Thursday, September 9, 2010

More things happen, right?

Remember how I posted last week my goals and lists so that I could be accountable, helping us all stay accountable to our to do lists?  And then right after that, I posted that my eagerness to attack the list had been altered just a tad by an afternoon of hanging over the toilet???? So rightly so, I moved on and chalked it up as a fluke, and would  not be thwarted by the hiccups life seems to put into our lives, altering our day to day goals and to do lists....minor set backs.

Well, yesterday I was thrown another curve ball when I went to see my oh so nice (looking) doctor.  I've been dealing with some issues in my right shoulder/spine that have bothered me for some time, and yesterday was the culmination of a few appts, an MRI and some physical therapy.   I go in to see my shoulder doctor and he shows me on the MRI films a spot that reveals I have a tear on my rotator, not good.  If not fixed, he says, it can get larger and become irrepairable.  Worse than not good.

So all of this, not to gain your sympathies, but to say my TO DO list for the next six weeks has been drastically altered.  I will be doing NO painting or stripping of wallpaper, per doctors instructions to only do things that are waist or chest heavy lifting or work that is over my head.  Bummer.......

Surgery, of course, will not be scheduled until AFTER I have had a chance to see/hold/cuddle, etc with the new grandbaby that is due in only four weeks!!! Excitement!!!!!!!!!!!  November sometime (don't have an exact date  yet) is going to be the shoulder surgery month.  And six months later, I"ll be good as new....sigh.
And through all of this, I KNOW that God has total control over the situation and that my agenda is not REALLY all that crucial......I will trust that HIS timing is perfect and the best for me.  So I've got some NEW marching orders.......My  to do list for the next six weeks or so is WAY DIFFERENT now.....I'll be posting it as soon as I've re-ordered my waist high and chest high activities!!


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. I feel for you. I've had shoulder issues off and on for years (after a fitness instructor kept telling the class to work through the burn.) Take care of yourself and no heavy lifting! :)

FrouFrouBritches said...

Suzanne, bless your heart. I am so sorry. You're right though - God's timing is always right. Just take care of yourself. That leaves more time for you to get ready and excited about the new baby.

Debbie said...

Oh. No.

I would love to reach through the computer and give you a hug, but that might hurt the shoulder so I won't. I'm glad you're putting it off so that you can hold the new granddaughter. That would HAVE to be a priority here too.

I know this has been discouraging!!