Sunday, September 27, 2009

Do you not know? Have you not heard?
The Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth
Does not become weary or tired
His understanding is inscrutable.

Isa. 40:23

Please pray today for Andrew, Mel's son, and for many others who suffer, both physically and emotionally. We MUST believe that God understands, that He is good, and that He has the power to heal and restore!


Nancy said...

Praising God for my many blessings. Especially this week, a dry and safe home.

karen said...

Thanks ! All are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Here, praying for Andrew and many others.

Diana said...

Will do.

Blessings to you this beautiful Sunday!


Just a little something from Judy said...

Precious verse and gorgeous picture. There are so many hurts and heartaches. I never run out of reasons to pray.

Wishing you a good week.

Lisa said...

Hugs and prayers, Lisa

Joyfulsister said...

I will be praying for Andrew, I'm believing for a healing and I do believe in miracles and the power of prayer.

Darlene said...

I'll be praying for them. Hope you have a great day.♥

Amanda said...

thanks for stopping by. I dont know how close you are to Kingwood- but on Oct 10th there is going to be a HUGE community sale. I usually hit the neighborhood/community sales -theres more to choose from. Here is the site for the Kingwood one


Elle Bee said...

It's so hard to understand all the suffering that takes place in this world. But you are right. God understands, He is in control and we have to trust Him. Thanks for the awesome scriptural reminder today.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Love your great state of Texas. Sorry I missed you~

Let it Shine said...


Hope you are doing well!
Will be praying!


PS - also, it would be so worth a trip to the Arboretum, the pic you posted does not do it justice. I may email you some of the amazing other things they have there this time of year to persuade you.

Take care,

Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a beautiful post. Yes, God does understand and He is still in the business of healing us! A great reminder!

I love the pictures of all the pumpkins!! The one of the baby is so adorable! The one with the flowers in the pumpkin is something I do every year at Thanksgiving! Love them!!! Enjoy your day!

Jeanneoli said...

What perfectly true words you speak.

AMIT said...

I too wish u a good time ahead.

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