Thursday, June 16, 2011

A whole lot of giggling!!

Today, I had the pleasure of picking up some precious little three year olds to bring them to my house.... 3/5 of the quints!!  They are nearly three now...and you can read about them at their mommy's blog   HERE

First birthday pics
I decided since my husband was going to be out of town, that I would invite all three girls (in the past I've only kept Sidney whenever I helped out) to stay overnight.  It gives their mommy a break, and it sure is FUN!  So they came over, and brought some fun and joy to our household.  My daughter helped us get thru bathtime...and then she read them books.  It is hectic --but their mamma does this every day, with FIVE of them.  They are such a miracle, and so darned cute!!! 

This is them from when they were oh so little....gee, next week they will be THREE!!!

this was last summer, and they are two......they are growing, growing!

I am blessed to be a part of their lives!!!  If you checked out their blog, you'll see them currently, almost three!


Made In The South said...

Oh my gosh!
What fun that must have been.
I am sure their mom was so grateful. They are sooo cute.
With mine 18 and 22, I kinda miss all the noise and kiddie crazieness!

Beverly said...

Oh! I can imagine what fun you had and bet you were so thankful to have your daughter to help. I can't imagine how the Mom keeps up with 5. She is very lucky to have you in their lives too. I am going to hop over to her blog and check them out. Beautiful babies and toddlers too.

Debbie said...

Oh goodness, that would be so fun! I love to borrow little ones from weary moms and enjoy the cuteness for a while, especially when I have a daughter or two at home to help.

They are precious!

info said...

Nice blog Suzanne and thank you for all your nice words...I knew there had to be tons of LA fans out there, loved to talk about her.
But it's those BABIES that I really loved, how adorable. Lucky you! xo Susan Branch

Pamela said...

They are all oh so cute!