Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday Fives!!!!

Villa Footed Server

 1. If you owned this product, what would you put in it for your fall decorating?

    2.  If YOU had these shelves for YOUR  home, where would you put them, and what color would YOU paint the backwall of the shelves for YOUR house?

Napa Cookbook Holder
3. If this cookbook holder was in your kitchen, what cookbook, if any, might we find in it most regularly???

Heritage Hurricane Trio

4. The Heritage Hurricane Trio, shown here with scrapbooking paper dressing up the glass sides, holds any number of treats......with Halloween coming up, which three treats might we find in YOUR trio?  What are YOUR favs???

French Wire Tiered Stand
5.  If you were to decorate this wire stand, what would YOU add?  I'd love to hear YOUR ideas!

I thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit, and to do a Friday Fives in a Scavenger hunt style, only without the hunt!  I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Willow House products and ask some fun questions regarding these, while at the same time, learning more about you...what do you like, favorite candy, favorite cookbook, creative ideas, etc.  What do you think?  Wanna play along?  Have a Happy Friday!


southerninspiration said...

I want to put pumpkins in it for the fall, and Christmas ornaments for Christmas!

The shelving would go upstairs and would probably paint the back of the shelves a grayish blue.

The cookbook holder might have a La. Secrets cookbook or a SL annual recipes cookbook.

Those three containers? Um, Peanut m&m's, bridge mix, and chocolate with nuts and toffee mixed in!

In the wired basket, I'd put a combination of gourds and pumpkins, with a few votives mixed in, and some containers of nuts and acorns.

Designs on 47th Street said...

Hey Suzanne, sorry but I don't have time to go through each item and comment on all, but you know I would decorate with an assortment of faux pumpkins. I also have some acorns and apples that would be fun to mix in. On the book shelves I would place my very small little cream urns with small pumpkins all lined up in a row. I also have some ceramic green apples that would be pretty in many of your vessles. A pretty fall plate (possibly my brown transferware) on an easel would look nice too.

Honey, you would be in big trouble if you tried to take dance lessons from mr. Brown Socks in me! LOL!


Rene said...

Ooh fun. Let's see...
1. Boxwood orbs
2. Navy
3. Latest issue of Cooking Light
4. Reese's Cups
5. Apples

Have a great weekend Suzanne!

Angie said...

All these pieces are gorgeous! I especially love the basket stand thing.

Debbie said...

OK... I just tried to comment here but don't see it. I'll check back later to see if it's flying about in cyberland. If not, I'll try again. Geeeeesh.

southerninspiration said...

I think Blogger has had some wonky issues lately, do y'all????
Hope you come back, Debbie!! :D

Ritkiss said...

Great ideas! Love the cookbook holder! I would probably have "Fix It and Forget It" on it. The crock pot has been a lifesaver lately.

Southern Fried Gal said...

A great Friday Five set. I always stop over too late but I'm joining the fun anyway!

1.I'm not feeling particularly creative this morning. I love the pears. Maybe an assortment of nuts would be cute, too?

2.I think I might dress them up with a fun scrapbook paper to add some interest. I'm on the hunt for a new shelf for the kitchen but I want something a little more rustic than this.

3.One of the annual cookbooks from Southern Living or Taste of Home. I'm a sucker for cookbooks!

4.Hershey's kisses, Hershey's kisses and Hershey's kisses!

5.Did you see the cute scrapbook paper idea from a fellow consultant on my blog a few weeks back - How cute would that be with coordinating fall papers? Or even better spooky papers?!!!

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy your cold front. It finally feels like fall here, too!