Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the giveaway delayed .....

I will still have it...I just have a minor delay! I had to bring two babies home yesterday since their mommy had the stomach bug......we got the girls out and left the boys with daddy, now daddy has the bug.....ugh. Hopefully girls will avoid getting it!!
The giveaway is going to be put off another day......but it will happen by the time I have my 300th post! Wahoo!
It will be a few Christmas magazines, a Christmas craft book, some tea and a mug....just right for snuggling by the fire to relax when it's all done......um hum...it will ALL get done at some point, right???? I am learning flexibility this Christmas.....in a major way. All the while, Christmas has NOT been cancelled and we still celebrate the birth of the King, the Saviour who is Christ the Lord!

and visions of sugar plums will dance in our heads!! ;)


jenjen said...

Oh no, I hope they feel better soon! Ella was home yesterday with the stomach flu. I am so behind Suzanne!

Have a wonderful day!


Just a little something from Judy said...

That stomach bug sure can change everything can't it. This picture that you shared is priceless! You can almost imagine what they are thinking as they are standing there.

Looking forward to your generous giveaway.

Designs on 47th Street said...

Suzanne, what a dear you are to help this family in so many ways. It is near impossible to care for children with the stomach flu. I know they appreciate you SO much!

300 posts! Wow! Am I ever behind! :>{

Lisa said...

Flu happens! DO so hope the boys don't get it! You will get done what gets done and the rest will be ok. I too am not stressing this Christmas and it's good there isn't a lot we can do this year. Lots of moving to be done in the new year so we are all cutting back. The giveaway sounds wonderful!! And Happy 300! I hit 200 a week ago and I've been cutting back so I was shocked when I saw my count!! Have a great day!
Hugs, Lisa

April said...

You just take care of those sweet babies and don't worry about anything else. What a wonderful friend you are!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope the babes are well soon. That has got to be hard. Dad has the boys, I love that. blessings

Domestic Designer said...

You are certainly a dear friend to help out. Blessings and I hope everyone is well soon.