Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday Fives!!!!

Summertime Memories Collage Images

How do Fridays come around so fast?  Not that having the weekend here isn't good, but it just seems like times speeds by like a flash in the pan!!!
Some random thoughts before getting on to the Friday Fives.....
I am wondering if I am getting fewer comments because:
a. I have fewer readers OR
b. because everyone is just really busy these days like me, and can hardly read all my favorite blogs, much less comment on many of them, OR
c. I have been offensive in some way and have driven readers away....these things are on my mind.  If you only have time to comment the LETTER that is the right answer, would you do that for me?  I am just wondering if my readers don't like what I am posting about.  I realize that content has been a little lacking lately.  I am meeting myself coming and going, and still trying to run my household, and not a whole lot of blogging has been done.  We all probably have a lot more going on than we did on cold, wintery days when it was nice to snuggle in and read blogs for a few hours!!!  Oh, well, that's what I've been thinking.

Secondly, I've been wondering how YOU get it all done...what does your day look like?  Do you do laundry on certain days of the week?  What about cleaning LEAST favorite job.....?  How do you get all that you want/need to get done, well, DONE?

And lastly, have you ever made Cake Balls?  My daughter and I made a bunch (they are in the freezer waiting to be dipped in chocolate!) the other night and it was really pretty easy.  I'm thinking the dipping may be the time consuming thing!!  She is hosting a party for a friend here on Saturday, and I am going to a party so we are both going to be taking some to our respective events.  I'll try to remember to post a picture next week.

So on to our fun FRIDAY Fives!!
1. Do you like wearing flip flops?

2. What is your favorite beach?

3. What is your favorite summer memory from your younger years?

4. What fun plans do you have for this summer?

5. What cool drink do you enjoy in the summer ?

Have fun, kids!!  :D


jenjen said...

I love your Friday Fives Suzanne!

1. Do you like wearing flip flops? I love flip flops. I wish it was warm enough to wear them right now!

2. What is your favorite beach? We ar enot near any beaches, but have to say any beach in Hawaii :)

3. What is your favorite summer memory from your younger years? Driving across the country each year to see my grandparents. It took 20 hours.

4. What fun plans do you have for this summer? We are hoping to take the kids back East to New York and surrounding states. That's where I grew up and I want to show them that area of the country.

5. What cool drink do you enjoy in the summer ? I love lemonade, but an ice old Diet Coke wins every time!

Have a great weekend Suzanne!


Marcy said...

B - so much going on... plus lots of blog reading... just a little commenting... and I feel I don't put up my own blog posts often enough! Still trying to figure out how to juggle it all.

Pamela said...

Not enough time in the day really. I go thru spurts where I try and visit but don't always have time to say hi.
1. Do you like wearing flip flops?
I wear flops ALL year round no joke! Even when it is freezing and known to be snowing you will find me in flops.

2. What is your favorite beach?
Perdido Key

3. What is your favorite summer memory from your younger years?
Not really sure.

4. What fun plans do you have for this summer?
Family vaca to Perdido if the oil leak does not ruin it for us. We have been every year since Oldest was born except lat year when we moved back to Tx. We will be just heat broken if we do not get to go this year. praying for a miracle for everybody involved!

5. What cool drink do you enjoy in the summer ?
Chick Fil A sweet tea but hey that is really any time of the year!:)

Debbie said...

Since I only recently found your blog, I can't comment on the first part except to say that I enjoy this blog.

The second? Um... I'm not sure that I am getting "it" all done...
I just try one step at a time.

I have never made a cake ball. I have never eaten a cake ball.

Now I want a cake ball.

1. I do not like wearing flip flops. My feet are wide. Therefore, flip flops kind of make them look like duck feet. I like flip flops though.

2. Favorite beach? Jekyll Island

3. Favorite childhood memory? Playing Prairie family all summer long. Mentioned it on my blog this morning, in fact.

4.I plan to cry all summer because my youngest is leaving for college in the fall.

5. Lemotea. It's a mixture of sugar free lemonade and raspberry sun tea. Delish.

Sorry this is so long. It's your fault. You asked good stuff.

Joyce said...

Love the Friday faves...will try to send you an email re: NYC this weekend!

1. Oh yes. Definitely

2. Marco Island Florida...I love many many beaches but picked this one mostly because of the fun family memories associated with it.

3. hanging out at the swim club

4. travel but I'm still working out the kinks

5. Pimms...its a British thing and it is yummy! For something simpler...lemonade.

Darlene said...

B - It always gets crazy around here at the end of the school, dance, recitals, etc. year!

1 - LOVE flops
2 - ?? haven't been to many except Galveston and it is NOT my favorite.
3 - had fun camping and boating each summer
4 - not sure what we are doing this summer yet but hope to take some kind of a vacation
5 - peach tea

Hope you have a great weekend.♥

Texas Preacher Woman said...

Girl! Of course it's B! (Definitely NOT C! You're too nice to offend ANYONE!) We're all just crazy-busy for some reason this spring. (I've gotten to catch up with blogs today because we just finished TAKS and district benchmark testing, so our kids are watching movies today . . . don't know when I've last had this kind of time to relax and wander through Blog Land!) Best piece of blogging advice I ever got was to just enjoy writing for yourself (and almost always, someone else will enjoy your posts, too).

1. Do you like wearing flip flops? Heck, yeah! In fact, I was in such a hurry to get to work early this morning that I left the house in some! LOL!

2. What is your favorite beach? Panama City Beach, FL, or Myrtle Beach, SC.

3. What is your favorite summer memory from your younger years? Swimming at the local pool with friends.

4. What fun plans do you have for this summer? Going to see my sweet little mama in NC and then taking a road trip to OH and AL with St. Michael.

5. What cool drink do you enjoy in the summer? Crystal Lite Peach Tea

Anonymous said...

I'm bad about wanting comments on my blog and not leaving any myself. It's just easier to read and blog hop than to think of something to say. And I'm with Texas Preacher Woman, I can't imagine you offending anyone. :)

As for the cake balls, yes. I blogged about it on a post called "Dear Bakerella". The balls were easy, the cute little pops were a nightmare. My best advice is to put a teaspoon of Crisco in your melted chocolate. It will delay the hardening time and it will make the chocolate smoother on the balls. Also, if you're using sticks (like sucker sticks), dip the stick in the chocolate and then into the ball so that the chocolate acts as glue to hold the ball on the stick. Oh, and if you're just dipping them, a fork works pretty good to hold the balls (not stabbing them with the fork, the cake ball just rests on the fork). That way the excess chocolate can run off easier than with a spoon. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

Carol Fleisher said...

1.I love wearing flip flops. I wear them all year except when it's wet or cold. 2. My favorite beach is Perdido Beach in Florida. 3. My favorite summer memory is going to and (when older-helping with) VBS
4. I don't really have any big plans for the summer. Money is tight and I'm still looking for a full time job. 5. Cranberry limeades are my favorite summer time drink

I've been really busy these past few weeks. I have had a hard time blogging and keeping up with reading others. Hang in there. I know the comments will pick up. You're a great blogger! :P)

Melissa Miller said...

Suzanne!!! You sweet thing you! Of course your blog is just wonderful and fine the way it is. Don't you change a thing! You would never and have never offended a single soul in blog land. I think you are right. So many people are busier outside due to the warmer weather. I have fewer and fewer comments on each post as well.

Thank you very much for mailing me the gorgeous SL catalog! Oh my goodness I cannot believe I forgot to stop by here and thank you. Shame on me! Everything is stunning in it. I want one of everything in it. Ha! *Smiles*

Thank you for entering my blue giveaway and for being a great friend to me all this time. I appreciate you! ~Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...

I forgot, of course I must say my hometown has the most beautiful beaches in the entire world and they are my favorite.

That would be "Panama City Beach, Florida" Oh how I miss my family. Sigh....:)

Melissa Miller said...

Kelly from "Kelly's Korner" has a cake ball recipe on her recipe blog. They look amazing! :)

Ann said...

Hi Suzanne~
I just found your blog this morning. You left a comment on Always Nesting and the name of your blog intrigued me, anything southern perks my interest. :) So I decided to check it out and I am glad that I did! I just became your 278th follower!!
OK, to answer your questions:
Yes, I love and wear flip flops and have waaay to many of them!
My favorite beach would have to be down in Key West. Hubby and I have oceanview land on of St. Helena Isle, SC. We absolutely love it there, but the water and the atmosphere down in Key West can not be beat. :)
My favorite summer time memory from my early years is camping on Tybee Isle,GA and Hunting Isle, SC. My parents were BIG campers and loved to fish! Funny though, until recently I didn't know that my mom doesn't like to eat fish. I can't ever remember seeing her eating it, just fishing and cleaning those suckers!
My summer plans this year are many. We move from AZ back home to GA in June, after 22 years of being away. In July my sister and I are hosting a 50th anniversary party for our parents. In August hubby and I are off to Tampa for a week and then up to KY to move oldest son out of one apartment into another before he starts his senior year at UK.
Well, did I write a book or what?? I really enjoyed your Friday Five and will certainly do it again.
Thanks for the fun. :)
The Tattered Tassel
PS Hope those cake balls turned out. I have tried to make them and had the hardest time getting the chocolate to stay on them. I just thought it was due to our altitude. We are 1 mile up in the mountains but maybe not after reading a couple of comments.

Ann said...

Like you need me to clog up your comment section anymore...but I forgot the drink question.
I would love to drink a Mojito everyday but my waist would have to disagree, too much sugar, so I'll settle for a glass of good tasting water, yum, yum!
See ya~
The Tattered Tassel

Southern Fried Gal said...

My answer is b. Case in point, it's Wednesday at 1:09 am and I'm just now commenting on your Friday post! If you figure out the juggling thing, please let me know!

I LOVE your Friday fun!

1. Obsessed with flip flops - I'm a bit of a snob, though. No cheapies for me.

2. DH and I love St. Thomas.

3. I grew up near an awesome state park. In the spring we played in the spillway. In the summer we lived at the pool. Awesome memories!

4. Convention!!!

5. Iced Mocha

FrouFrouBritches said...

First of all, I have never read anything offensive on your blog! I think it's just the time of year when everyone is wrapping up the school year and it's sooo busy that nobody has the time to sit and read and comment. Have you noticed that I seem to stop by once a week and read all your posts and leave comments then? It's so hard to find time every day.

What kind of cake balls did y'all make? I always make the red velvet kind for Christmas gifts for teachers. LOOOOVE them!

1. I adore flip flops and wear them constantly, even into October. I have some with sheepskin in the bottom and they are super cozy.

2. Favorite beach? I would say Destin or Pensecola.

3. summer memories? That would definitely be when I was younger and we used to go on trips in my parents motorhome. We went to Colorado, Florida, just to the lake. I loved it! Those are my happiest summer memories! Their motto: work hard, play hard! I miss them!

4. Plans for summer? Try not to go insane before August when the kids go back to school! HA! Just kidding, sort of. We don't have big plans other than traveling to Dallas to see the in-laws.

5. Cool drinks? I love homemade strawberry lemonade that my mom makes. YUM! Other than that, sweet tea and ice cold water. I'm kind of boring.