Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello plate......there's a LOT on you this week!

Isn't this a beautiful plate?  Courtesy of HGTV.....

Currently, I have a LOT on my own plate, and I am very busy this week, trying to address all that is on it.  I promise to come back and fill y'all in after Thursday........which will be when my Willow House Weekly will be published, with details of my Open House and Sample Sale......which is happening on Wednesday!  
Y'all have a good few days, and I'll be checking back in....until all the good chatting for when I come back!!

Be Back Later.....


Richella said...

Suzanne, that's a great post title! :)

Bless you as you attend with all your many activities with your usual love and grace. You are treasure.

Chambray Blue said...

Beautiful plate!

Debbie said...

We have matching full plates, I see!

Yep. Mine's about full to overflowing too. Of course, I don't get to stop and play with a granddaughter in the middle of it all.

April said...

I think we all have a lot on our plate from time-to-time. Just take it little by little, Suzanne...I'm sure everything will fall into place.

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

My plate has a lot on it this week, too!!
I think it's going to get more full as the holidays approach, too!
Be blessed and take one day at a time and take a lot of deep breaths!

Anonymous said...

Love those plates! Looks like we're beginning the holiday marathon now. Blessings to you and that full plate!

Dogmom Diva said...

Suzanne, take a day at a time, I know I would always get overwhelmed looking at the 'big picture'.
Beautiful plate, I have a huge set of blue willow I bought at a yard sale a few years ago that I have no use for. but I will not give them up.. that particular plate reminds me of the Johnson Bros. patterns..



Robin said...

I have that plate!!! It's the only one I've ever been able to find with the green and brown!

Hoping things calm down for you soon!