Friday, March 19, 2010

The Spring Break that wasn't.....

I want to post real quickly, as I have a list a mile long of things that didn't get done this week,   YET.
My son is doing quite well; the first night was not so good, but then things began to get better.  He still needs prayer, lots of help, and he will go back to school and have to do things single handed for himself.......that will be a stiff learning curve.  We pray the week and the next few weeks will go well.  Hopefully his girlfriend, roommates, and friends can help him out.  We take our two arms for granted, I suppose, until we can only use one of them for a time. 

I thought I would do a Friday Fives just for fun.....I think I'll be needing my SPRING BREAK next week, when everyone is back in  school and back to work!!! LOL....

So enjoy the Friday Fives and hope your weekend is wonderful...we've had several days of perfect weather, but I hear the chances of rain tomorrow are high.  Take care and enjoy your family!

1. Do you enjoy playing games?  Board games, card games, computer games?

2. Do you enjoy gardening?  Do you grow flowers/veggies/ or both?

3. Have you ever been on a cruise?

4. What challenges do you face this week?  (If you list them, I can pray for you!!!)

5. What Easter traditions do you enjoy? 

Have a great weekend, y'all?  I hope to be back to a more normal online, blogging life after the weekend, although there is a ton of stuff to do around my casa!!!  Let's motivate one another!!!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Glad to see you posting, Suzanne. Hope you're doing okay and taking a rest when you need to. :)

1. I don't mind playing group games like Pictionary or Pop 5...not a fan of card games or computer games. I don't have the patience, and I don't like waiting my turn. ;)
2. I don't know that I enjoy the process of gardening, but I like the results!!
3. I have! 7 days and 7 nights in the Caribbean. :)
4. Getting my house seems silly, but I am SO easily distracted!
5. I love going out to eat for a nice lunch with my family, getting an Easter basket ready for each girl, and dressing them up for church. :)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I hope your son's shoulder and your friend Mary are doing better. Sounds like a tough and busy week for you.

1. Games... not so much. I did the board games when my kids were little and my mom is still always trying to get me into her card games. But I do my best to avoid them!

2. Gardening... we always try to have a small garden going during the summer months. Although I have to admit, my husband has a much greener thumb than I do!

3. Cruise... once many years ago we took a cruise to the Caribbean. Absolutely loved it!

4. Challenges... I'm fortunate this week. No challenges that are too big.

5. Easter traditions... Now that my kids are bigger, we've kind of dropped our one big tradition. The Easter Egg Hunt!

Have a great weekend. Continued prayers for Mary and your son.

Susan S. said...

Hey there....sorry to hear about your friend and son's surgery, and they are in my prayers.
1. I enjoy games....don't play them to often but it's a fun way to pass the time with friends...cocktails and snacks always help!
2. Gardening...I love to look at a pretty garden but I'm a wuss and don't like the heat or too much dirt. I always great plans and then flake out and either my neighbor, who LOVES to garden or my yard guys pitches in to help.
3. went on my first cruise the week after Thanksgiving. 7 days to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. I've traveled a lot and like to get to one place and investigate fully and the cruise didn't allow me that. I'll probably go on another one though but not for my next trip.
4 Challenges: Always have some but God is good and gets me through. I'm takind a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class at work and am struggling with not going out and charging a new camera on my credit card. Dave Ramsey says always pay cash but I WANT a camera so I can blog..WAHH. So far I've been strong and a fellow blogger said she found one 1/2 price at Staples so I'm going to go check that out.
5. to dye eggs, put together easter baskets for friends, see all the cute little children (and big people too) in their Easter finest! Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

When I read this post I realized I had missed something because I didn't know what you were talking about. I back tracked to an older post and read about your son. I hope his shoulder heals quickly and he feels better soon. Poor baby. They are still our babies no matter how old they are :)

Diana said...

Hoping and praying for your son!!

Life-Rhythms said...

Life is what happens on the way to what we have planned! Hoping you can dig out next week. Keeping your son and Mary on my prayer list. Blessings.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Still praying for your son (and you too). Glad he is doing better. Hope you have a nice weekend after your busy week.

1. I do love to play games. My Bible study group gets together to play different types of games and we have so much fun. Our family enjoys playing a domino type game called Spinner.

2. I do love gardening, but don't get to do as much as I would like to. I enjoy flowers. I do not have a garden. I do have herbs on my deck in pots.

3. I have been on 5 cruises. 2 with girlfriends in college, 2 with my husband and one cruise with my whole family. One year for Christmas, my family, my sister's family and our parents all cruised for Christmas. My girls will tell you that was their most favorite Christmas. I love to cruise!!!

4. The biggest challenge facing me this week is the 5 year anniversary of my dear friend's son's death. (March 23, 2005) There is not a day that goes by that I do not miss her sweet son.

5. I enjoy decorating my house for Easter. We have a special meal together. I always love to buy hot cross buns at the local bakery to eat at Easter. When my girls were little we dyed eggs. I still do an Easter basket for my girls, even though they are adults.

Have a great weekend!

Renee @ AddMoreChocolate said...

Girlfriend, this has not been your usual kind of week! Keep encouraging D. to follow instructions and do his PT exercises. Mom sees new milestones each and every day. It will get better, it just takes time.

1. Games? Oh yeah! I'm just a teensy bit competitive. I don't like computer games unless they are replicas of board games. Words With Friends on my iPhone is a favorite (just like Scrabble.)

2. Gardening? Oh no! No, no, and NO. I love to look at others' though.

3. No cruises yet. I'm not sure I'd like the tiny rooms and hubby gets seasick.

4. Challenge? I would like to be more consistent about Bible reading. Feel free to ask me how it's going!

5. Easter? I love the new clothes, but my decorations are out of date and worn. I don't want to get new things with our house in an uproar. Maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

Hope the healing process is a quick one!

1. Games? Not at all.

2. Gardening? We've had a vegetable garden the last two years, but I'm going to take a break from it this year. Too many weeds!

3. Cruises? I've never been on one; I can't imagine going on one (but one never knows!).

4. Challenge? I've got to deal with my clutter! That's an ongoing challenge.

5. Easter? I'm Jewish, so I've never celebrated it. But we will be eating matzoh on Passover!

Tara said...

Hey Suzanne! I am praying for your son and believin he is going to heal up really fast. AMEN!?
Sorry this week hasn't been glorious for you too. Maybe next week. God's mercies are new every morning.
1. love all games
2. Love the dirt!
3. Nope
4. Going back to school.
5. Eating at my moms and having the whole family together!


Laura PARING DOWN said...

Hi to you in Sugarland! Thanks for visiting me at Paring Down. I live in northwest Houston just off 290 & 6.

I've followed your lovely blog!

I hope your son's shoulder and your friend Mary are doing better. Sounds like a tough and busy week for you.

1. Games...We enjoy playing a lot of board games with the family.

2. Gardening...I'm planning to grow a small container garden of salad veggies.

3. Cruise... we took a week-long cruise to Mexico and Belize on our honeymoon. Loved it!

4. Challenges...Back to school!

5. Easter traditions...egg decorating, a new shirt/blouse for each kid, and the hunt (even with teens)!

Thinking of your son! - Laura

karen said...

I am praying for your sons fast recovery. It is snowing on our spring break . My son is on his way to Colorado in a snow storm. I am already ready for spring break to be over and it just started.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Happy Spring Suzanne. I just read about your son's shoulder surgery. I will put him on my prayer list. My son also had shoulder surgery about 3 years ago. His shoulder was pretty bad and it is better than ever now. So let me encourage you! I will pray as he goes back to school that he will get the help he needs. And you will have peace.

1-Some games yes, but I would rather do other things. The games I like are dominos, and anything that involves verbal skills.

2- I love the "idea" of gardening. Love it in April- June, but do not like to garden in hot and humid July and August. Then is Sept. and October I love it. I love to go out in the evening and pick supper from my vegetable garden.

3.Yes, 3 weeks ago. My husband and I went to the Southern Caribean. I have been on 4 cruises and thoroughly enjoyed them!

4.Thank you for offering to pray for me. Well, this week I must be very organized and motiviated. I have to prepare for Easter a week early. We are having a huge housefull of people and more for dinner. I am leaving early Palm Sunday for Savannah on a girl's vacation. Savannah is like finding the Mothership! I love it. They are MY PEOPLE. We won't be back until Good Friday and everyone is coming that day.

5. Church on Easter Sunday with my whole family! Singing praise songs about the resurrection and Jesus' victory over the grave. Love it, Love Him!

Wow, I have never done that answer thing before. It's fun! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,
I'll add my prayers with the others'. Life's events are certainly not respectors of our spring breaks, are they?
1. Like most games. We played Catch Phrase until 11 last night.
2. Husband likes to garden but travels and doesn't have time. I like to garden only in my head, because I don't tend one very well. Although, I do like the fresh produce and end up going to the farmer's market for all my goodies.
3. Never been on a cruise, but I want to SO BAD! I really do! I'd love to try a short cruise to Cancun or somewhere close and then take the big one on the Mediterranean!
4. Challenges this week is to decide about my job situation and figure our what my next step is, plus get my taxes together.
5. Used to dye eggs and have an egg hunt. Now it's a joy to be together over lunch after worship
That was fun.

Barbara said...

Suzanne, I will be praying for your friend and son. Hope you enjoy this week. I have a list of Texas bloggers and would love to add you to my list and hope you will come and follow along

Kathy said...

Hi Suzanne,
Glad to see your life is beginning to get back to normal. Actually, I've been taking an unplanned and unwanted blog break so I didn't even know you were having a family crisis of your own. So glad your son is doing well following his surgery. Fortunately, young people heal really fast. So sorry to hear about your friend. I've already prayed for her and also for your son and for you as you try to help them both.

Answers to your Friday Five:
1.Games...not so much!

2.LOVE gardening - flowers.

3.Two cruises, both Caribbean

4.This weeks challenges...oh, man...check out my post!

5.Loved coloring eggs with my granddaughters over the weekend, something I always loved doing with my own children. Church, of course - can't forget the real reason for Easter. I love decorating a Spring table and making an Easter dinner and a bunny cake for my family on Easter Sunday.

Have a beautiful new week, Suzanne!

Cindy said...

1. I like to play board games with multi-generations.

2. Love to garden, grow it all!
3We've been on 2 cruises and have one booked for next Oct.! We love it and will continue doing it!

4. I have several challenges. My 17 yr. old son's good friend died from brain cancer...funeral tomorrow. My 22 yr. old son's very good friend died in a car accident last week...he is now in a very bad place emotionally and spiritually.

5. I love Easter for it's significance in our Christian church. Traditionally, we have a big family ham dinner!