Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday fives......

Friday Fives today!! Yay, I love hearing from y'all!  I will do it with a twist today!

1.What is the neutral color in your home?  We have a lot of neutral builder beige, which I would slowly like to change! What about YOU?  Here's a link to Plate and Pattern blog that talks about gray being the new neutral and how to incorporate it!

2. Do you manage to cook healthy meals for your family and/or kids?  Here's a link to a website that addresses both!  KitchenBelleicious-- I'm advertising over there, and she is a La hometown girl, so check her out...she's adorable!
She also has a kids bellicious site you'll want to check out. AND she has a Lisa Leonard giveaway going on!  If you visit, please let her know that I sent you over!

3.Can I ask you a favor?  Would you "LIKE" my Facebook business pageI am trying to build up my business page, and I would love to get the word out...if you pass it on to your friends, I would be delighted....yes, that's a selfless, selfish promotion, but you'll excuse the new grandma, won't you? Now, I realize some of you are not even on Facebook, so you can tell me you like me in the comments below if you want !! :D  I'd SO much appreciate it!
4. Do you have a baby shower coming up? Do you keep an idea of  files for just such parties? or do you know someone who does?  Check out this Diaper TRICYCLE that Southern Fried Dreams that not adorable! Go ahead, I'll be here when you come back!; she is a soul sister that sells Willow House, too....and a blog friend!  Let her know I sent you over to see!

5. Do you shop online? What is your favorite shopping site?  Have you ever shopped Zulily?  I am just beginning to discover how fun shopping for grandbaby is!! If you want some beautiful baby bargains, check out Zulily, and sign up for their site, via my referral and we BOTH get good deals!!

Also, you can get an adorable black owl vinyl decal today at Wonderfully Wordy thru GroupDealz for only $5 

Well, that's enough for today's Friday Fives....hope something here has inspired you.....even though it's like flipping back and forth, I hope I haven't lost you to one of those other sites!! Do please play along and answer the questions!! Pretty please!
See you later, chicas!


Cathy said...

1: Belgian Waffle by Olympic
2: Yes
3: Already a fan ;)
4: No
5: Amazon, QVC, Ebay I much surf the net for gifts than hit the stores.

Happy Friday Grandma

Corners of My Life said...

Interesting that you are slowly changing away from beige and we are slowly changing to beige. Hmmmm.

Denise said...

1. My neutral is a silvery/grey.
2. Yes, I try.
3. Already "liked" you.
4. No. I had a baby shower back in July for my niece. I wish I'd seen this before the shower. Very cute.
5. I shop on-line a lot. Mostly house stuff. My daughter sends me links for stuff she picks out.