Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some things I've noticed......

My friend over at Southern Somedays blogged about Walmart just about the time I had begun to change my mind about them, too. I have avoided them for the length of the summer, because ours was "under construction" for so much of the summer, and it was a MESS! One couldn't find a thing in there.....and it was so messy because of it. So yesterday on my errands, I had to drop in there for a couple of things that I had to have quickly, and lo and behold I left WANTING to go back and checking out all the new goodies. And what in my wandering craft eyes should appear, but Martha Stewart things in the aisles of the newly done craft section! And there is a new line of Better Homes and Gardens things like linens, bedding, etc, that is very lovely. They also have that new line of home furnishings called Canopy that looks decent, too. Somebody at the hq of Waltonville took notice and realized that they were being passed up. While I still love shopping at the small businesses that are trying to make it, sometimes, I need the Walmart prices, too. So I try to balance it all. Have I done just what the higher ups of WalMart wanted people like me to do and create a buzz about them? Maybe I have....maybe they want to pay me to give them good press! ;)

I've also noticed that Home Goods is expanding, and probably doing a pretty good business around here. Do you have them in your area? They have a lovely selection and it is a fun, fun outing. Love their clearance sections!

I've also noticed a lot of bloggers are looking to give handmade gifts this year. If you head over to the Nester, she is hosting an event for purveyors of lovely handmade things to get some much needed press for their wares....go check it out ( I think it's next Wednesday, but she highlights a few great ones today!) and see what lovelies you can find to give, and enjoy giving handmade gifts that really help chickadees running their own businesses! How cool is that?

Well, I now have noticed the time and that it is actually time to pull off another meal. I think tonight we are having my famous Ham & Cheese quiche......it's terribly easy, such that I don't need a recipe. It's a great "go to" when I realize that's it's time for dinner and there's nothing thawed out to cook! ()Oops, didn't plan ahead). But I have a pretty good excuse to draw on.....my kitchen is under construction! I'll probably need to play the "let's go out to eat" card on another day when I really can't cook, so I'll be saving that card and making the quiche tonight! Have a fabulous day, you bloggers of the world.


Holly said...

Oh, gosh, I go to Walmart several times a week. Not because I love it. And ours in under construction too, which means less parking available. No, I go because I know the prices are the lowest for regular stuff. I go several times a week because of poor planning! But I have noticed their new lines as well and they seem like an improvement.

Nancy said...

Oh I tell you, I don't go to walmart till I have to! I just put it off and put it off! Then, when I get there I wish I hadn't put it off, cause I have to cover the whole store, then I am wore out when I get home....LOL nancy

Nancy said...

I'm back...Thank you for the ideas! I love the hershey's kiss idea! I will add it to my list!! Thanks again..I knew I could count on you gals!

Darlene said...

Walmart is our main store here so I have to go there. I don't go until I have to though! I have noticed they are getting some better things though.

I have got to find a Home Goods store....I have never been in one and keep hearing about them.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Oh, I adore Walmart. Best prices around. As long as you don't mind standing in line a bit longer because they NEVER have enough cashiers. HomeGoods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx are my favs too.