Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesdays with Willow House...

Tis the eve of Thanksgiving
and all thru the house,
The mammas are cooking
And thinking,  "where is my spouse?"
He's likely in hiding, remote close by AND
Gearing up for football, with a beverage in hand.

So Mamma is cooking and all the while,
Thinking of the shopping to come, going aisle after aisle!
With Christmas only weeks away......the lists are so daunting
The decor, the parties, and the gifts are so haunting!
But a great solution for a Mom OR her spouse?
It's shopping online with Willow House!!!

We have a season of savings sale, (good thru November)
And a Very Merry December Sale, you'll want to remember
Add in eOutlet sales and you're in for a treat
You can shop from your seat on not on your feet!!!

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving my friends, and when you're too stuffed to move, check out my website, to find some mighty terrific deals without having to fight the Black Friday crowds.......easy!! Ordering online never was this GREAT until now!  Let me know if you have any questions at all...I'd love to help get your shopping done!  For anyone who shops from my website, and leaves a comment below, I'll have a drawing for a Decorative Card and Photo Display, perfect for using your Christmas cards as part of your decor!!!  It looks like this:

visit my website at, and check the eOutlet, the Weekly Deals as well as the regular catalog pages, and the specials on the pics above....there's a WHOLE LOT of Black friday specials, at your leisure!!  Have fun, y'all!

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Melanie said...

That poem was so cute:)