Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A whole lot of workin going on.....

As if I didn't have enough moving and shuffling going on around here, my husband and I went out furniture shopping on Labor Day (with the REST of the world, I might add!) and ordered some things.  First of all, our kitchen chairs have just had it. They are 30 years old.....and keep coming apart.  We've repaired them over and over and now they are just ready to retire! So we shopped online for unfinished chairs and then we went out looking at a few furniture stores.  We found a great little pub style table and four chairs for our kitchen for less than the price of what we would have paid for those chairs.  I am ready for a new look anyway, so I am glad we did it.
While we were looking, we found a lovely bedroom suite, with a sleigh bed, which I've always admired....and decided to update our son's room, so that it would be available for a guest room as well.  We've really not been equipped very well for having guests....just a single bed downstairs.  If we had a couple all we could do was move in a trundle.....so now we are going to have a nice outfitted room that we won't even mind having guests stay in.  But we had to move out all of my son's stuff so that I could clean the carpet and give it a new coat of paint.  Well, I got the room emptied and the carpet cleaned today.  OH my word...it was a mess.  I handled the empty nest and missing my son by not really going in his room very often....and when I moved all the furniture and found all that dirt, boy oh boy, did I get a work out!! It is officially going to be clean for a change!! I am excited.  Now I need to go and find some new bedding!! That part is the FUN part!

So I did some moving things around in my living room also, when we moved in the new couch.  I am so thrilled with the way things are shaping up in there.  It turns out that our WH Meditaranean Bowl and the Olivia Antiqued Bowl paired together are a perfect match to the pillows!! I couldn't wait to show  you.  I decided to use the Cordova Nesting Tables that I've been using as side tables, and put a third with them for a different look for the coffee table...tell me what you think.  I am still adjusting accessories, and still need to get my blue chairs reupholstered, but I've got to get upstairs done before the rest of the living room falls into place....whew.....lots of work going on, like I said.  So here are a few pics I snapped of the sofa...not a great photo, since I shot it with my Ipad, but it gives you a good idea.
So that's why I've been a little scarce......too much to DO!!! I'll catch up, hopefully and be back full swing.  See you later!


Miss Char said...

Sounds like a productive shopping trip Suzanne. I do love shopping for furniture. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Your comments about your son's room needing a cleaning reminded me that when my son was gone from the house I had about the same reaction to the room as you did, WOW. I went to far as to replace the carpeting, I don't think cleaning it would have done the trick.

Beverly said...

Wow! You are making some major changes. Love the way your living room is coming together and look forward to seeing some of the other changes you've made. Love the layered coffee table and accesories. Lots of work, but well worth it.

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
What a great post. I love all the picturcs and I love your style.
Style change so fast, but I like a home that feels homey.You have a way of putting it all together so Beautiful and Homey.
XXOO Diane

Bella Michelle said...

Everything sounds like it is coming together! Love your new sofa!

Sorry I haven't been by in a while. The summer found me out of the habit of blogland! Hopefully, I can keep more current now that fall has arrived.