Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whatcha' gonna DO????

Someone has to hold me accountable here......I've just been on the computer much too much lately, and I need to do some rockin and rollin in the Southern Inspiration castle today! So I thought, what else would motivate me more than having to be accountable to y'all.......soooooo

I make a list, I document a few chores done, and get a few things accomplished and VOILA........I am productive, rather than watching everyone else be productive from my comfy chair and laptop......I say, let's get moving.
I'm going to make a list of simple chores I want to have done by the end of the day, and then I am going to come back and let you know what I got, kind of like a contract. And then I am going to revel in the accolades lavished upon me......well, unless they come from you, they won't be coming.....Lucie and Aggie (the dogs) aren't going to be barking any "best job ever!" or "hey mamma, that's terrific!" comments for me! And daughter is just so darned busy, and really could care less about neatness, order and cleanliness.....hubby is out of the office and truthfully, blogettes, it's just you and me. So what do you say, let's get shaking and moving and get her done.
Feel free to follow along and join in....I'd LOVE to know what you got accomplished, too, and give you a couple of virtual with a mental drum roll, here goes:

1. take 10 minutes and pick up stray items in the foyer, living room and main living area.
2. clean kitchen and read instructions on the sealant I need to put on the granite countertop
3. nail appt. at 10:00 (this is important, really!)
4. Drop by the new Kroger Marketplace to blog concept.....groceries and home goods all under one hubby said, it's the opposite of what Super Walmart and SuperTarget did. Got groceries, add homegoods, rather than the reverse...I'll try to blog about this!
5. Finish dining room centerpiece
6. Check a/c filters because it is Oct. 15 and we are STILL running the a/c!! Check weather report and make sure the temps are REALLY going to improve like Frank says!
7. Dust
8. Finish front porch decor
9. Oh, forgot I need to run by the bank while I'm out.
10. Plan what I am going to bake because it is supposed to get cooler tomorrow....if it doesn't I'm calling Frank!! ;)

That's my plan, and I'll check back with you this afternoon on my progress.....with some pics and documentation!! thanks, blogettes! love y'all..... Oh, and some high fives to get us going.....wish me luck!!


Designs on 47th Street said...

Ha! Suzanne! High five coming from 47th Street too! I have the same thoughts as you ~~ just have to stay away to get my stuff done! I have a very large arrangement I MUST get going on, plus groceries, laundry, Bible Study and more, all today!

I need some of that luck you are sharing, okay? ;)


Stacey said...

Suzanne, I won't be here at the end of the day to high five you. I got my important nail job done yesterday and I'm heading for San Antonio to visit a girlfriend. I'm looking forward to some warmth and sun because it has been dark and rainy here for over a week!

Making a list and checking it twice is the way to get things done. Don't turn on the computer...don't go near it...not even while you have that Diet Coke and rest for a second. You'll lose all momentum if you do. I speak from daily experience. Blogging is fun but bad!

Cathy said...

Good luck with your list!!! I haveto turn this baby off quite often...I don't know how some people do it...I think I have ADD...I can't complete my chores, run my home, raise my kids and blog at the same time...go figure;)!!!


April said...

Oh, much to do in so little time. That's ALWAYS the case with me, anyway! I have to keep lists, too, otherwise...I'm lost! Lots of luck in getting everything acoomplished today!

Robin said...

You have just made me!

Big high fives to you!

Oh, and I left an award for you on my blog!


Robin :o)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

High five! You go, girl! ;)

Susan S. said... got a lot to do on your TO DO list! I'm afraid to put a pencil to mine or I would be SUPER over-whelmed. :)
Go check out the New Kroger and let us know what you think....I may just have to pack a lunch and come to the burbs to visit that one! And hahahaha....all us S. Texans are gonna gang up on "Frank" if he is wrong about the good weather coming!!?!?!? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I DEFINITELY want to check out the new Kroger, too! Hope you made it there and will give us a complete review.

karen said...

Good luck and I am glad you are busy. You don't want to know What I have to do daily. It is boring,nasty sometimes and just so "help! get me out of here." Housework gets done some . Tv alot , computer a whole lot and than MOM. High five to you girl from Arkansas.

Sandy Toes said...

My computer is in my kitchen and sometimes I don't think that is a good idea!
sandy toe

Anonymous said...

Oh that reminds me, it is 9:40 and I still have a load of clothes in the washer. Well good luck. I have not been to town all week, it has rained every day. I did find a beautiful bouquet outside for my tea party today. Come on over and have a cup of tea.

Elle Bee said...

I'm a little late to high five you as it is 7:40 pm here, but I'm wondering how you fared? Get a lot of stuff done I hope? Feeling satisfaction and accomplishment?? :O)

Robin said...

How'd it go friend?
I will say I'm right there with ya needing a list...Enjoy your Friday no matter what's on the to-do list!
All Things Heart and Home

Just a little something from Judy said...

If I get this straight...we are like your own personal accountability group? I smiled as I read this post, because you for sure have lots of friends who can relate. Me, I am learning to get my "to do list" done, while helping to care for my three precious little grandchildren. Very interesting.