Monday, September 26, 2011

More ABC's of decorating.....

Let's see, we covered A for apples, B for burlap, C for candles, so today we are moving on to D, E, and F.

How did you like the centerpieces I had pictured for A?? Weren't they lovely?  I have been working on decorating my own home for FAVORITE time of the year to bring out the decor.  I do love Christmas, but it's just not the same as fall.  I'll bring you a few of those photos as well.

For D, let's take a look at DRIED things......for fall, there is an abundance of dried things you can use in your home for decorating.  There is a wealth of supplies just on the "dried" aisle at your hobby store, not to mention what's FREE and out there in nature! Wheat stalks, dried artichokes, dried fruit as in orange slices and pomegranates, and those little putka pods that look like tiny pumpkins?? LOVE those!
Take a look:
Dried acorns, right outside!

Putka pods

gorgeous dried wreath

For E,  let's consider all the fabulous EARTH tones we bring out for the fall.......for some reason, I'm drawn to the rusty orange that becomes abundant in the fall.......LOVE the colors of the earth, although I tend to use more green and blue in my home than any of the rest.

So what do YOU like in Earth tones???  It's possible to use either very warm earth tones or more cool colored earth tones....I guess my choices fall within the cool colored earth tones...what about you?

Finally for F, think about all the dried fall foliage that is available for home decor.  It can be as simple as taking a walk and collecting some branches of leaves, or buying packages to bring home and display in vases, urns and bowls.  It is abundant and many times get out and go for a walk and see what's out there for you and your home!  Enjoy this special time of the year.

Come back tomorrow and I'll be bringing some pictures of my own home and decor for fall. See you then!

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ShannonPinNOLA said...

I just "falled" my house over the weekend. Wish I had a stash of acorns to use...great post!