Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday's terrific randomness!

Links to latch onto today:
Hop on over to Jen's blog, TatertotsandJello! She's hosting a giveaway that is PERFECT for Mother's Day, especially if you want to pick out your own gift!!!  Lovely designs from a gorgeous jewelry designer, Crimson Clover !!  Check out her Etsy shop by clicking on Crimson Clover AND Jen's fabulous blog by clicking on TatertotsandJello!

Lots of odds and ends to catch up on today........last week, I was honored with receiving TWO awards!  Goodness gracious, I don't deserve two awards...but these gals are just so sweet to think of me.  One is from Tanya over at FrouFroubritches.....one word-ADORABLE, she is!  She gave me the Sunshine Award...how nice is that?
I'm supposed to pass on the award to twelve bloggers, and I am glad to do that....but I will have to do it later...my list of to-dos to turn into ta-das is really calling me, and I need to get off this computer! KWIM?????
The second blogger to give me an award is equally as delightful, and she gave me this award!  Y'all are just too good to me!  Jessica from the Improbable Housewife, gave me this.  She is a new blog friend, and so cute and witty....go check her out.  Again, I am supposed to tell five things about myself and pass it on to five other bloggers...but I gotta go y'all, so I'll be back to finish this up .....have a terrific Tuesday!!  and thanks so much for reading, commenting, and passing on the awards....now go on over to JenJen's and enter that giveaway!


Richella said...

All right, Suzanne. . . this is a BEAUTIFUL photo. . . now what is it?

Did you get everything sorted out with the person who stole your content? Plagiarism really makes me mad. I'd like to think it doesn't happen, but I know that's naive. I'm proud of you for contacting the offender.

Richella said...

Aha! I clicked on the link, and I got to your article!

Congratulations on your awards. You really are such a light-spreading member of the blogging community!

Bella Michelle said...

Beautifully random....love ya!