Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Willow House Weekly

A fall tablescape from our Product showcase at Convention

A lovely mantlescape from a fellow consultant

Notice the different heights on the tablescape-adds interest, and look how they tied the flatware up with the napkin!
I will try to do a normal blog post today w/o mentioning the adorableness of my baby I know/understand why others can't stop gushing about their babies.  She's just so darned adorable!! Last night I held  her after her bath, and with eyes wide open, she gazed so peacefully.  Adorable, I tell you...oh, and I wasn't going to mention it, was I??

So whether you celebrate Halloween or not, do only fall decor or ghoulish, there are so many great ideas out in the world of blogs, aren't there?  I like just fall decor, but there are actually some stylish ways to decorate for Halloween.  I certainly don't go for gore, but I've seen some really CUTE ways to decorate for Halloween.  What have you seen that you like/ or what have you done?  I just have fall decor at my house, and it will last until it is time to decorate for Christmas.  That's always a fun transition, especially after I'm ready for a bit of a change.
Speaking of Christmas, have you begun your holiday shopping yet? All I have are some stocking stuffers and some baby toys for that little bundle I mentioned up above, that I wasn't going to get sidetracked's just so darned hard!! Ha.

The Eclipse Platter

The Villla Server

A fun tablescape for Thanksgiving
So, if you are stumped for ideas, there are SO many places for inspiration...what are you favorites?
You can check out , www., and for good ideas for every season.  You can go to my website and if you check in the outlet, there are some REALLY good buys for stocking your gift closet, putting together a cooking basket for a foodie friend, decor items at inexpensive prices, and much more!  There are different "products of the week" that are marked down for just that week, so you'll want to check it weekly.  And we all know great blogs for inspiration right?  So many clever crafty blogs, so many inspiring decorating blogs and an overwhelming amount of handy, diy'ers that will gladly show us how to do it yourself!  What are your favs?
Just a few ideas from me:  something like the Eclipse Platter shown above can go from Fall Decor to Christmas decor in a matter of minutes.  For fall, you could thrown acorns or mixed nuts in and add a few pillar candles and you have an instant centerpiece.  For Christmas, simple change out the filler for small ornaments, fake snow, or red/green (or whatever your holiday color choice is) marbles/rock/glass and add a holiday candle.  You can also choose gold or silver and use jingle bells surrounding the candles.  add a few ornaments laying on top, and you've got holly, jolly decor!  In a container like the Villa Server, you can pile it full of pinecones, stick in a bow, or use it for fruits and nuts.....for Christmas, just pile it high full of ornaments with a sprig of greenery and you're good.  Or sit in a Christmas Cactus or pionsettia with some bright green reindeer moss stuffed around the edges.  Holiday Cheer for your centerpiece! What are your ideas for these products?

So I will close with a recipe......I am thinking of what I will serve at my Open House and Sample Sale coming up a week from today (yikes!!!) and what I will serve.  There is an awesome spread to put over cream cheese that many will get a jar of apricot or peach preserves, put into  a bowl, stir in a Tablespoon (or more if you like a little more PUNCH!) of amaretto, and about a cup of chopped pecans.  Stir together and spread over a brick of cream cheese.  Serve with ginger snaps or wheat thins.....enjoy!  That's an EASY appetizer or treat and looks festive!  What are your favorite simple and easy appetizers???


April said...

You talk about that grandbaby of yours all you want! I must tell you...I made your banana nut bread over the weekend to send back with Brittany. My, oh, my...was it ever GOOD! It's definitely a KEEPER!

GardenofDaisies said...

Your recipe sounds delish!! And lots of good inspiration for holiday decor. I don't blame you.. grandchildren are worth all the gushing! :-)

Miss Char said...

Table looks just beautiful and of course I know that new grand daughter of yours is a beauty too. Enjoy your time with her Suzanne. BTW, my order from Willow House yesterday, most pleased with product and procedure.

Southern Fried Gal said...

That mantle is gorgeous! I LOVE all the layering!

Talk about that baby all you want! She's adorable! I am catching up on my blog reading today. Thanks for the diaper tricycle shout out! Good luck on your upcoming home event. Hope the rest of your week is happy!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, I'm TRYING that recipe the next time I have to fix a munchie. It sounds easy but really kind of *schmancy* tasting.

Loved your pictures and inspiration from Willow House. I need to start getting together a little wish list...

Wasn't that tablescape beautiful?We used several WH pieces in our tablescape this week. I just love the stuff. It's so versatile!!

Anonymous said...

The tables and mantle are just beautiful. *sigh*

Nezzy said...

It's a grandparents rite to brag sister!!!

All the decorations are just stunning and most charming girl. Oh the inspiration of the net!!!

Now all I need is the energy to pull it off! Heeehehehe!!!

God bless ya'll and have an incredible day sweetie!!!

Dogmom Diva said...

Suzanne, you have my permission to talk about your sweet new granddaughter all you want..the reward for a life well lived my friend.
Great the eclipse platter, I might have to treat myself to it..looks so versatile and what good decorating ideas, also for serving some nice holiday cookies, etc...might have to add that to my list..
have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Suzanne, I woke up last night thinking about you after spending the evening looking, again, through the Christmas book from last year. Will a new book be available this year?

I have picked up and browsed that book( remember - I won it in a giveaway?) about a bazillion times over the last year. :)

Corners of My Life said...

I look forward to serving your preserves, amaretto and pecans at our Wine-on-Wednesday gathering this week. The web sites you mentioned are from my favorite magazines ( , www., and I am always on the lookout for new magazines but it is a challenging search.

Christine said...

How beautiful! I love the Give thanks on the table too..what a beautiful table setting!