Monday, September 19, 2011

It's all elementary, my dear Watson....

Do you feel overwhelmed by the ideas offered in the blogworld, media, design tv shows, and such?  I thought I would offer a series of posts to show you how you can come up with some great design and decorating ideas simply by using things learned in elementary school, and maybe even in kindergarten!

I'd like to do a Series of Decorating Ideas using the Alphabet, Shapes, and Numbers..does that make it sound elementary enough for even the decorating challenged readers out there???

So today, I'd like to show you some ideas (and you'll have to forgive me if they have a lot of Willow House pics in my illustrations) know that I love me some Willow House--anyway, I'll show you some ideas that begin with A, B and not to overwhelm you, I'll go slowly.  We'll talk about the rest of the alphabet, as well as shapes and numbers!! You'll not want to miss out!

For the letter A, I'd like to suggest decorating with APPLES!  Here is a link to a website that shows you just how to build this the mixed colors and textures here, don't you??
Apple Centerpiece

Or how about this lovely one?? You can mix pumpkins, apples, pears, Indian corn, Pine cones,  you name it! Again, instructions can be found HERE.

You can core them and put votive candles in them,

either by floating them in water, using them as placecard settings for your table, or simply using them on the mantle or tabletop.....take a look,  with instructions found HERE.
How about mixing them with flowers?
they look outstanding on their own, either in this GREAT Cinnabar footed stand or in a hurricane!!! 

For B, let's consider the uses of Burlap!  Burlap has been a favorite in blogs across the waves for sometime now.  You'll find people make curtains, pillows, table runners, etc out of the long ignored burlap.  It's now back in STYLE!!!
Consider that it adds great texture to your displays and who doesn't love that?   NOW you can get it in multiple colors from off white, to tan, to green and red.  There's bound to be a burlap to meet your decorating needs!  I even have one that is red and tan plaid, although I haven't seen it around in a long time.

wrap around a plant or vase!

Multiple colors of burlap for your decor!
A collection of fun from Tip Junkie!

A great burlap monogrammed lampshade
 For the letter C, let's consider the use of you actually use candles?  Some do, some don't.  Do you like scented candles or unscented?  Last year at Sam's, I got a set of Flameless Candles, and I've loved using them this year in my Willow House party display.  They have a glow about them that I love and they even are lightly scented.  And I don't have to worry about the flame when I am in someone else's home!  So if the flame is a concern for you, try out some of the flameless ones available now...some even have a remote control (on QVC, I think) so that you can use them up high conveniently.....
remote control flameless candles
Candles in a hurricane are so beautiful,   aren't ' they?                                                                                                                 

available as tealights

So there are some elementary uses of ordinary things you can consider for your fall decorating.....stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet . It's really quite elementary!


Miss Char said...

Great post Suzanne. I love the pictures of the centerpieces.

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
You did a gorgous job with your photos and Centerpieces for your table.. You are Good.I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Black and White Tablescape. I hope you have a great day.
XXOO Diane

sheila from life @ #17 said...

what a cool idea for a post, Suzanne...2 thumbs up :)

April said...

Hi Suzanne!
Oh, my word...those centerpieces are TO DIE FOR! Such great ideas...thanks for passing them along!