Thursday, December 17, 2009


I just keep getting waylaid with things to make me more I lay here in the bed recovering from ugh, the dreaded dish rag virus (it is hard and fast and leaves you feeling like a dishrag!!!!) I am reminded of those who face illness this Christmas and feel badly. I know that this is going to pass. Thankfully, it isn't the flu like I had one Christmas....oh, it was awful and lasted for about five or six days! This is over fairly quickly. Fortunately, I got a long list of my ta-das done yesterday! So it doesn't hurt quite as badly to sit here and lay still. This is post 298, and it makes me marvel that I have been fairly consistent with this blog for so long, as I am the master of starting something and not finishing, of wanting to journal but never being consistent at it. It's because I get such encouragement and joy from all my blog friends that makes it so easy to keep it up. I thank you for regularly reading.......never would I have believed that more than five or so would want to return time after time to read what I have to say! Thanks.
So I want to host a giveaway...........something for you to enjoy as you sit and ponder. As you take a break, whether it be to read or to blog, just something to add to relaxing for you. I have no pictures of the giveaway, as that would require me getting up to find the camera, take a pic, find the cord, upload the pic and then put it on here......sorry, y'all, I just don't have the energy for that. I want to go ahead with the giveaway so that on Saturday, I will post my 300th post, hopefully as the winner for the giveaway! I hope y'all don't mind no pics. I will find something already on the computer but it won't be of the giveaway, ok?
thanks! So all you have to do to be entered is leave a comment telling me how much you've accomplished and what you have left to do. I will NOT say that Christmas is only so many days away, for that only adds stress.......I just want to know what's left on your comment away and I'll be back to pick a winner.
I'll be doing a post later on about the Southern Lady Celebrations's SO, SO fun to sit and read. I hope you have seen it. Toodles for now.


Diana said...

First...I hope you are feeling much better by now.

Let's see what I have accomplished. Well, I must say I have accomplished getting to this point with little stress. I have most of the shopping completed, and I have been able to sit and "Be still" in front of a fire on several occasions already. Love this!

I still have some last minute stocking stuffers to take care of.


Paula said...

We are on vacation as of today, so I've done what's getting done. I made some fun decorations, shopped for and wrapped gifts, and made my list for Christmas Eve dinner. I didn't get to bake cookies, but I'll enjoy that later. Hope you feel better soon!

Ann's Page said...

Well after moving into our new home about 3 weeks ago..I have unpacked most of the house ,decorated for Christmas,mailed Christmas cards,and bought all the Christmas presents...but I havent baked a thing and that is what is streesing me out the most..~!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!! :) You always have great giveaways. :)

Kathy said...

Oh, my gosh, Suzanne - THE VIRUS that has stopped so many in their tracks!! Poor you! You've been so busy and worked so hard, it's no wonder. Take advantage of these puney days to rest up and get ready for next week.

What have I accomplished...
Well, I've had my three week hospital visit and gotten that infusion behind me, I've finished all my shopping for my family here at home and my family in Tennessee (which we will take on December 26 when we have Christmas with my family), I've wrapped all my gifts, I've shopped for some things my mom needs when she and Dad host all our family in Tennessee, I've sent out 60 Christmas cards, I've baked and packaged 20 loaves of pumpkin bread to give out kind of randomly as I see neighbors and friends, I've mailed out my out of town packages, I've cleaned and decorated every room in my house for Christmas, I've gone to two holiday events - going on the last one before Christmas Eve tonight.

What do I still have to do? Pack my bag for our drive to Tennessee, touch up the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors early next week, make two large cheese cakes - one to take Christmas Eve when we celebrate with my husbands family and one to freeze and take to Tennessee, bake some cookies and a cake for Christmas Day, prepare my linens, dishes, and punch bowl for Christmas Day (when we celebrate with our children), make a centerpiece, and I still have to buy to gift cards for a game we'll be playing on Christmas Eve. Ta Da! By then it will be Christmas Eve! I'll make a green bean casserole to take for Christmas Eve dinner, I'll make what I can ahead on the 24th for the 25th, set my Christmas dinner table, fill stocking for my grandbabies.

We'll have a fabulous dinner made by my best friend and sister-in-law on the 24th, we'll get up on the 25th and Hubby and I will enjoy a quiet morning by ourselves. Our kids and granddaughters will arrive about 1:00. We'll open our gifts and have an early dinner, then play with the girls until they all have to go home. We'll be up by 5:00 AM on the 26th to load up and begin our 9 hour drive to Maryville, Tennessee. We'll have dinner and open gifts at my parents home with all my siblings and their grandchildren and children who come from all over the country. After three wonderful days we will load up again and drive home on the 29th. We'll have one day to crash before I'm due at the hospital on the 31st at 7:00 AM once again for my infusion. Happy New Year to me! We'll spend a quiet evening at home - haven't decided what yet but I'll order something for a special dinner for my sweet Hubby and I to enjoy in our jammies in front of the TV as we bring in the new year together.

That's it for me, Suzanne. Please feel better quickly. I'm wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas and New Year!!!


kimmcl said...

First let me say I'm sorry you are not feeling up to snuff. May you be up and running very soon! Second, how the heck to I follow Kathy's comment!! Ha! Well, I still have to put up and decorate my tree (oh my, did I just admit that publicly?) then finish baking, shopping, wrapping, sleeping (yeah right!) .

suburban prep said...

I am mostly finished with the shopping. I was making many of the gifts and last night I went and bashed my hand so now I have a huge welt and bruise on my right hand. Not good when what I was making is knitted goods. I also have some baking left to do.
My sister just moved into a new house last week and with three little boys (4,3 and 1) she is have guests that are staying for 2 weeks (ok so it is one of my brothers and his wife and two children-3 and 1). But she is hosting christmas and she needs help.
I guess what gets doen gets done. What doesn't well I just have decided I am not going to put that stress on myself.
A few yrs ago I was in the hospital until two days before Christmas and another sister was in isolation after a bone marrow transplant because of cancer. I have come to conclusion that Christmas will come whn you are ready and even when you are not. It is more for the company of family and friends than the gifts and the food that I enjoy.

I do hope that things are looking brighter for you. said...

Oh no!!
Please feel better soon!
I missed Thanksgiving this year because of a bug~ I really hope you are okay FAST!

As for me I am pretty done for now with shopping and I am now working on a massive order of buckeyes!
Be well!

Rose Haven said...

Oh, how terrible to be sick! I pray you'll be better very soon.

My list seems to just grow and grow. One thing done, 2 more things added! Christmas is no different.

I've long been done with the shopping, as there are just 2 puppies, a husband and sister and neice. That's all been taken care of.

Just as I thought I wouldn't have much more to do...we decided to have carpeting and vinyl installed...NO, NOT BEFORE CHRISTMAS! But, it is getting measured BEFORE Christmas. So, I'm trying to get the entire house all cleaned up, stuff put away...and re-arranged. It seems I'm the energizer bunny ~ I keep going and going and going.......

BUT...tomorrow, I go for my 90 minute massage! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Lisa said...

Congrats Sue! 300 posts is quite an accomplishment. You go girl!
Let's see...I've sent my parents and sister's packages and have bought hardly anything for my kids. I know, I know. But they are at the age of gift cards and cash. Not to mention the Hubster loves the adrenaline rush of last minute shopping. It takes all kinds. Oh, I did the Hubs office Secret Santa shopping too. I'll be baking this weekend.

Jenny S said...

Oh goodness!! Please fell better soon!!
So far I have done the cards and the decorating. I have gotten a few presents, but nothing is wrapped yet! It will all get done as long as the snow they are saying we will get tomorrow stays AWAY!!!

Stacey said...

Suzanne, I'm so sorry you don't feel good. That's just not fair!

Congratulations on reaching 300 here soon. Don't include me in the give away. I've been so lucky lately - I'd feel guilty winning again. :)

I do hope you are well ASAP.

Anita said...

Oh Suzanne, so sorry you aren't feeling always come over to visit with me and leave the most precious comments and I have missed you but assumed you were just busy or resting from all those activities last week.
I am so not stressed and I'm loving it....quite an accomplishment in itself. I have finished all my shopping, have 98% of my presents wrapped and under the tree and am eagerly looking forward to welcoming my new Grandbabe on Monday...what a precious little Christmas gift to look forward to...I'm all smiles.
This weekend, I'll be doing some baking and candy making. Hope you feel better soon.

Nancy said...

Congratulations on your 300th post coming up!! We wouldn't come back if we didn't enjoy what you have to say. :)

Hope your all better very soon.

My December has not been as stressful as it sometimes is. I think that's because my family has cut back on gift giving. I got the little ones things early and sent out. Ordered Mom's online and had it shipped to Dallas. (I'm going to be in Dallas for Christmas).

I finally found a lemon pound cake recipe that is very close to the Starbucks lemon pound cake. Sooooo good!! That has been my go to baking this year. I must have made something in the range of 10 - 15 of those to give away.

So, I have a few more things to buy. Small things. And I'll be getting packed to head out to the big D soon. Oh yes, I also got my new cabinet hardware. :) Finally!!! It's not up yet. May be after Christmas before that happens.

Rest up friend. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Oh Suzanne I am so sorry you are sick. I am not even gonna say what is done and not done. I just take it like it comes. I have just put up my Christmas angel from SL at Home. It is on my blog Friday. Blessings

jenjen said...

Oh I am so sad that you have been sick Suzanne. I hope you are feeling better! I am way behind this year.


Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my kitchen! I know what you mean about starting something and not finishing. I reached my one year blogging anniversary last month and was so surprised that I was still at it!

Tomorrow I have lots to get done. Still more shopping to do, I haven't started wrapping yet. Oh and getting the baking supplies! I have done most of the shopping and I just sat down and made a list of what I need to get tomorrow. And with that, I'm headed to bed. Have a great evening!

Lisa said...

Happy 300!! Thanks for offering!!
I am done! Finally last weekend I got all the decor up! We found a great live wreath for the door and it is awesome!! I did very little shopping so it was done by last week too! I hope you are feeling more energizied!! (I hear you about taking and loading pics!!)
Thanks again!
Happy 300th!
Merry Christmas!
Hugs, Lisa

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I have no clue how I missed this. But thankfully, I'm here. Hope you're feeling better!

Twice as Nice said...

Hope you're feeling better. Don't you hate being sick around the holidays when there is so much to do? I broke my toe acouple years ago just days before Christmas.

Luckily most everything was done.
I think I have more to do than I have done. I've sent out Christmas cards and most of the shopping is done. I have to wrap everything yet and hope to get that done today. Our families are getting together at Fern's Tuesday to make cookies, and ofcourse cleaning my house. We'll have Christmas Eve at Fern's and I'll make dinner here on Christmas day.

Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas and a healthy New Year!

Richella said...

Suzanne, I hope this finds you feeling much better!

I had to laugh when you said that you would NOT say that Christmas is just a few days away! Isn't it funny how we all say that? As if it helps to think about that.

It seems that I'm always behind, and that's true at Christmas, as well. But I have just about finished all my Christmas shopping. Last night I wrapped all the gifts for the family we adopted for Christmas. Now I need to wrap gifts for my own family. So you know what I've done? I've moved all the gift-wrapping stuff to the living room, and I'm playing old Christmas movies on the DVD player while I wrap. Makes it so much less of a chore! My hubby and youngest son are out of town, so it's okay for the living room to be a mess for a few hours. And when they return, the tree will look all lovely, full of presents. :)

Take care of yourself!

Love the Decor! said...

Hi suzanne hope you are up and around by now
Unfortunately I have much to accomplish yet .
My father was ill this past week and we lost him on thursday. Hard to get in the spirit to finish baking or shopping.

Love the Decor! said...

Hi suzanne hope you are up and around by now
Unfortunately I have much to accomplish yet .
My father was ill this past week and we lost him on thursday. Hard to get in the spirit to finish baking or shopping.

Sweet TN Biscuits said...

congrats on 300! As far as what I have left to do there is not much since it is less than a week away. I am mostly praying that the snow stays a little at bay from NC so that all of my family can travel safely. I am so excited about being Mrs. Claus this year for my toddler.It is going to be so fun to see run around this year at Christmas! Hope you feel better soon:)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Good, beautiful, Saturday morning! :) I got in much to late to be in your giveaway but I visited you anyway. You are amazing to be doing such a thing feeling as bad as you do.
I haven't been by in a long time as it is all I can do to keep up.

I do understand why you have stuck with blogging. Probably for the same reason most of us have. The encouragement and outpouring of love and emotional support that is given. Plus we find other women, and sometimes men, that share our love of home, nature and family.

Merry Christmas to you...and to your family. I accept that I will never catch up or keep up but I think we all do our best and understand when others are not there to visit often. We all know we are out there if needed or to get that extra hug! Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. What an awful time of the year to be sick, with soooo much to do.

I am almost done with everything for this season. Dropping a friend at the airport this afternoon then off to buy stuff for fudge. While DH is at work I will make pans of fudge to put on Macy's sale plates from last season. They will be delivered to friends tomorrow.

A few odds and ends to tidy up next week. Gift cards and such but I'm done. Feels good to scale back this year and not be so caught up in doing too much. That was a gift to myself!

Holiday Hugs, Marla

April said...

So sorry to hear that you've been sick, Suzanne...of all timing, huh? Hope you're feeling much better real soon! I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off these past fews day trying to take care of a few loose ends. Just some stocking stuffers to buy, then I'm DONE! Woo Hoo!!!

soccermom1 said...

I hope you are feeling better.
I'm lucky to have all my shopping done. The only thing I have to do is buy food for Christmas Dinner.
rjs682 at yahoo dot com

zachsgran said...

Sorry that you have been sick. I hope you are better.
I still have a few loose ends to catch up on. I will start Thursday on my baking and probably still be Christmas shopping that day as well!
zachsgran1 at yahoo dot com