Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday ramblings......

There  are crazy things going on right now, aren't there?? We have weather patterns  that are just phenomenal.  Tornadoes, tsunamis, floodinger and cool weather patterns in May, and TEXAS is so dry that there are fire bans across the state.  We can't GET any rain. But it was 53 degrees here this morning!!!
  I wish we could divert some of the flood waters toward Texas so that places like my hometown would be safe and not flood from all the melting snow up north.  Vidalia, La., is my hometown and they are seeing the river at highs that haven't been seen since 1927, when the whole town flooded.  Now thanks to the Corps of Engineers, the levees are higher, but let's just pray they stay intact.  Pray that the strength of the levees will not be compromised and the efforts further north to break levees and ease some of the flood waters will help those further south.
And Osama Bin Laden.......well, there are LOTS of thoughts on this, but as I said yesterday, his death doesn't mean we can relax and be carefree.  No, I think it means we must pray diligently that God would be our Defender against any extremists who might want revenge or to take the place of him.

In Willow House news, we are embarking on yet a new adventure, in that starting in the fall, we will also be carrying a line of jewelry.  So you can dress your home OR yourself!! The designer of the jewelry is yet to be unveiled, and I am so anxious to see what we will make available to you.  Right now, one can buy a $49 mini starter kit to get in on the ground floor opportunity to sell our WH jewelry line.  The kit is available thru June at that price...so if you EVER found yourself wanting to know more about it, now is the time to check it out!
AND for those of you who are lovers of our products, we have an aMAYzing May sale going on with some fabulous prices that can't be beat.....I'll attach the flier just so you can see; if someone wants to give you a gift certificate for Mother's day, I can arrange that, so if you want to leave my blog open on your computer and make a few hints to those who might be considering what they might surprise you with for Mother's day, feel free to do so!! Ha.  They can be seen larger by clicking on my newsletter link below, Inside Design, or click on the left picture to see the larger.  My website is always available, also, at Southerninspiration.willowhouse.comsoutherninspiration.willowhouse.com.

My friend and fellow consultant, Susie, shows some of the specials and ideas on her blog, today.  Go over and encourage her, as she is a new blogger!! Your Best Accessory
And for those of you who don't already subscribe to my Willow House newsletter INSIDE DESIGN, you can take a look right now......if you love it, you can subscribe by choosing the link at the bottom of the newsletter.....it usually includes specials and sales, a recipe and a decorating idea.  The aMAYzing sale is in there, as is a recipe for yummy Lemon Bars...and a fun idea from Melanie Grant about designing your office space!

And then there is the fun news that beginning Friday, Starbucks will run a Frappucino special from 3 to 5 every day until the 16th, with half-priced Frappucinos......what's YOUR favorite????

I'll be back with some inspiring ideas for Mother's day.  What are YOUR plans???


Cathy said...

I hope the levees hold in your home town. Yes, we do need to pray for the safety of our country.

Good luck with the jewelry line!

April said...

The devastation left behind from all those storms has been absolutely heartbreaking. I pray that the levees will hold for all your area's residents...how scary. Just remember...God is in control!