Friday, October 16, 2009

Swiss cheese for brains...

Yes, swiss cheese for a read that right. Lately I truly do struggle with being able to remember things, being able to stay on task, being able to multi-task. My husband says I try to do too much, try to pay attention to too much. I don't know if it's a menopausal thing, thyroid related thing, or all of the above. But that's REALLY why I made the list yesterday and tried to use that and y'all as my accountability force. I have to force myself to stay on task; not be distracted by the computer, check off my list as I get it done, keep going back to said list to remember what's next, and what else I need to accomplish before I can relax and enjoy some blogging and reading blogs!! :)

So yesterday, my list, my intentions, my several done and checked off, but was sidelined by a few other things......I'm celebrating the checked off things, my friends! And I have a full day to catch up on things that roll over to today, that didn't get accomplished yesterday. True to form, I was forgetting when I made that list that my daughter had a dr. appt. after school, and I needed to plan the couple of hours it was going to take into my schedule......hmm, ever done that before??? I was just thankful that I didn't forget it! And when I went to change out the a/c filters, I only had one of the two I needed, so I am planning a trip to Lowe's later today.....I'll check out a few mums for the front porch while I'm there. Bright and early this morning (on a day when I actually could have slept in a little), the dogs woke me up! I got up and decided to clean out a few drawers. Junk drawer in kitchen is now cleaned out!! YAY! I've sorted thru a bunch of coupons and decided which ones were worth using and which ones had expired.
I didn't get to check out the new Kroger yesterday because the reason I was going in that direction came to me instead. Someone brought me her check instead of me going to pick it up. That's okay by me! I can check out the Kroger anytime.
I did get my nails done, and I did get to the bank, and I did get an order entered into the computer that wasn't even on my list.......celebrate that little victory, too!

I did get my daughter to the dr. and was assured that she is healthy, just trying to do too much and needs to get more sleep! Trying to do too much......hmm, a recurring pattern. We need to schedule some R&R around here!!! Another thing we are celebrating is that on Tuesday we went to the mall and got both her dress and her shoes that she will wear to Homecoming by only going to ONE store and within about an hour and a half! THAT, my friends is almost unheard of, but I am thanking God that we found a fairly modest dress that she liked, shoes to match and that task is done! Whew!

So back to the list....I did pick up and straighten the foyer and living area and kitchen. That feels better. AND, Frank was right, bless his heart, and it is indeed feeling fallish this morning.....I am excited about that. I NOW feel like dressing up the front porch because I don't have to sweat to do it!! And I have a plan to put the sealant on the countertops......

I have to be home this morning anyway for my cooktop to be delivered. Good news is that the oven is like brand new......the old one is restored! Even though I won't be getting that new double oven I could really use for the holidays.... It will even clean itself now.......yay! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! :) And I am going to bake some cookies, some apple dumplings, and make some Pumpkin Dip to take to a friend's Sip and See tomorrow. She's showing off her grandbaby who comes into town for the first time today! Welcome, Miss Emmeline!!
Well, I've rambled on enough this morning...y'all are so kind to listen to me as I share my daily life. I want you to be encouraged today that the living God of the universe cares for you and can use even cracked pots like me to show HIS love to others. Thanks, friends!
Here's the Pumpkin Dip recipe....

2 (8 oz.) pkgs. cream cheese, softened
1 (16 oz) pkg. confectioners sugar
1 (16 oz.) can of pumpkin
2 t. ground cinnamon
1/2 t. ground nutmeg

Beat cream cheese with a mixer until creamy. Gradually add sugar, mixing well. Stir in pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg. Serve chilled with gingersnaps and apple slices. Yield: 5 cups. Makes a lot, so you can take some with you and leave some at home! Enjoy!


Twice as Nice said...

Oh, my I am glad I'm not the only one feeling this way!! I make my list and FORGET it at home! I can think on something one minute, walk out of the room to do what I thought of and the next minute I ask myself "now what was that I was trying so hard NOT to forget" I think as women we have TOO much on our minds. I have to multitask at work and when I get home I'm still multitasking.

Now if we thought like men...HA! I was at Fran's last night and ask her son a question and she said forget it he's watching tv and he has not idea your talking to him...same thing happened this morning with my son. Asked him to let the dog back in, came back no dog. Son says oh sorry mom I didn't hear you...watching tv. No multitasking done in this house unless I'm (trying) doing it!! Have a great weekend and don't FORGET your list. HA!

Robin said...

OK, you still have me exhausted just reading about your plans! LOL

I have to do a list like that too, or I end up spending the entire day on the computer, only to end up scrambling around in the afternoon trying to finish everything.

I hope you are able to get SOME rest this weekend!


Robin :o)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got some of your list completed!

Today you can accomplish even more . . . or not!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Good for you for getting some stuff done! :) The pumpkin dip sounds delish. :)

sheila from life @ #17 said...

lists are a point...some times Life gets in the way or some times it is just the moment to do something else...

just a guideline :)

Designs on 47th Street said...

Aahh, Suzanne! You are too hard on yourself. Everytime I start to worry about all the things I forget, it only takes a little while til one of my friends is saying the same thing. I think it's a combination of what you said..too many things going on plus just a teeny possibility it could be an age thing?! Nah..

That dip looks really, really good!

jenjen said...

Thanks for the recipe Suzanne. So glad you found and cute dress. It is so hard to find modest ones these days. I hope she has a great time at Homecoming!


April said...

I am completely exhausted after reading your are WONDER WOMAN, in my book!:) Glad to know that your daughter is OK. I'm so impressed that you found her shoes AND dress in one store in such a short amount of time. Way to go! Brittany's homecoming dance is tomorrow night and she's so excited! Have a fantasic weekend!

karen said...

You are way to busy. But well organized. Even if you don't know it. I cleaned house today because we have company coming and I am pooped. Your dip sounds great. My sons girlfriend got me hooked on cream cheese and rotel dip. So good. It is called pink dip. Two blocks of cream cheese and 1 can of rotel. blend and enjoy with chips. I love it with any kind of chip.

Nancy said...

You go girl!!

I know what you mean about getting distracted. I'm very easily distracted.

Lists do help me. I don't know why I don't do them more often.

Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Have a great weekend.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I remember it well, the times spent looking for the perfect Homecoming dress, that was beautiful and modest. Happy memories. I am proud of all you accomplished yesterday, and I am so happy you shared that pumpkin dip. I know my family will enjoy it.

Mary Lou said...

Found your site thru Angie Baylis. I am very impressed by your list. you sound like one very, very busy woman. You acutally inspire me to make my lists and get up and do the many things that are screaming for me to do them. My husband and daugther make lists and they never get them all done..I think she is making progress in finishing her lists, he always puts more on there than he can accomplish. Maybe your lists are too long for each day and that is making you feel like you are overwhelmed. Don't know, just saying...Loved the way you wrote..I will be back.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I have no doubt my Swiss cheese brain is from the PAUSE in MENOPAUSE!
My big problem is when I put my "to do list" down, then forgetting where I put it. Now I carry a mini key-chain recorder as backup, It's attached to my keys, which more times than not are actually found in my purse (thanks to the occasional fog lifts).

Sweet wishes,