Friday, January 1, 2010

What would you like to accomplish in 2010?

Thanks to my friend Renee at Add More Chocolate, I made my first accomplishment for 2010! And it took about five minutes!
New Year, New Start: Day 1

I love Renee, because she is fun and yet can easily address challenges and show you how to "get 'er done".......She is optimistic and joyful, a fun shopping partner, and a fellow ministry leader at my church. She has such a loving heart and is willing to serve "until the cows come home". She was my partner in fixing the meal for 80 people early in December for our Adult Christmas Dinner at our church. And because of her, it was SO FUN!

Oh, yes, back to the accomplishment....she offered up a challenge today to get the sock drawer in order.......find the missing ones whose companions have gone by the wayside, to sock heaven if you will, and will never really be the prodigal sock--- will never, ever return. There will be no sock party for the redeemed reality, it's just an odd sock now, really good for nothing, unless of course, you're like my daughter and doesn't bother to even match her socks. She will wear a striped sock and a Buzz Lightyear sock. Yes, my eighteen year old daughter bought Buzz Lightyear socks from the Target dollar spot this past year.....she lives on the edge! :)

Ah, back to the challenge......clean out the sock drawer...and you know what??? I TOOK the challenge, I DID it and now there are no single, unmatched socks in my sock drawer. I am celebrating, reveling in the one small step toward order and simplicity in my home for 2010! Wahoo, won't you celebrate with me???? You can even do it while watching the 47 football games on tv today. Don't feel too compelled to move to all the other drawers...just do one or two and revel in your accomplishment! I cannot wait to see what she has for us tomorrow!!! Oh, I look forward to's a year for REDEMPTION!


Journey said...

Great idea! We all need to be reminded to break jobs down into simple projects (not my usual method!). After reading your post, I, too, did my sock drawer. Thank you!

Happy New Year. said...

what a great idea and thanks for the link to yet another wonderful blog... I am looking forward to tomorrow~

Anonymous said...

A great idea Suzanne. I just did my sock drawer a few days ago, but I can fine one thing to accomplish today. The sun is finally shining here after days of clouds and dripping sleet and rain. I can go outside, it is cold, and yet enjoy the sunshine. blessings

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Great accomplishment!!! :) I have a basket of unmatched socks upstairs, and I'd love to just toss 'em. I took the ornaments off the big tree today and packed them up. Now on to the other ones and the garland. :)

Renee @ AddMoreChocolate said...

Oh you are too sweet! I've already made new friends today because of you! This is going to be fun and I've already got 30 more posts ready and waiting.


Robin said...

WOOOO HOOOO! One drawer down! I don't have a sock drawer, I just have a sock laundry basket.....which is full of unmatched socks! I think it's time to send them on their way!


Robin :o)

Wendy said...

Socks...that is a big problem in our home! 3 kids with the same size feet and miss match socks! I just don't know how the match disappers!
I am so excited for 2010 and a list of projects and just loving my family!
Happy New Year to you :)

Richella said...

Hmmm. . . I need challenges like that! Congratulations on actually accomplishing something. Sounds like your friend is onto something--we need to celebrate the things we really DO get done!

Of course, you accomplish a LOT. You're amazing. I'm so glad to know you!

Every blessing for a wonderful new year!

Elle Bee said...

What a coincidence--I just did this to my Dee's sock drawer this morning! Well, I'm on a great path for 2010 and I didn't even know it! :o)

Marcy said...

Suzanne, thank you for the inspiration that the small, simple steps can get us to where we want to go! Those little joys make me smile.

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment to me. I'm delighted to find your blog!

Kathy said...

Ah, the inevitable messy sock drawer! I missed that challenge - probably a good thing because I wouldn't have done it yesterday! There's always tomorrow...

Lee said...

Hi Suzanne,

I wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Decade!!!
I like this idea, I always did the one dirty little job a day...clean or dirty doesn't matter... the idea is the same.

God bless you by the truck loads!!!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Breaks are good, otherwise we might go over a cliff


Controlling My Chaos said...

I love little bloggy challenges like this. They are such simple things, but when done while a crowd is watching, so to speak, they are so much easier to accomplish.