Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fives!!!!!

It's Mother's Day weekend!!! What do you have in store???  My younger kids are at college preparing for no visit from them this weekend.  I am praying that they do well on their finals!!
It will be a quiet weekend....but that's okay.  After having my friend, Sidney the three year old toddler, visit this week, a quiet weekend will be great.  She is precious, adorable and some kind of chatty!!!  Loved so much having her here.  What fun!
She is one of the quints that I helped take care of for two years....when I had to have my shoulder surgery, I stopped going once a week to their house, and I sure have missed them. Thankfully, I get to see them at church most Sundays!

I am working on trying to get my yard in shape after a few years of not doing's incredible how just one season of  missing yardwork can turn everything toward chaos!! After getting a bid of about $6000, I decided I'd get out there and see what I "could" do since I'm recovering from my shoulder surgery.  Who knew it would take THIS long???  Anyway, I am able to do quite a bit, with a few limitations.   So I've been cleaning out flower beds, and have a guy coming today to bid on what's left.  I have rediscovered how I love to be outside on cool spring mornings, as our weather here has been phenomenal!  Hot, humid, not so much, but these past few days, I have LOVED!

So onto our Friday Fives.......Mother's Day theme, of course!!!

1.Is your mamma still living?  Are  you close? (Mammas and daughters can be a challenge, yes??)

2.Do you have children?

3. Do you get along well with your mother in law? (mine's a GEM!!)

4. What are your plans for Mother's Day?

5. What smells remind you of your Mamma?

Have fun and have a WONDERFUL Mother's day!!!!


Cathy said...

1. No-We were very close.


3. Yes, I get along with her.

4. Lunch with the inlaw's and then a visit with my stepmom

5. No particular smell. I think of her every day.

Cathy said...

Meant to add: Hope you have a great Mother's Day.♥

April said...

Brittany won't be coming home, either...she won't be here for the summer until the 16th. I can hardly wait! Now, for my answers...
1. No, my mom passed away in 2000 and we were extremely close. She was my best buddy. People would often comment how we were more like sisters than mother/daughter. I miss her so much!
2. I have 2 BEAUTIFUL and talented daughters that I'm very proud of!
3. I get along with my MIL fairly well. We are just very different people and I've learned to accept it.
4. I don't really know. I'm certain we'll go to church, but I have no idea what the plans are after that. I say...SURPRISE ME!
5. Definitely Oil of Olay face mom would put it on every night before she went to bed.

Have a Happy Mother's Day, Suzanne!

Sandy said...

1-No, my mom passed away 5 years ago. We were very close and got along wonderfully. I miss her so much, and think about her and my dad everyday.

2-Yes, we have 3. A son and 2 daughters. They all live in different states far from us, and far from each other.

3-I got along very well with my mother-in-law. She passed many years ago.

4-A nice quiet day--our children will call and we will talk with our little grandchildren too. It is hard to have them all so far away. We skype so that helps.

5-Yellow cake, pot roast,really anything baking or cooking--my mom was a fabulous cook and baker--I wish I had her abilities. My mom was the type of women who could do anything in the house or garden.

Happy Mother's Day to you and all of the Mothers celebrating their special day!