures and faucets and such.  Should I go for the spa feel and use white towels, or the tan towels....what do you think? 
So as I wield my paintbrush, I will be thinking about how to communicate deep thoughts about a topic that's been on my mind.  I know several who have family members dying, and my heart goes out to them.  My thoughts don't go deeply too often, but this has been rolling around in my head for a bit....so I'll share when the time is right.

Oh, and I've been thinking of having a Willow House Weekly on Wednesdays, sort of like a mini newspaper about Willow House and its happenings......rather than interjecting WH products and ideas randomly, I would have them on Wednesdays.  And depending on  your interest, you would either race over to see the post on Wednesdays, or you would just wait to read Thursdays......what do you think?

So I'm off to find those paintbrushes.......have a good day, y'all!


Miss Char said...

Well Pal, I hope your painting is wrapped up very soon and you have a nice relaxing soak in the tub. I sure hope you plan to show us some pictures.

I stop by nearly every day to see what's up in your world so Wednesday would be good or Thursday.

Richella said...

Good luck with your painting, Suzanne! Hope it all works out just like you want.

As for the towels, I'd go with the white. But that's because I've decided to go back to white towels. I have colored ones in my master bath, and I'm sick of how they get bleached spots on them!

Melanie said...

White towels...i bought only white or ecru for a while then backslid and started buying colors. But, like Richella, mine seem to get discolored spots.
Whitening toothpaste will bleach out a towel!

Ritkiss said...

I would go white, they look clean and fresh, and if you don't have children at home they will look and stay clean!

Cathy said...

I know you redo will look fabulous. Have a great day!

April said...

I don't like painting, either, but I sure can appreciate my hard work when all is said and done. I pop over to your blog on a fairly consistent basis, so either day for me would work just fine. Enjoy your Tues., Suzanne!

Gail said...

Can't wait to see the big reveal. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment.

Have a wonderful day and try not to work too hard.

Rene said...

Yes, white towels are a must because we ruin anything else. Your ideas all sound spa-like and peaceful.

Debbie said...

I vote for the spa look with blue and white for sure. I love that look.

I really like the Willowhouse Wednesday idea. I do like it interspersed, but that's mainly because the stuff looks good so it jazzes up any post. A day that you set aside for the shout out would be fun. Plus... I like alliteration!

Nancy said...

Love your little helpers. :)

I don't mind painting so much. And I love the huge impact a simple paint job has. You definately get bang for your buck!

I'll be the lone ranger and say tan. A soft tan color definately.