Thursday, April 15, 2010

What does all this mean?????

 For those of you just reading this post, without reading the others this week, this NEW name was just introduced yesterday as the new name for the company resulting from the merger of Southern Living at HOME and Entertaining at HOME.  It's an exciting time for us, and I wanted to share that excitement with you, my blogging friends.  So what exactly does this mean?????

For our customers, it means a freshness in products, style and design.  It means the SAME or even better hostess reward plan, the same commitment to bringing warmth and grace to homes across America.  It is a chance to bring friends together, to experience new designs and decorating ideas in the comfort of your home, and the chance to enhance your life with beauty and warmth that will make your home your family's (and friend's) haven.
Beyond that, it means a chance to "try on" the opportunity of being a consultant with Willow House.  There will be opportunities/benefits to those who join at the inception of the company.  There is the chance for you to have fun, grow personally, make treasured friendships, while earning extra income for you and your family.
I can share more of the opportunity with you if you are interested in knowing how to try this risk free adventure!

For our hostesses it means the same commitment to fun, to earning free and half priced products and getting that first look into what Willow House will be
You fall somewhere into that spectrum.  Where do you fit?  What can Willow House do for YOU?
There are a couple of questions I'd love for you to answer if you feel so order for me to evaluate my business and what women like you want out of direct sales companies, such as Willow House/Southern Living at HOME.

Do you enjoy going to in home parties?  What makes it fun for you; what do you NOT like?
What contributes to your "trusting" the consultant at a home party?
What makes a home party fun for you?  Do you leave feeling taken advantage of, or having had a time of fun?
Have you ever had a home party yourself? What did you like/dislike?  I'd love to hear your honest answers.

I'd love to hear any other input from you about what you'd like to see happen in the direct sales/home party world.  This is a rare post, in that I don't usually post much about my business, other than sharing beautiful products and ideas.  I will judge by the comments, I suppose,  if you feel like I've overstepped by introducing this info and by asking what you think.  I hope you won't feel that way.  I truly am interested in what you think.
Be sure and leave another entry today for the giveaway.......for the round, cool, SLaHOME product that I'll be giving away......."enter me in the drawing" should be in your comment as creative as you like...I love to laugh!   oh, and that round, cool item is also brown.......hmmm......what do you think it is?????


Diana said...

I'm desperate! Yes, I down right begging to get to win this!! I am on my knees.........pretty please!!!!

You were one of the first Texas- Blogging Gals I "met" and put on my list. Now how's that for trying to get to you???

Oh yes, please enter me again in this fab. giveaway!

Patricia said...

This is so exciting!
I was only at a party once and thought the products were great and affordable!
I would love to win something!
As an aside as someone who is a new consultant for another business I have similar questions that you have in regard to Home Parties!
I do look forward to seeing some of the answers!
Many Blessings

April said...

I agree...exciting times are ahead! :) Yes, I want so desperately to be entered in your giveaway, again! My poor tear ducts have all but dried up (remember...Brittany is soon graduating???), so I sure could use a reason to SMILE!!! Enjoy your day, Suzanne!

jenjen said...

That is so exciting Suzanne!! I think you are awesome. Have a great day!


Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

Brown?? Like an oil rubbed bronze, brown?!?!?! I'm still leaning towards some kind of holder for cold cokes and ice. :-)

Please enter me again! :-)

And, I definitely enjoy home parties. Sometimes there's a big pressure to buy something and that makes the party uncomfortable. I've participated in online parties for other companies and that really takes the pressure off, but it's not near as much fun!

Have a terrific day!

Love the Decor! said...

Please enter me
could it be the beverage container that has fluer di lis on it? love that

Debbie said...

I love the new name! It just sounds so gracious and creative. I have always like SLAM. I usually enjoy the home parties because the atmosphere encourages fellowship and hospitality. The only time that I didn't enjoy one was the fault the "mix" invited. It had nothing to do with the product.

Debbie said...

Um, I meant SLAH,as in "home" not SLAM. Good grief!

Beverly said...

Suzanne I don't think you have overstepped by asking these questions or by offering this opportunity. If I was in another place in my life, I would consider a company like yours. I think it has great appeal for women of all ages who care about their homes and care about people.
I love home parties and was a Mary Kay Consultant for years. I love going to them for the fun and fellowship and I always learn something. I think the last ones I attended were Pampered Chef and Creative Memories. I have never felt pressured to buy something, but I always feel I should. I let my own financial situations dictate what I purchase and there is usually something that fits in.
Because I know the training and follow up meetings that were required of my business, I usually trust a consultant to know of what she speaks.
Being able to buy online has, I think cut into the appeal of home parties, but you can't beat the fun of just getting together with other women.
My, I have probably written more than you wanted, but please enter me again. My guess this time (and I cheated and looked in the cataloge) is the Entertaining Bucket and tray.
The best of wishes for you with your new company. I will look forward to hearing more about how it is going.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

This sounds like it'll be exciting! I am interested to see what the new company has as product. I do like going to home parties, and usually do purchase something, but I like it when the consultant AND the hostess are both relaxed and "no pressure". Some hostesses are terrible, because all they care about is getting free items themselves. I've had several parties before for different companies & what works best I've found is an "open house" format of about 2-3 hours -- sometimes with a couple of different businesses involved. Guests don't feel pressured, and it's a very relaxed & fun time, and usually quite a bit gets sold!
Hope this helps!

karen said...

Great new name and good luck in all you do.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Please enter me in the wonderful giveaway. I am so excited for you and your new venture with the new company name. Hopefully there will be lots of wonderful things happening with the change. I had a SLAH party many years ago in the double rewards month and I racked up. I got so much free stuff. It was awesome. My party was a huge success. Good luck. Love & blessings from NC!