Monday, October 20, 2008

What's in your apothecary jars or hurricane lamps?

I thought we could talk about various things one could use for either apothecary jars, (which are ever so popular, but timeless and beautiful) or hurricane lanterns/candle holders. The possibilities are endless, really. I really want a set of beautiful apothecary jars, but the spaces in which I'd display them are limited. So I am thinking about what I could put in them and where they would go.....and contemplating starting a set. There used to be a good deal on them at Sam's but every time I go looking for it, they no longer have them. So if someone sees a good deal on them, please let me know. The other option is to buy them one at a time at Michael's, especially with one of the great 40% off coupons, but they never seem to have the shape jar I want when I go in there. So my personal hunt is still on. But I do have numerous Hurricane lanterns, which serve as much the same purpose, and I use those in lots of different ways, too. Since I have those, I feel a little bit guilty investing in the apothecary jars, but I love the look much better. So you see, my personal dilemna.....

Anyway, I came to talk about the decorating them, not the owning them or acquisition of them!

So what's in yours? I thought I'd show you a couple of ideas for your own inspiration, and these ideas could even be used in plain jars, for that matter. They don't have to be fancy. Since my pictures are mostly of SLaHOME products, that's what I'll be showing....for your inspiration. The apothecary jars are from my friend Holly, of Holly Mathis can check out her gorgeous blog here ! So tell me what you like to put in your jars?

Holly uses vintage ornaments here. Oh, so pretty. She even blogged about them on her site if you choose to peruse her blog, which is very lovely and inspirational! One could put any collection really, like marbles, or buttons, or go "whimsical" by filling them with your favorite kinds of candy, as in the hurricane jars that look so festive with the candy canes and pretty bright colored jelly beans and such. Another idea for the kitchen is to layer dried beans and rice, such as lentils, split green peas, red beans, black beans, pasta, rice, etc., depending in the colors that strike your fancy. You can place a pillar candle in the mix or can also use coffee beans, which smell so good! Or think of all the fantastic colors of candy such as skittles, m&m's, jelly beans or jordan almonds one could use, depending on the occasion! I even have a hurricane that is in my living room with unpopped popcorn, and three stalks of Indian Corn. So do tell, what's in YOURS????


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Those SL jars on your mantel are gorgeous!

My daughter ordered one of them...and has candy corn in it.

southerninspiration said...

Thanks, Diane. They are actually the Hostess special for November, so if anyone wants them, they should host a party! Thanks for coming by!

Darlene said...

I LOVE all of your inspirational pictures. I absolutely LOVE apothecary jars and hurricane lamps. Right now in my apothecary jars are:
1. Sparkly pumpkins in my tall apothecary jar.
2. Acorn and jewel glass scatters in a smaller jar.
3. Pumpkin and jewel glass scatters in another smaller jar.
4. Tiny little pumpkins fill another smaller apothecary jar.
5. One more large jar has skeleton heads and bones in it right now....hehehehe

When Christmas comes they will have Christmas balls and I already have glass scatters in red, green and clear that have jingle bells throughout. I am always on the lookout for things for my jars. I love the picture with the candy and candy canes for Christmas.

Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

I love all your jars filled with cuteness! I'm afraid to tell you that I don't own even one, but shhhh... they may just boot me out of the blogging community LOL


Katie said...

Thanks for stopping by you have great taste and ideas, I love it. I can't wait to look around.
Katie <><

CIELO said...

Very lovely!


Holly said...

Right now I have a jar filled with candy corn, which makes it entirely too accessible.

No.35style said...

Sadly, mine are empty right now. But, I do want to find some moss covered balls for them. I think green apples look good, vintage ornaments and for halloween, things like big spiders, etc.

ThriftyDecorChick said...

I've been eyeing them at Michaels too, and think I'll just bite the bullet soon to get them. I can't find them anywhere else for that price! That last picture of the mantel is gorgeous!

linda t said...

I am sooo enjoying your blog!

Hey I recently saw a set of three jars at Ross for around $12.00! They are kinda small... but they have real large ones for $12.99 each!

Anyway, I constantly change what I put in mine... wooden spools of thread, buttons, beach glass, glass ornaments, candy, etc!