Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wow, what a day.....

We celebrated Allison's 18th birthday today with a special meal at home....She had asked for coconut shrimp, and her birthday dessert, rather than a birthday cake, was Tiramisu. It has been her favorite for a while now. So I made it for the first time, and I'm glad to report it wasn't tiramasoup! I was worried it would be runny. At least it was in a Trifle bowl, so it was ok to spoon out, rather than cut squares. It would not have been stiff enough for that. But it was tasty! She had asked for something else but it will have to wait until the control panel of the oven is working again. Well, it did have a problem after all, even though I was able to bake in it. NOW it is stuck in the cleaning cycle, and will be repaired on Wednesday, hopefully.

As for the model homes, we saw some really nice ones. I had two favorite features stand out. One was a shower that was like a walk through, with TWO shower heads. Totally cool! And the other feature that I thought was genius was a small closet right past the water closet, underneath the staircase. It was a cedar lined closet!! A bright idea, I I'll show you a few pics. They didn't even really care; just let us roam through the houses while they stayed at their desks....nice!

We did see a lot of upholstered headboards.....and some drapery ideas that I will share over the next few days....I took 82 pictures, so I have more to share!!!!

Remember this is an area that has a Polo field, so many of the houses had an equestrian flair to them......Here's the double shower, although you can't see that there is another shower head. And a ledge for sitting.......oh, how cool is that????Behind this tub is the double shower.....
this was the floor of the master really nice tile accents in this bath. I'll have more to post for another day. Have a good one, y'all!!


Lisa said...

What a week! Glad you guys are enjoying your birthday marathon! Lots of good dessert!!
Hugs, Lisa

Enchantresses Three said...

OOOOH I love going through model homes! They are always full of inspiration! I always take pictures too! Great minds think alike!
P.S. your soup sounds yummy to me!

Diana said...

Birthdays and family meals are so wonderful!!! I just cherish those times.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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Red Writing said...

I want a shower like THAT!

karen said...

That shower is bigger than my bedroom. They could wash there horse in there. It sure is nice.

Anonymous said...

I also like to do home shows. The bathrooms are always amazing. We saw one recently that had a shower room like a cave. It was a very unusual house. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. Blessings

Lisa said...

The decorative detail behind the tub is gorgeous! Is it tile? Can't wait to see all your other pics!

Anita said...

Love that shower. Glad you are making do with your kitchen appliance never know how much you miss something until you don't have it anymore. Great pictures.

jenjen said...

Neat pictures Suzanne! I love going to model homes. So much fun!

I have never made tiramisu -- it sounds really hard! I am sure it turned out beautifully!


Paula said...

Happy Birthday to Allison! Coconut shrimp sounds like a perfect birthday meal to me.

I wouldn't want to clean that shower, but I guess if you had it you would have someone to do your cleaning.

I'm looking forward to more model home pictures!

Nancy said...

Coconut shrimp & tarimasu...WOW! That's a feast. BTW, you know who has great tarimasu? Maggiano's. I just discovered that.