Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday morning check up!!!

Hey, how's your Get It Done list coming??? Let's see, if we go back to this post, we can see where I started this business.......and then LOTS of other things jumped in the way of my progress! How about you?
Well, ONE major thing that I accomplished was, thanks my sweet neighbor, getting the wallpaper stripped off of the upstairs bathroom!  I thought that whole project would get shoved to the bottom of the priority list when I found out about my shoulder, but she was persistent and came and helped me steam off the wallpaper, so now it's ready for sanding, priming and painting.  And she's coming back Wed. morning to help me again.  So we're in business on that!  As for the kids' rooms, I did manage to get them cleaned, but the painting hasn't happened yet.  And I am making some slow progress on a few of the other items as well, although nothing is quite finished.  My hubby and I went to Home Depot the other night and picked out all new fixtures for the bathroom as well, so we are set on items to replace in that bathroom.  Goodbye ugly shiny fixtures, hello brushed nickle!  I have to go later today or tonight and get the primer and paint picked out.  I'm thinking bluish gray....won't that look good with the brushed nickel!!???  The kids will be so surprised.
Also, I am thinking of getting someone to come in and clean the a/c vents out....has anyone had that done before?  I am hoping it will help some allergic reactions my hubby seems to be having lately.
So once the bathroom is finished, hopefully the fall decorating will get accomplished.  I've already done a few small items, but nothing major.  I just love fall decorating and look forward to it; I know I'm behind compared to some other bloggers, but we just need to get out of the 90's to motivate me to feel like fall decorating!!
So how is YOUR list coming????
Happy Monday, y'all!


Holly said...

Good for you, Suzanne! I'm a little tired just reading about everything you've been doing ;) And what a nice neighbor you have!

Diana said...

Working on it. Have a great Monday!

Denise said...

Working on my list, too. One job is complete, 3 are more than half complete and the last I haven't started. Thank goodness we still have 10 more days in September. Sounds like you're making progress, too.

FrouFrouBritches said...

What a sweet neighbor you have! I think the blue/gray will look GREAT! I can't get too motivated to decorate for fall either. It's too durn hot - 97 today. Half the time, I skip fall and go straight into Christmas decorating at the beginning of November.

Miss Char said...

Suzanne, I need to borrow your neighbor. Ask her if she would like to experience the fall color change "up north". Sounds like you are on a roll with the make over. I was just talking the other night about having our vents cleaned too. Great minds think alike I guess.

Cathy said...

What a great neighbor you have! You know we look forward to the before and after shots.

Anonymous said...

You are my moment of encouragement today! I have a major project needing to be done, but I want to check out some furniture I found in an antique mall which would be my inspiration for color. Should get that done this afternoon, so I'll know tomorrow. Thanks for posting the visual checklist reminder.
Happy Monday to ya!

Debbie said...

woohooo for your productivity!!

It's a sign of great progress for me that my exterminator just left a few minutes ago and said, "Man! You have been working on closets!"

(I don't know whether to be proud or a big embarrassed...)

Nezzy said...

Hats off to you girl, progress is progress. We gutted out our bath, master bedroom, hallway and guest bedroom a couple years ago. Hubby talked me into brushed nickel in the bath and I'm so glad he did. When installed, I just love it!

The vent thingy??? Now don't laugh but I've seen the TV ads and think to myself...if a man can do it so can I. I use the vacuum hose from the swimming pool and my trusty Panasonic vacuum and clean the darn thing myself...for free! Just sayin........ Heeehehehehe!

Have a blessed day sweetie and get some rest girl! :o)

Bella Michelle said...

You do have a great neighbor, indeed! I can't wait to see pictures of all your progress.