Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fives!!!!!

Yea, It's Friday!!! (And for many, a long weekend, due to Memorial Day on Monday.)

1.  Will your holiday weekend involve a pool, a beach or a lake???

2.  Will you host a group or will you go to someone else's house?

3. Who do you WISH you could spend the weekend with?

4. Will you work part of the weekend (either work or DIY projects)  or will totally take off and rest?

5. If you could re-do a room in your house this weekend, which one would it be???

Happy Friday, y'all!!! Have a great weekend!


Richard Cottrell said...

Some of the above. Work at my shop on Sat. and Sunday. Part of Monday as well. Hosting a Memorial Day get together on Monday after 2:00. I am the host so all I have to do is have drinks. Every body else is bringing the good stuff. I am making my famouss olive spread as every one loves it on crackers. Would not be a party with out it around here. I have one sleep over guest, had to get things ready for them. Will put the flags up tomorrow and do pictures for a post. have a great weekend. RC and S.

karen said...

1. Wishing I had a pool.But just staying home.
2. Just Mom and Me this weekend
3. I would love to spend the weekend with my son at the lake. We love to camp.
4.I will be working caring for mom
5. The bathroom needs painting. I have paint but no get up and go.
Have a great weekend!!!!

Cathy said...

1. If we're at the lake, it will be for picnic lunch after church.

2. We will be at our friends Gina and Dennis' house.

3. I can't think of anyone other than family/friends and fortunately, I'll be with them at some point over the weekend.

4. I have some DIY projects I want to complete

5. Kitchen countertops

Paula said...

1. I hope so. We'll see what the weather does.

2. I'm having a party here tonight. It's raining right now and I'm hoping it goes away because it's supposed to be outside.

3. I hope to see my mom at some point.

4. I'm one of those people who never really rests. I'd like to work in my yard in between fun activities.

5. Upstairs bath - new floor, new paint, new curtains, and a new shower curtain.

Ann's Page said...

The pool does open up this Saturday..but here in Md, it's just getting up into the 80's..I like it to get good and hot for the pool..I'm from Florida..:)
2.It will just be my family of 5.
3.My whole family in Florida. We are Military so we are a long way away from family.:(
4.I think we will do alot of work here at the house.
5.I would redecorate my livingroom it is in desperate need.
Have a wonderful holiday~!!!