Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Around here at Southern Inspiration Casa, it's a tradition now (that we've done it more than twice!!! :D)
to have our Friday Fives.  You readers seem to love it, and it helps us all get to know fun, maybe goofy things about one another.  And it's a whole post at the end of the week that I don't have to think much about look forward to!  So without further ado, let's get on with Friday, are you as glad that it's Friday as I am???????

1. Do you like Peeps?  these kind are what I am talking about:

Or do you prefer some other kind of Easter treat?  Maybe this?????

2.  Do you have a pool at your home?  When do you begin to use it for the first time in the spring?

3.  How do you read blogs?  Do you use Google Reader, use the Blogger Dashboard, or a different method?
Do tell!

4.  Do you Tweet on Twitter?  Do you Facebook?

5.  Do you have Spring Cleaning on your list of things to do?????
Hope you enjoy your weekend!!! It's looking like GREAT weather here!
I enjoyed seeing Anita Renfroe and Mandisa last night with a friend.  If you've never seen Anita Renfroe, she will indeed make you laugh and laugh.  Here's a youtube video of her, one of many........


Stacey said...

Thank you, thank you for that video!! I have smiled and laughed and enjoyed every second of it!!

Now for those questions:

Peeps are cuter to look at than to eat, I think. However, they are pretty yummy on hot chocolate. :)

Of course, I'd rather have chocolate. Who wouldn't?

No pool here in Oklahoma. Summers are very hot but a little shorter than I'm used to in Texas. It would have to be heated. If we ever get to move back it's definitely on the list!

I clean every day. OCD about it. A friend told me yesterday that someone cleans her house once a month and sometimes she "has to vacuum in between" Hmmmm,I vacuum every day.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'm going to find more of those videos on youtube. :)

Love the Decor! said...

I loved it!! Bet that was a wonderful show last night!!

I love peeps (my girls think I'm crazy) It has become kind of a joke in our family cuz I always put them in the girls Easter baskets even tho they hate them. Its tradition after all I just can't help it.
Chocolate of course would win over a peep any day!!!

We don't have a pool but our yard is certainly big enough for one.
Deep spring cleaning on the agenda very very soon

I usually read my blogs in the dashboard. I do have a facebook acct and a twitter acct but blogging takes priority over both of those!!

Have a great weekend!!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Too fun girl...
No to the Peeps
Yes to the Chocolate ( all the time)
No don't have a pool or want one...what better than owning a pool is having your neighbor own one to pay for the upkeep ha ha!!
And Yes to Spring cleaning still doing that from last spring...hey I'm working on it ha ha!! Life's too short to worry about dust when I'll be dust myself soon enough...
And I blog from my dashboard...
Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

jenjen said...

I love your Friday Fives. SO fun!

I hate peeps - I think they are cute but not to eat.

I love dark chocolate

We don't have a pool, but our next door neighbors do. It snows here up until June, so won't be swimming soon. (it snowed 6 inches last night).

I am in the middle of Spring cleaning. My house is a wreck.

I blog from my sidebar and my dashboard -- haven't quite figured out how to do it.

I love Facebook and just started loving to tweet.

Have a great day!


Paula said...

Such a funny video and I love me some peeps this time of year, lol. Speaking of lifting up, I just bought some awesome tanks with middle tummy support. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, lol. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

April said...

Yes, please keep your "Friday Five's" going, Suzanne...such FUN!

For me, I'm not a fan of's chocolate all the way!

We don't have a pool at our house now; we did at our last house and we LOVED it! Here, we have a community pool and with 2,500 houses in our neighborhood, you can imagine how crowded it gets!

I just use my Blogger sidebar to read all the blogs I'm interested in.

No Tweeting for me...only Facebook!

Yes, spring cleaning is defintely on my list...I need to get hopping!

That video is CLASSIC!!! Love it, Suzanne! Have a great weekend!

Twice as Nice said...

I'm not a peeper! I do buy them for my boss 'cause she loves 'em. I'm more for the chocolate.

I use bloglines.

Yes, I do have a pool and we try to get it ready over Memorial Day weekend.

As far as cleaning as soon as the New Year comes I have the urge to PURGE! I try to clean closets and drawers. They don't stay clean too long! My windows are HORRIBLE right now with all the remodeling dust so I can't wait to get a nice day to get them cleaned again. Seems like you barely put a dent in the inside and it's time to go out and do the outside. Seal the decks, plant plants, etc, etc maybe I'll just take a nap. HA!

Lisa said...

1. I think peeps are awful cute but they're a lil' too sweet for me.
2. Yes. Mr. LSU used to break in the pool every Easter and swim every day ubtil school started back in the Fall. I think he was going for a record. Since he's turned 19 he's all but stopped THAT foolishness.:)
3.Sometimes dashboard
4. I don't tweet or do FB
5. Do I evah!

Bill said...

Peeps are cool, but Cadbury eggs are my favorite guilty pleasure this time of year!

No pool ... just a hot tub.

I read blogs VERY haphazardly. Check in on people I haven't found time to visit for a while ... or who visit me ... or that I see leaving comments for friends and I think "OH ... need to dash over there and say Hi"

No Tweets yet ... I know I should (I guess). I've been doing Facebook for my son this week while he's afk (he calls and tells me what to write) ... so I'm learning the basics. I just think I can't keep up with e-mails and blogging now. How can I take on something else???

Spring cleaning? That's a list of things to ask the housekeeper to do next time, right? ;)

Are you going to post your responses? Headed back to watch the video. Hope you have a great weekend!


southerninspiration said...

Usually someone DOES ask me to post my responses, and I'm saying to myself, "well, duh!!"...I really should respond immediately, right? But sometimes I get distracted going off to read a few other blogs!!! So this one's for Bill.....thanks for visiting today, Bill...I always love hearing from you (my daddy's name was Bill, but I'm afraid you're too young to be my Dad!!! ;p) and I love your definition of Spring housecleaner has been very unreliable lately, though. I catch her often sitting at the computer! ;0

1. Peeps, love the look, but not the taste......chocolate for me, and if you'd like my address for sending the good stuff, email me! ;D
2. No pool....we have six pecan trees in our yard.....'nuff said.
3. I usually use my Dashboard to read, but frequently can be found going off on a bunny trail chasing some cute comment back to its blogger!
4. I am on Facebook, and I do have a Twitter account, but I am both reluctant and ignorant about how to do anything with it.
5.Spring Cleaning....see Bill's answer. I like that best!

Thanks for playing along, blogging're the best!

Cassie said...

ooo perfect post because i meant to ask you if you have any favorite easter candies or sweet treats??

congrats on the final college decision!! i bet allison will love it there :))

happy friday!!

karen said...

Great video. Always can use a laugh.
I don't like peeps . they are not choc.
NO pool. What one.
Facebook and Twitter
Spring Cleaning? Never heard of it. :)

Southern Fried Gal said...

1. With you on the peeps - fun to decorate with not so tasty. Chocolate - um, yes!

2. Yes - salt water pool. As soon as the water hits about 80...brrr.

3. I do a combo as well. No method to the madness although sometimes I wish there was...

4. Facebook for personal; Twitter addict - @southrnfriedgal

5. I spring clean year round - hate me!

Love this! So fun!

linda said...

I've been doing "It's Friday...And I'm Nosy" for over a year now and friends really seem to like it. Funny, today my peeps vs chocolate question appeared in your Friday Fives! Of course, the chocolate won out! Not too many bloggers like Peeps!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Oh, my friend, I just know you will be disappointed to hear my first answer to your question. I do have a sweet tooth. I do not care for any candy...not even at Easter, although I always bought the peeps for my oldest daughter. The candy companies of America would not appreciate me.

I do not do Facebook. I have a Facebook page, but I barely have time to blog let alone do fb. My problem is, that I would want to carry on long conversations with every single person who asks to be my friend. I can't have short sentenced contacts. That is why I can't do Facebook. I would never get anything else done.

I do Spring cleaning, but just not with the vengence that those wonderful ladies before me in my life, did. It always makes me happy though when it is done.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

1. Peeps - don't like anything marshmallow unless it's melted.
2. Chocolate - basic necessity.
3. Pool - no, I wish.
4. Facebook - no, but my grown daughter threatens to put me on. Twitter - isn't that what birds do?
5. Spring Cleaning - no. I hate (and therefore clean out) clutter, but don't mind the rest. I used to be a fanatic on dusting and vacuuming, but now, I dust if I can write my name on it, and I vacuum when I see stuff. Did I read that someone vacuums every day?? With no kids and no pets I don't! Linda

Tracy said...

Hello there! Happy weekend my friend! Always enjoy your Friday Fives...
1) Although I always get a kick out of seeing Peeps at Easter, I can't stand the taste...(this makes my hubby happy because there are more for him!) Chocolate, definitely yes, in almost any form...especially Dove!
2) No pool...but we belong to a fitness facility that has one and we love spending evenings there in the summer.
3) I read blogs through dashboard. I've never even explored reader, so I have no clue how it works. = )
4) I do have a FB page, but I spend much more time blogging than Facebooking
5) I do spring cleaning, but I don't love it like so many seem to. = )

Off to watch your video. How awesome to see Mandisa and Anita Renfroe TOGETHER!?! What a treat!

Tracy said...

P.S. That video is HILARIOUS! = ) Thanks for the giggle.