Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eureka.......A new discovery! A must read!

Ok, I discover other blogs and realize what talented women there are out there in blogland, and that I really want to be them OR at least have them live next door to me. I want to have the guts to try new things (this comes right after my dh is talking about the new kitchen re-do, because of the necessary repairs to the kitchen from Ike, and the great opportunity it brings to do some updating). He says to me, "we have to consider resale, and making mistakes could really cost thousands of dollars, and they aren't just made on a whim!" know the engineer-speak of which I speak....(in my head, it's blah, blah, blah, I insert, Oh, of course, honey, I know exactly what you mean....blah, blah, blah, I insert again..... um hum, yes, right....." We've all been there.

So anyway, a very talented girl comments on my blog, whose blog I recently discovered, and I think to myself, "oh, she's cute, and has great ideas, I need to read more of her blog, etc, etc.".....and so I do. OH. MY. GA........this girl has it going on. Well, she is MY KIND of decorator. She loves a Bahgain, and she has great ideas, and isn't afraid to try them. AND on top of all of that....her husband buys her Christmas magazines when she asks him to on a recent trip to the bookstore! Can I move her next door to me???????? Go, fast, to check out thriftydecorchick's blog. I spent WAY too much time this morning going back and reading every stinkin one of her blog entries. She has the BEST ideas. And I promise she didn't pay me to write this, nor do I get any kickbacks from extoling her talent, nor does she live anywhere near me. I am just wishing she did. She's got the real thing going on, and those people that do work with her and do live next door to her? LUCKY!!!

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ThriftyDecorChick said...

Hee hee, you have me laughing out loud!! Thanks so much for posting this! You crack me UP! You are welcome to move next store any time. The house is for sale!! ;)