Thursday, January 7, 2010

Renewing the accessories....

I spent the morning moving accessories around....and I'm not finished yet. In fact, I had to stop to go out in the very cold temps to go get my hair was overdue, so this girl had to stop everything and get to the hairdresser! It would be fun to say I plodded thru the blizzard, but although dropping temperatures are blowing in, no snow this time, at least not yet.

When I finish my renewing the accessories I'll post a pic, as well as pics of my dishes pantry. {If I had a butler, I suppose I could call it a butler's pantry.....but I don't so I am trying to get over that and just call it the dish pantry!} I need to lay new contact paper on the shelves, which requires taking things out, since I had to remove all that foam, grid-like shelf cover I had in there before. Now I NEED things to slide, so out with that.....hopefully I'll get the paper in, pics done, and do a blog post about it next week. I've even inspired my friend to try the same thing.......we'll see how she likes it!

So what's Renee's challenge today? Have you been over to Add More Chocolate already to see? She is encouraging us to look at the jewelry box, drawer, or whatever you have your jewelry stored in, and then discard what you no longer wear. She suggests getting the advice of a teen if you lack discernment on what to throw out. I also need to clean some of my jewelry. I LOVE to wear silver, but some of it is looking a little tarnished, so cleaning it would be a good way to organize and weed out, don't you think? So what about you? How do you have your jewelry stored and organized? I am looking for some clever share! If you'll remember last year, I used the SLaHOME Estate Towel Holder to hang my necklaces on on top of my dresser. You can see that post here. I need to clean out that and wipe them off to spif them up a little!
So go on over to Renee's and check out her challenge.....Add More Chocolate or read it here:

New Year, New Start: Day 7

clip_image002Baubles, bangles, and …beadless, backless, and broken. Take a jaunt through your jewelry box and throw something away! If you need help deciding what is no longer in style, find a teenager. Trust me, if it makes them roll their eyes – out it goes!

Also, I have to tell you a funny story.....after all the organizing of my pantry, I decided I had three bottles of mustard too many (?????) and a few other extras that I didn't need, which turned into a facebook discussion, then a swap party! We took all our extra stuff from the pantry over to Renee's and had a little swap party! She whipped us up some coffee beverages, we had cookies and fellowship, and cleaned out the pantry. It was interesting to see what everyone brought, and to bring home a few things that I thought my family would use. Then all the extra stuff, we plan to donate to the food pantry! It was indeed a fun time. Thanks, Renee!

What's in your pantry you don't need? Take out a few things you know you won't use that are not expired and donate them to the food pantry. It's a great time of year to do that, and you'll have more room in the pantry!


Tara said...

Don't throw out any old jewelry...send it to me! I use it in my art. LOL!

Sounds like you all had a fun time cleaning and swapping.

Hugs & stay warm.

Stacey said...

Great post, girl! I'm busy trying to put accessories back in order here too. Just a minute ago I realized that I'm missing my two favorites pictures of my boys. No idea where they are!!

Great advice to clean our jewelry. Love that silver too. :) Every Texas girl does, right?

Renee @ AddMoreChocolate said...

I love my Estate Towel Holder Jewelry Holder...(wow, that was a mouthful). It makes my dresser look classy :-)

Renee @ AddMoreChocolate said...
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April said...

You sure are one busy girl, Suzanne! It is funny when my girls look through some of my jewelry and they always say, "Mom, you HAVE to get rid of this!" Maybe I should listen to them, afterall!

Anonymous said...

No I don't throw out my old jewelry either. I used a lot of it on the journal's I made for my grands. One year we all made YaYa Sisterhood hats and most of my really old jewelry is on their hats. We put them on and act silly every so often.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

I never toss out any of my jewerly...hey whats old will be new again...just hang on to it...look at the mood ring it back in style again ha ha!! I also have been trying to refluff my nest do this every Jan and don't know why I feel like nesting at this time...Maybe because its to cold to be out and to smell the crock pot cooking listening to music and fluff...Many blessings to you this year my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Just a little something from Judy said...

You have inspired me today and I want to thank you for it. Organize, get rid of, clean,and polish...all needs to be done and now I will do it. Great post!

Lee said...

throw jewels here....

I wanted to share something with you because I know you love the Lord... I don't often ask people to come visit me... however, this is an exception... as it glorifies the Lord.


Susan S. said... crack me up! I'm glad you managed to brave the Artic Freeze and get your Hair Did! And I have a Butler's Pantry too...but, ALAS no butler!

Hunker down and stay warm for the next few days. It's gonna be CHILLYYYYYY!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, bad weather doesn't stop me either from anything to do with the foo-foo stuff in my life. Hair, workouts, necessary shopping - hey a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Sweet Tea and Biscuits said...

I saw an idea on Rachel Ray this morning to save all the little boxes that the jewlery comes in and any small boxes that you got presents in at Christmas and then repurpose them by creating your own organization in your jewelry drawer. That way each piece has it's own box (not top) and it doesn't cost a dime ! I loved the idea and hope to use it soon. Hope you stay warm after your hair outing! I am sure it was worth it :)

jenjen said...

I as thinking the same thing as Tara - send the old jewelry to someone who can make it into something else.

Great post Suzanne. I need to get organizing. I just can't get myself motivated. Don;t you love getting your hair done. I love the feeling when I am through! Worth braving the cold I say! I love your swap party - what a fun idea! Have a super week!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of your dishes pantry! What a great idea. And the swap party sounds like fun!