Friday, April 16, 2010

Enough about business.....

Let's have some fun!!!  It's National Wear your Pajamas to Work day!!! Are you in?  LOL......well, I am as long as I am working at HOME! And remember that's still my company's name until August....Southern Living at HOME, so I really and truly DO often work in my home!

Today is a BiG, biG,'s my giveaway, so you have ALL DAY long to enter and to spread the word about the giveaway for another entry.
And wouldn't you know it, sweet BEVERLY guessed what the giveaway is!!!  It's not just one, BUT TWO Entertaining Buckets!! Keep those beverages iced down for the dog days of summer....and the tray will keep all the condensation off your surface...  How COOL is that????? Get. it.?  Yes, y'all are awesome and I knew you would get it.

So enter today, blog about it today, put it on Facebook, tweet it, email someone, however you spread a good word, JUST DO IT...and Nike didn't even pay me to say that!  You get an extra entry when you tell someone, and let me know....I will draw the winner this evening.....are you in?????


1.  Favorite drink?

2. What's your decorating style?  Traditional, French, Modern, Eclectic??

3. How tall are you?

4. Last place you went out to eat?

5. What are you wearing today?  (if you don't participate in National Wear your PJ's to work today? LOL)


Love the Decor! said...

My favorite drink is an iced nonfat cinnamon dolce latte from starbucks... I hate to admit but I am addicted : )
I am very traditional in my decorating with just a touch of french country

I am a very short 5'31/2"

Last place I ate out was at a cute little bakery/cafe called Griffens.

Still in my workout clothes but will be in jeans and a sweater later

Diana said...

I love those......

Count me in on these great giveaways!

Diet Coke
No style in particular
5' 4"
Ate at La Hacienda
Jeans and a t-shirt

Debbie said...

Oh, I'm in! Of course, then I'll have to throw a party to use them once I win, won't I?

1. Favorite drink? Snickerdoodle Coffee

2. Well, the style in my HEAD is cottage style. The style in my HOUSE is traditional I guess.

3. I was 5'4. I think I'm down about a half an inch by now.

4. The Greek Deli (or something like that) in Macon Georgia.

5. OK... I'm in my PJ pants. I admit it. But in fairness, I had been working on sweaty stuff this morning, and I just took a shower.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

April said...

OK, Suzanne...please give me another entry in your wonderful giveaway!

Now, for the answers to your questions...
1. Sweet tea from Chick Fil-A is my all-time favorite drink!
2. I'd say my decorating style is traditional with a hint of modern.
3. I am exactly 4'11" inch away from being considered a "legal" midget!:)
4. Chris and I just enjoyed lunch out at Mexican spot.
5. I'm wearing jeans, sandals, and a tee.

Love the Decor! said...

Forgot to say count me in on the giveaway!!

Cathy said...

1. Favorite drink? Wade's Sweet Iced Tea

2. What's your decorating style? Cottagey/Traditional

3. How tall are you? 5'4

4. Last place you went out to eat? Sunday, El Mexicano

5. What are you wearing today? (if you don't participate in National Wear your PJ's to work today? LOL) No pj's. kaiki pant, teal color top and brown flats.

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

I knew it!!! :-) Would love to win one of those!!!

Enter me again today! And, I blogged about it on my blog's sidebar under the heading "Current Giveaways".

1. Fav drink - Coke, usually Cherry Coke from SONIC!

2. I am a very traditional decorator.

3. I am 5'2".

4. I had Subway for lunch today!

5. I am wearing jeans, an extra-comfy knit shirt, and flip flops today.

This has been fun! I've enjoyed reading and plan to do something like it on my blog soon!! :-)

Beverly said...

Darn!! I missed this one while my internet was down. I guessed it right too...Wow, I am on a role.

Love your Friday Fives

1. My favorite drink (after water) is Diet Pepsi...not Diet Coke, has to be Diet Pepsi.
2. Decorating stlye is all over the place. Mostly Cottage/Country with a little French and Traditional thrown in. I just do what I like at the time.
3. I used to be 5'5", but am afraid I've lost an inch along the way somewhere.
4. We ate at Red Robin last night.
5. I of couse am in my Jammies.

Suzanne, you didn't give us your answers...except the PJ's.

southerninspiration said...

I was busy and on the go yesterday, so I never got around to answering the I go:

1. Fav. drink, coffee,
Tea. I used to LOVE diet Coke, but I gave it up and now really don't enjoy it the way I used to!

2. Decorating style, Fairly traditional, with a touch of whimsy, and a touch of French country.....kind of whatever I decide I like at the moment!

3. I am 5'2"!

4. Took the kids to Cotton Patch Cafe and then to Red Mango for dessert.

5.Jeans, Jean jacket and purple v-neck shirt with my silver jewelry. About to find my jammies!!! :D