Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fives!

Taking a little break today to catch up with my blogger friends and do our Friday lets us share and get to know each other better, and it's just fun!   On a Friday, who doesn't need a little FUN!?!

1. If you had the money to do plastic surgery, would you do it???

2. What is one character trait about yourself that you like?

3. What's your next project in your house?

4. What's in refrigerator to drink? 

5. Big plans for the holiday weekend?

Friday Fives......a tradition here at Southern Inspiration.......hope you'll join in!

And on other end of the week notes.......I am about to go turn on some kickin' music and work for two hours upstairs.  Then I will be done for the day....well, except for that one pile on the kitchen table that I WILL have cleaned off by the end of the day!  Then I can enjoy the weekend, with the extra day off with my hubby.  We will likely take in a movie and maybe eat really big plans.  We discussed going to the in-laws for the weekend, but decided we could get a few things done here instead and do that another weekend. 
How's YOUR Get It Done List Coming along?  Did yours get a teeny bit sidetracked like mine did this week?
What about you?
Do YOU have a few piles you need to get under control?  How do you prevent piles of papers, coupons, advertisment, receipts and such from becoming THIS???

Hope you blogger friends have a FABULOUS to answer the Friday Fives...won't you join me???


southerninspiration said...

1. If you had the money to do plastic surgery, would you do it??? Maybe a small tuck, but I'm not sure I would want to do anything major!

2. What is one character trait about yourself that you like? I have a tender heart and a caring spirit.

3. What's your next project in your house?
Clutter control, buying a new couch, painting laundry room and bathrooms

4. What's in refrigerator to drink? ran out of milk, some orange juice, water bottles....maybe I need to grocery shop??? :D

5. Big plans for the holiday weekend? enjoying a long weekend, puttering around the house, maybe a movie...nothing major.

From The Heart said...

I enjoy your blog!
My answers;

1- No, I would not do plastic surgery to my face just for cosmetic reasons.
My friend did, and it looks really bad!
Maybe another part of my body!

2.I smile a lot! And try to show compassion to others.

3.Clutter!!! Being a pack rat, this is always a problem for me.

4.Milk, orange juice and tea!

5.A relative passed away, so funeral tomorrow.


Debbie said...

1. I would do plastic surgery... but where to start? where to start?
Eye lift, maybe, but I don't want to end up looking like Kenny Rogers.

2. I will be honest about myself, probably to a fault. I am honest about my failings and struggles.

3.You know mine. Closet control.

4. OJ, La Croix, and Knudsen Farm Spritzers/Sparklers whatever they're called.

5.Nothing firm. No daughters will be home. There is some sort of event at school at which girls walk around looking cute and get noticed by boys. I'm sure that's not what it really is, but that's my best translation. LOL

Love the Decor! said...

1) maybe a "boob lift" but only if money was not an object (nursing 4 babies has taken a toll) : )
Seriously probably not nay knd of cosmetic surgery but it is tempting on above mentioned body part : )

2) I laugh a..lot and it infects those around me

3) I hope new carpet and tile. Still working out the details
4)Water, juice, and ugh milk but never for drinking (ick)

Have a great weekend Suzanne!

5) Two BBQ's and a lazy Monday

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

1. If you had the money to do plastic surgery, would you do it??? Oh, YES! Nothing major or drastic, but I'd get an eye lift. One of my eyes "droops" lower than the other.

2. What is one character trait about yourself that you like?
My sense of humor

3. What's your next project in your house?
Paint the kitchen?
4. What's in refrigerator to drink?
Coke, Milk, OJ
5. Big plans for the holiday weekend?
I got to go to Walmart by myself today. Does that count? ;)

April said...

Hey Suzanne!

1. Oh, I'm TOO chicken to get any kind of plastic surgery! If I did anything, it might be to remove some spider veins on my upper thigh.
2. I like the fact that I can make others laugh and I can laugh at myself.
3. To try to keep it as clean as possible so it will SELL!
4. Sunny D, sweet tea, lemonade, milk
5. No big plans fo the weekend. Chris has been on the road so much, we just want to enjoy some down time for a change.

Enjoy your weekend, Suzanne!

Bella Michelle said...

Hey girl! You were MY inspiration:

FrouFrouBritches said...

Hey Suzanne! Hubby was off Friday, so I'm just now getting to visit.

1. Hmmm. I have a family history of malignant hyperthermia - some type of allergy to certain kinds of sedation. If I didn't have that and $$ wasn't an issue, I'd get my boobs back where they belong! UGH! Durn kids!

2. Sense of humor

3. I desperately need to de-clutter and decorate for fall.

4. Sweet tea, milk, Silk, and juice

5. Went to mom and dad's at the lake and my niece's birthday party. As for Monday, Hubby is working so laundry. FUN!